full (in a good way) day

Up at 5:45, met three friends @ Panera uptown at 7:00. Swung by Tim Horton’s for donuts for fam, home by 8:15.

Gabe and Ava out the door at 8:40 for soccer pictures. Me, Livi, Nina out the door at 9:00. Post office, gas, traded kids with Gabe. (He stayed with Livi and waited for her soccer pics. Nina and I took Ava to her game at another school.) Playground, game started at 10:00, Gabe and Livi got there, saw the game (great game! they won!), left at 10:45 to make Livi’s game at 11:00  Ava, Nina, and I packed up the van, headed to Livi’s game, unpacked the van, set up our chairs, watched her play. (okay game. they lost. started raining at very end).

As crazy as I thought the morning might be, it was really a lot of fun. Low-stress, great weather, cool soccer. I love my family.

Lunch at Burger King. Gabe decided on a whim to go to the Scarlet and Grey Spring Game (OSU football players scrimmage each other). He left from BK. (He got some cool pics if any of you Buckeye fans are interested.) I took the girls home. Laundry, salsa chicken in crockpot for dinner, laundry, nap for Nina and me, laundry. Gabe home, supper, clean up, laundry. Xanga.


We had a great night with our friends Holly and Duey and their kiddos Coral and Jonah. (Holly was at Xanga Fest. Some of you got to meet her. She liked you. I won’t tell you which one she liked best. Besides me of course.) We grilled hotdogs, roasted S’mores and played RED ROVER! The kids didn’t want to play at first. They said it was “a baby game.” I don’t think they’d ever played. They loved it. It was a blast. We’ll have to play it at the next Xanga Fest.

So, Kristin, Trisha, and Missy had their baby boys! (And maybe Shelly??) Isn’t that amazing that they were born so close together?! So cool. A bond for life! Congrats, girls! Your sons are beautiful!

Okay, so I started a new post just to do the ONE WORD GAME I saw on Gail’s site. This blog is going to be forever long. Here’s the deal:

You can only type ONE Word!
Not as easy as you might think. Now copy into your xanga, change the answers to suit you and
post it . It’s really hard to only use one word answers.

1. Where is your cell phone?…….  desk

2. Where is your significant other?…..computer

3. Your hair?….. ugh!

4. Your mother?….wonderful

5. Your father?…. unselfish

6. Your favorite thing?…. spring

7. Your dream last night?….newborn (!!!)

8. Your favorite drink?….frappuccino

9. Your dream/goal?….. Christlikeness

10. The room you’re in?…. office

11. Your hobby?….writing

12. Your fear?…. tragedy

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?…. here

14. Where were you last night?….. Varians

15. What you’re not?….. short

16. Muffins?…. nah

17. One of your wish list items?…. Australia

18. Where you grew up?… Cable

19. The last thing you did?…laundry

20. What are you wearing?…. black

21. Your TV?…. boring

22. Your pets?….. never

23. Your computer?…. obstinate

24. Your life?…. blessed

25. Your mood?…. content

26. Missing someone?…. siblings

27. Something you’re not wearing?…. jewelry

29. Favorite store?… thrift

31. Like someone?…. yeppers!

30. Your summer?… ready

32. Your favorite color?…. blue

33. When is the last time you laughed?…. 6:00

35. Who will resend this? …. all

36. Food….yum

37. Favorite word…..Taviano

Have a wonderful day of worship tomorrow! (or tonight!) Hugs and smooches!

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