I looked in the thesaurus for a synonym for “full” but none of them sounded right. So full it is. I just feel full. Full in my heart, full in my soul, even full in my stomach. It has been one of those days where at the end of it you feel like you’ve been hit by a semi, but it actually feels good.

Went to bed well after midnight. Up with Nina at 3am. She doesn’t do that much anymore. She must have known my alarm was set for 6:00. Up at 6, cappuccino, devos, shower, dressed. The girls are usually up between 6:30-7:00 but were all still in bed at 7:15, and I wanted to leave by 7:40. Out the door, in the van, on the road by 7:55. I hardly ever listen to the radio–not sure why–but I’ve started to listen in the van lately. I know it’s the most normal thing ever, but I’m not used to listening to traffic and accident reports that are happening right where I’m driving. It was a bit unnerving hearing about wrecks I missed by mere minutes. Thanks, God!

I had a marvelous time with the women at Bethany’s church. I love that church. I grew up there until we moved away when I was 12. Bethany and Stewart were in the nursery together, cruelly separated as little preschoolers and, as fate would have it, reunited at Grace College many years later. Sigh. The gals were so warm and welcoming and just fabulous really. They were attentive and affirming and laughed in all the right places.

I sold some books, and they gave me a yummy hazelnut creme candle and a generous love offering. I don’t feel right charging for speaking engagements–at least not at this point in time–but things like this do take a lot of preparation. And driving 188 miles isn’t cheap these days. But you know what? God provides. The love offering more than paid for my gas. I can buy a few more books, some groceries, and something cute to wear when I speak at Tonia’s chocolate luncheon.

And besides, I got to spend some quality time with one of my two favorite sisters. Thank you, Bethany, for the yummy Thai chicken stir fry and chocolate chip cookies. Ava sobbed on the way home because she didn’t want to leave her Aunt Bethany. And just wait until she’s done with the quilts she’s making for the girls out of their old clothes, and I post pics. They are to die for! I am so, so, so thankful for my sisters. They are two of my very best friends. (Bethany posted some pics on her blog.)

And she gave me her one and only Cadbury egg! I went to Target yesterday to get some half-off Easter candy since I couldn’t eat it before, and they were sold out of Cadbury eggs. I thought this would be my first Easter ever without one. Boo hoo. Thank you, Bethy!

After supper, Gabe suggested we go on a walk through the woods and to the park. It was so much fun but started to get cold. And I think we forget that when we take big long walks, we need to turn around before everyone starts to get tired. But I just had the warm fuzzies the entire time. I love my little family, and I love spending time outside with them. That’s when I feel the most content. Out in God’s creation, away from noise and materialism, without a need or care in the world.

Like I said, I just feel full.

Oh, the craft today (I’m not a huge craft person) was Exfoliating Brown Sugar Body Scrub. Now, that’s a craft I can get behind! Mix some kosher salt, brown sugar, sunflower oil, and honey in a bowl, scoop it into a bag and tie. Easy, perfect, practical, something I will absolutely use and love.

What a great, great day! I just might go to bed four hours earlier than usual.

p.s. So what happened on 24 that was so great?

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  1. kissabby

    I love your girls names!! We both like Olivia and Ava but my cousin just named their little girl Ava! I told Drew if we ever have 3 girls I would like Olivia, Ava and Anna

  2. ch1pch0p

    ^ That was the part that did nothing for me because I didn’t watch it before this year. Kevin explained all that, but I didn’t really care because it has nothing to do with Fayed or the bombs. It seemed like a cheap way to extend the 24 hours. ^

  3. stephaniedawnbasham


    Also, at the end of the episode, right after Jack killed Fayed and secured the bombs, he got a phone call. It was Audrey (who, if you remember, we thought was killed in a car accident while Jack was in China) saying “help me, Jack.” She looked all beat up and dirty and whatnot, and then handed the phone to that Chinese guy who had caught and tortured Jack all that time he was in China before. So she’s alive and next week’s preview shows Jack planning a suicide mission to save her. Ooo good stuff. 🙂


    I didn’t eat any Easter candy this year. I regret that decision. 🙁

    I miss you and Bethany and Livi and Ava and Nina!!! I want to come see you right now, maybe tomorrow. Okay? Good. 🙂

  4. ch1pch0p

    *********** 24 SPOILER *****************

    The president almost nuked a country, starting WWIII, but he didn’t. Jack caught and killed Fayed. The suitcase bombs are secure.

    ********** END SPOILER ***************

  5. tonialynn59

    I’m so happy for you that today went so well.  I’m going to look for something new to wear to the luncheon too.  It is coming soon!  I can hardly wait.  Oh and I was showing Amber your site, and your sisters and she thought your sister Stephanie looked familiar.  Had Amber stayed at CU she would have graduated this May (yes a few weeks).  Well then I went to Gabes site and when she saw  Stephanie’s husband she knew right away who they were.  Amber was friends with Ruthie Corley (her sister was our youth pastors wife at one time) and she said Stephanie’s husband (can’t remember his name right now) was friends with Ruthie.  So she recognized both of them.  Small world!  I can’t wait to see the pictures of the quilts your sister is making.  I love, love, love quilts of any kind!  Love Cadbury eggs too!

  6. jbnygaard

    I’m so glad your speaking engagement went so well! I can’t wait until you speak at my MOPS group! 🙂

    I checked out the pix on Bethany’s blog. It melted my heart and reminds me of when my boys get to see my brother in Michigan. Which isn’t very often since he is in Youth Ministry. There is just something about aunts and uncles!

    BTW, I TOTALLY forgot about having a Cadbury egg this year for Easter until reading your blog!!! Now I’m very bummed I didn’t get one! Oh, well. It wasn’t meant to be!

  7. YoYoYoder

    I love you sis! I had a blast with you and the girls! I hear you guys were jammin’ to Strawberry Shortcake when you got home. 🙂 I can’t wait to give you your quilts! (And it just fills my heart with utter blessedness that Ava didn’t want to leave me!)

  8. ctorlone

    Cadbury eggs are my favorite too!!!  I forgot to have Anthony look for more when he was at Meijer the other day…how do they sell out that fast?  I wonder if they are freezable???  Glad you had a great time with the speaking engagement!!!  I’m going to catch one whenever you’re scheduled at Heritage sometime!!!  see you soon…

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