friday night fights

I don’t even know what that title means. I just typed “friday night” and the “fights” part came rolling off my fingers unbidden. No fights here. (That was last night. And the girls this morning. And this afternoon. And earlier this evening.) I’ve forgotten to remind myself (and others) lately that all the cool people stay home on Friday nights and do nothing. Remember that? Anyone still in that club with me, or have you all jumped?

The girls and I spent the afternoon organizing and re-arranging things in preparation for my new (old) desk that’s coming tomorrow. Livi looooves to organize. Ava not so much. I used to think that Liv looked like her dad and acted like him, Ava looked like me and acted like me. But Livi’s acting more and more like I did when I was younger. It’s fun to watch–with little bits of humble and scary thrown in. We moved here last July in such a whirlwind–with no time to purge or pack correctly before we came.And we were both in the middle of a million projects and fell waaay behind. I’ve been fighting the clutter ever since. I’m aiming for September first to have my life completely in order.

Before we left to go shopping this morning, Livi found a dollar from Tooth Daddy and a dollar from Grandma from a few months ago. Ava had a grandma-dollar too, so Livi had $5 to spend and Ava $4. Livi got cute alphabet stickers at Michael’s and a travel activity pad w/markers at Target. Ava spent all her money in the birthday party favor aisle. She got a “5” candle, b-day confetti, and a pkg of 8 little tiara combs. She’s completely obsessed with her birthday. Thank goodness we only have five more days.

Ava wants me to cut her hair off–to her shoulders. I’ve always said that I’d let my girls do what they want with their hair. Making someone keep their hair long, curly and gorgeous when they don’t want to mostly just boils down to Mommy pride. I think I’ll let her cut four or five inches, but not quite up to her shoulders. Gulp. I may be able to just cut it myself. Thin, curly hair is much easier than super-thick, wavy hair (Livi’s).

I tried a new recipe tonight that I got from someone on xanga–can’t remember who. I’ll blog about it Monday. Have a relaxing weekend!!

12 thoughts on “friday night fights

  1. tonialynn59

    I’m in the club for sure and I don’t mind it that way!  On the hair thing.  I totally can relate.  Amber’s hair was/is thick and curly.  Hayley’s is thin but she has a lot of it.  She would never let me brush it and it was such a fight so we cut it.  I liked it, she thought she looked like a boy and hated it.  The next time she had to get it cut short, she sat in the chair and screamed.  The poor hairdresser was so glad she was the only one in the shop and no one else was there to watch the torture.  Now this girl changes hairstyles more than anyone I know!

  2. kkakwright

    I’m in the club.  Can you believe it has been a year already since we both moved.  Oh how time flies.  I hate that I can’t use “we just moved” as an excuse for my non-organized closets.  Oh well.  

  3. ch1pch0p

    I’m in the club… Oh wait, I’m never allowed to sit at home because my wonderful, always-on-the-go boyfriend would go out of his mind, so last night was the Columbus Jazz Orchestra. It actually wasn’t as bad as the regular orchestra.

    It hurts me to see Ava’s hair go…

  4. rachmckinney

    i am still in the club of not going out on friday nights:)
    i always wanted e. to have long curly hair. but she fights too much on the tangles, so short it is, and i like it. someday maybe sh e’ll want to grow it out, so i understand the mommy pride thing.

  5. stephaniedawnbasham

    I envy your cluttered, disorganized desk. Messy things bother me, but they also strike an exciting feeling inside me because it means I get to organize them, and then it’s like Christmas! I’ve organized so much in the past couple months that I almost want to make something in my apartment disorganized so that I can organize it again. Almost. 🙂

    A part of me hurts over Ava wanting to cut her hair too, but I’m an adult and I can’t even stand to have my hair long because it’s so annoying, so I can’t judge a four year old (almost five year old). It just wouldn’t be fair.

  6. YoYoYoder

    Oh Ava, not you too! Such long beautiful curly hair. Hopefully when she’s older she’ll want it long again. Same with Livi. I remember my friends having the opposite problem in elementary. They wanted to grow their hair out, but their moms made them get it cut. How hard to let your kids make their own decisions! But they’re still cute and precious no matter what!

  7. rocknnell

    Have a relaxing weekend, did you say ?  LOL….oh, we are coming to your house…so blow up the pool and get the umbrella drinks.

    Everyone say :   ” WINNER  WINNER  –  CHICKEN   DINNER

    Doesn’t that just make you smile ?

  8. ladyjabez

    My Livvy just got a haircut… 5 1/2 inches!  It was so long that it covered her little bottom crack when it was all wet and long in the tub – she had beautiful hair but it would get curly at the bottoms and tangle so badly.  She loved her long hair, but I got tired of holding her down to brush it… so I did what any mother would do to get it cut – I bribed her (all good mothers eventually resort to bribery… )

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