friday night…again

Good thing I asked for those bad mood-buster ideas, because I could use a few right about now. Too bad I can’t remember any of them. Something about the sun and dancing in front of a mirror and screaming in another room…

My nephew Tanner’s 1st birthday party is tonight from 6-8. With traffic, it will take roughly an hour and 50 minutes to get there. Gabe was going to take off work early so we could get there on time. Then he found out he had to finish a big project before he could leave. Got home at 5:15. Thought about driving 2 hours to stay at a b-day party for 1 hour and then driving 2 hours home. He decided not to go, since we’ll be seeing Tanner (and the rest of his family) tomorrow and Monday too.

So, here we are at home. Fun, fun. Thankfully, the girls weren’t upset. They wanted to go to the party, but they don’t like long car rides.

We have a wedding 2 1/2 hours away tomorrow, staying overnight, zoo on Sunday, 2 1/2 hours home. To Gabe’s grandpa’s for a cook-out on Monday 90 minutes away. Then Gabe has to drive to Cleveland at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday, 2 1/2 more hours. Then my family’s coming here for the 4th. Thank goodness we don’t have to drive there! Friday, the girls and I are driving 4 hours to WV to spend the weekend with my sisters. Whew.

So, here we are at home. Fun, fun. (Did I say that once already?) Bluh. Now Gabe’s working on a project, and I’m taking a blogging break/escape before I play yet another game of “Trouble” which I got at a garage sale in our neighborhood this morning for a quarter.
We all just ate strawberries and whipped cream–that’s kind of a bad mood-buster, but it doesn’t last very long.

I am soooo tired. I tried to take a nap today while Nina was sleeping and Livi and Ava were playing with the neighbor boy. In less than one hour, I got out of bed TEN times. Four times, Livi and Ava come inside loudly calling my name (I get up to hiss, “SHHHHH!!!! Your sister is sleeping!), neighbor knocked on the door, phone calls, Livi and Ava want snacks… I got grumpier and grumpier every time I was forced to get up.

I finally fell into a really deep sleep. Fifteen minutes later, Nina was up and wanted out of her crib. Three hours later, I still can’t shake the sleepiness. I’ve been going to bed after 1:00 every night. You people were supposed to hold me accountable. (kidding)

So, I’m bummed and want to wallow. I’m going to try to dig up some joy instead. Wish me luck.

12 thoughts on “friday night…again

  1. terriwright

    Wallow right ahead.

    Then escape to your room, lock the door, and read your Bible for a while. THAT is the bad-mood buster.

    You over-paid for “Trouble”. Bah. The only game noisier than that is “Hungry Hungry Hippos”. If anyone ever buys that for your children, burn it immediately!!!!   I love you.

  2. OkinawaAna

    Glad you got in on the book sale — you just can’t beat $5 books!  Hope that your day got better and that you’ve been able to catch up on some sleep. 

  3. tonialynn59

    Life is just so hectic and tiring.  I remember so many interrupted naps when the kids were little and you just feel so tired you don’t care about anything else but sleep and it just doesn’t happen.  I feel for you.  I would say this too shall pass but that really doesn’t help you feel any better!    Praying for you and the rest you need!  God bless you!

  4. YoGrandmaYo

         Bless your heart!  I get tired just READING about all that’s going on in your life!:)  And I can remember a few “interrupted” naps back aways.:)  I’ve been reading through old prayer journals again, and all that was going on in my life when you 4 kids were at home.  I need a nap when I’m finished reading about it!:)  I know you probably feel like you’ll be tired forever, but it’ll get better.:)  I love you, and I’m praying for you!:)

  5. SuperGirlAmelia

    Here’s some bad mood perspective (sometimes this works for me). At least you live close enough to family that you can see them more than once or twice a year. At least it’s only a 2-4 hour drive to get together with them instead of 24. 🙂

  6. gsowell

    I don’t blame you at all for skipping the party. There are only so many car rides one set of kids can handle. As for the bad mood, you know that is tied directly to how tired you are. I don’t know how you will do it, but maybe you can sneak a nap in in the car today or something. Prayed for you just now! Hope this morning brought a fresh crop of God’s mercies…that usually helps, too!

  7. kkakwright

    I mowed the lawn and then went for a run tonight.  Was feeling like a loser for doing these things on a Friday night. 

    As I was running, I passed a house that was having a party outside.  They all stared at me.  Felt like an even bigger loser. 

    The days I try to take a quick nap while the kids are sleeping I NEVER can.  I have given up.

  8. Nixter77

    Praying for you my beautiful friend, sorry to hear you are bummed! Try to get to bed earlier young lady or else! 😉 Will pray for all your long trips too.

    love you!

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