friday night frolics

So I got online this afternoon and printed out five cow faces. Livi and Ava and I cut them out, colored them black and pink, glued them on styrofoam plates, punched holes on both sides, tied on some twine, and we all headed out the door.

My promo e-mail from Chick-Fil-A said that dressing like a cow from head to toe would earn me a free combo meal. Partial cow attire = a free entree. Good enough. So the five of us walk in (we were the only ones there!), walk up to the counter in our cow masks (I had to pull mine down to see the menu–too lazy to make eye holes!), and ask the sweet girl what we’re allowed to have for free. “You each get a meal,” she says. “A meal?!” Yes, a meal. As in, 2 combo meals, 3 kids meals, all FREE. As in $24.63 worth of free SCRUMMY Chick-Fil-A food for NOTHING. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! (This totally makes up for the Chipotle fiasco.)

Our meal was delightful. I Chick-Fil-A!!

Then we went to Lifeway and browsed, tried to go to the library for more Brady Bunch DVDs (forgot AGAIN that they close at 6pm on Fridays), stopped at Kroger for a container of Breyer’s ice cream on sale for $2.27, back home for sundaes and more BB reruns.

Nina: I wanna watch Brady Lunch!
Livi: Nina, say Brady Bunch.
Nina: Brady Lunch.
Livi: Say Brady.
Nina: Brady
Livi: Say Bunch.
Nina: Bunch.
Livi: Say Brady Bunch.
Nina: Brady Lunch!

Speaking of Nina, she PEED IN THE POTTY for the first time today! And cried the ENTIRE time she was doing it. Scared her to death. We sat there with her forever. Gabe, then both of us, then me and Livi, then just me, then Gabe… Gave her lots of water, then pop, then fruit snacks, sang songs, read books… She is not anxious to repeat the experience anytime soon. Oh well.

I miss my sisters. Jess, Bethy, and Stephi are all off missioning in inner city Philly this week with their youth pastor hubbies and respective youth groups. And apparently Kelly has deserted me as well. Can’t wait for you gals to get back! Love you!

Oh, the zoo story. I was rounding the corner by the gibbons when I spot a guy chatting on a cell phone. I recognize him immediately, but I’m not sure I’m up for saying hi. He might not even remember me ( I had him as a prof at Cedarville). Then I remember that my mom knows him too (I think).

I find Mom. “Mom, do you know Tim Heaton?”
“Yes. Why?”
“How do you know him?”
“We taught school together at Sugar Grove.” (in 1973)
“He’s right over there.”

She waits for him to get off the phone, taps him on the shoulder, says hi with a big smile. He has no clue who she is. She tells him, he remembers her, they share hugs and laughs and old stories, and “how’s so-and-so these days?” Mr. Heaton introduces us to his wife, daughter Molly and grandsons. His daughter went to C-ville, and her husband went to Grace. Sounds like someone else I know.

We’re about ready to go, and Molly says, “Hey, do you know ______ _______?” I wish I could have seen the look on my face when she said this person’s name. Of all the Cedarville alum… She stood patiently waiting for my response while I pondered how to answer. I had a couple options. “Yes, the name rings a bell.” Or maybe, “Um, yeah, I dated him.”

I think I might have actually put my fingers in my mouth and made a little face. Then I opened my mouth and said, “Um, yeah, I dated him.” Then I gave her a brief synopsis of the whole experience. She and her fam were heading to his house for a visit after the zoo. “Tell him I said hi.”

So, Dad and I are talking on our way out of the zoo. I tell him how I see someone from my past EVERY SINGLE TIME I come to the zoo. (and never anyone that I know in C-bus from the present) “My past has been showing up all over the place lately,” I tell him. “And for the first time, I’m not high-tailing it in the other direction.”

“At least it’s all pretty good,” he says. Yes, thankfully. Then he proceeds to tell me “your girlfriend’s sister had a baby on my birthday.” Um, what?! My dad has always been random, but… Turns out there’s a connection after all. My friend Tammy has a sister Holly. Holly is married to my boyfriend from high school. She just had their 2nd baby on Dad’s b-day. Dad’s randomness always has a point eventually. (love you, Dad!)

Gabe spent the day at Kings Island yesterday with his friend Duey (married to my friend Holly–a different Holly) and saw no one from his past (or mine). They had a blast. Gabe said (when he got home), “I saw a shirt I’d like to get for you.” Oh, yeah? What did it say? “Sarcasm: one of the many services I offer.” Nice.

Well, now, I think that might be all my news. Have a great weekend!!

22 thoughts on “friday night frolics

  1. FlyingCAB

    I want that t-shirt too.  Sounds so funny.  I have one that says “I’m going somewhere better later”.  I usually wear it to Walmart. 

    I wish you had a picture of the girls in their cow masks.  It sounds delightful!!!

  2. Airdee26

    @mtaviano – Bummer 🙁

    Sorry, maybe I was just thinking there were a lot since you’ve posted a couple times about it in the past few weeks.  Or maybe my brain is just fried from my two munchkins…either way, I apologize.  Maybe I should just not comment until I’m at least not sleep deprived 🙂

  3. Airdee26

    Boy you dated a lot of folks back in the day didn’t you? 🙂

    I’ve been tempted to do the Cow thing for free food but wasn’t sure if it would work.  Now that you’ve tried it first…I’ll have to keep cow costume’s in the car for every trip to Chic-fil-a 🙂  I wonder if you can do that too much??

  4. DerrickandKenny

    Marla, do you remember Molly’s husbands name?  I thought she married a guy from Cedarville.  I went to church and was in a college and career class with Molly for about 2 years after school.  Very cool that you keep running into people you haven’t seen in so long.

  5. lites4Him

    Love the cow mask idea (we’d love to see pictures!!)- so glad that it made up for Chipotle!! FREE is awesome! Yea Chic-Fil-A!!

    Yea Nina!! Three cheers for you!

  6. Anonymous

    How about seeing someone from Grove City, from the present!  It was good to see you!  🙂  The girls are getting SO big!  Have a great weekend!  🙂

  7. OkinawaAna

    I’m glad you finally mentioned that there was a promo deal at Chick-Fil-A.  I was reading along, thinking that you and your girls wear cow masks every time you go there.  Ha!  🙂  And yay for Nina putting something in the potty!  Ana has yet to do so herself, though I imagine her initial response will be the same as Nina’s when she does.  I’m tempted to just keep on waiting until she’s four or five and can tell me in a complete sentence, “Mother, I am tired of wearing these diapers and would like to use the potty now.”  That would save me a lot of time and frustration, wouldn’t it?

  8. tonialynn59

    Poor Nina and the potty!  yeah for free food.  I’ve never ate at Chick-Fil-A’s.  But sounds great!  And another thing Mike and your dad have in common, being random!

  9. bensmomshelly

    Ohmygoodness!! How could you know about Chick-Fil-A free goodness and not share earlier in the day!  I could’ve topped my cool day of free slurpee-ness with yummy chicken goodness. 

    LOL about the zoo.  I used to go to church with Tim Heaton (when I was at Cedarville).  As a matter of fact, he just came up in a conversation the other day.  Oh, and I’d love to know who it was that you dated.

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