for the love of little girls…

Livi…ran in the front door after getting off the bus yesterday. “Mommy! I have a story to tell you!” Her face was bright with excitement. “We put the gingerbread cookies in the oven today (they’re doing a gingerbread unit in kindergarten) and when we went to get them, they were gone!” The gist of her story was that they went searching for clues, found crumbs on the floor of a 2nd grade classroom, then the principal came along, exclaiming that she had seen the gingerbread men running as fast as they could down the hallway. Livi believed every word of it. I just stood there, stunned. I forgot how impressionable/gullible little kids are–even at six. Gabe told her at supper that it wasn’t really true. I don’t know about this…

Ava…loves baby dolls–and real babies, too. She loves to talk about getting married and having lots of babies. She already has her husband picked out. It’s Peter (as in Pevensie, of London and Narnia). She talks about him all the time. How he only wanted three kids, but “I told him I wanted ten.” “Peter’s at home watching the babies…” “Peter told me he…” “Peter, Peter, Peter…” He is pretty cute–and quite the warrior.

Nina…woke up at midnight crying a very strange, awful cry. She was lying in a pile of vomit (sorry!), super hot,  and shivering like crazy. It was a long couple hours with lots of clean-up and bottles of water and trying to help her find a comfortable way to sleep. The rest of the night wasn’t too bad, and after one last throwing up episode at 8 am, she’s been laughing and playing, and her fever hasn’t returned. I hate, hate, hate it when babies/kids/people in general for that matter throw up.

Livi brought home a lovely cupcake in a baggie from Deston’s birthday party at school yesterday. Lots of gooey icing stuck to the baggie. I took it out for her and put it on a plate. She asked for the baggie, so she could lick the icing off. I handed her the plate and baggie, with the warning, “Clean up your mess when you’re done.” She took two steps toward the kitchen table and dropped it all on the floor. “Clean up your mess when you’re done?” she said, “Ha! You mean when I first start?” Oh brother.

Ava–We were having a “McGraw-Hill meeting” at the table this morning–me, Livi, and Ava. Nina was playing contentedly on the floor, chattering and pushing blender buttons (perfectly safe–don’t worry). Usually, Livi and I have the meetings while Ava is off being a mommy to her babies. (Livi is my career woman, does not plan to get married or bear a child.) Ava noticed that I brought my baby (Nina) to “work.” “I don’t have to bring my babies,” she announced. “Peter’s at home taking care of our kids.” Okay, so maybe she’s part feminist after all…

Livi–So, she’s reading everything in sight and is always asking to read my books. I just realized that my new book (that she can’t wait to see) has the word s-e-x on the cover. Lovely. I decided to talk about it a little today. She asked me why there was a candle on my dresser that hadn’t been there before. Hmmm… “Because it’s romantic, and I like to be cuddly and romantic with Daddy at night. That’s what my new book is about. Being cuddly and romantic with your husband.” She smiled.

Ava–About three paragraphs ago, Ava leans in the door (she was playing outside) and says, “To be a nice, good, good mommy, you have to let me not take a nap.” I hide a smile (thinking, more xanga fodder!) and say, “sorry!” “Okay, then you’re not a good, good mommy!” No comment. “Did you hear me? Please! If you let me not take a nap, then I won’t cry and hit you!” ?!?! I told her to come inside, she said no, and slammed the door. I won’t go into details about what happened next. Suffice it to say, she is quite remorseful.

I love that when all these things happen, I don’t have to just ponder them in my heart, I can share them with people I don’t even know! (and people I do know, and people I sort of know but haven’t really met…)

21 thoughts on “for the love of little girls…

  1. bekisue

    I really enjoyed this post. You do have a way with words. you also have such good inspiration ( kids will do that). When you were talking about the gingerbread men, I was picturing them running down the hall too. That’s just funny to picture running cookies! 🙂

  2. KmHunsberger

    I had to push your comments up to 20…I hate odd numbers 🙂

    Oh yeah…and thanks for getting my hopes up for a girl and then dashing them on the rocks 🙂 Now you have jinxed me 😉

  3. YoYoYoder

    Hey Mars,
    I can’t remember what I’m supposed to bring Monday–cookie dough or already baked cookies or both? Or decorating stuff?

    So is Stephi for sure moving to South Carolina?!? Did they accept the job? I am devastated!

  4. kkakwright

    Don’t you sometimes wish we could get our imaginations back that we had when we were 4 and 6.  My sister and I would ALWAYS play office, have meetings, shuffle papers around on the dining room table.  Good memories!  Thanks for sharing.

  5. KmHunsberger

    Oh how I love to read the drama your girls bring into you life! I felt so badly for you when I read about Nina though….I H-A-T-E puke and have yet to face the day that it is a problem in this household. I seriously pray almost daily that God protects my family from the stomach flu….is that weird? 🙂

    And how I felt for you when you when Ava had a breakdown. This past week has been really rough in this house with Landon having similar breakdowns…things fly out of his mouth that shock and hurt me becuase of how disrespectful they are…and I don’t know where we went wrong OR where he could have heard these things. I loved when you said ” I won’t go into details, but she is remorseful.” That is usually what I write on xanga too as incognito for some serious disciplining 🙂 We have been consistent…for all of his life and I would say we are on the stricter spectrum of discipline…and yet, he just doesn’t seem to be getting it. Very, very humbling and discouraging and frustrating…

    Anyway…hope Nina is on the mend and that the rest of you escape the wrath of the bug 🙂

  6. jennikim

    i love reading your site. i guess i should just subscribe if you dont mind. then maybe i can become one of your xanga friends, too. 🙂 how much do your books cost?

  7. kellyleelizabeth

    Heeeee!!! Livi and Ava are hilarious! And I still miss watching Nina chew on her feet. 🙂 Don’t tell me if she’s stopped, I’ll be devastated. As for the Marlins, it’s a six-month season… Who will fill up my tank when they’re out of town? Just wouldn’t work for me. Well, that, coupled with the fact that 90% of the team is Kirk’s age. 🙂

  8. CamilleElizabeth

    Hey, Marla! 🙂

    Your post made me laugh and laugh. Thanks!

    I was up last night, too, because A. woke up crying a weird cry in the middle of the night and wouldn’t calm down… No vomit at least, but he said his neck/throat hurt and he was shaking and shivering. We ended up staying awake most of the night and trying to sleep anywhere we could – the rocker, the recliner, and also the couch.

    Ava cracks me up! You have a wonderful family. 🙂

    Check your email – I’m sending you one soon.

  9. Nixter77

    I totally approve of Peter (as in Pevensie, of London and Narnia), 1. because he is English. 2. Because he is valiant. 3. Because he apparently shares in the responsiblities of looking after the babies – how sweet.

    I love reading stories of your beautiful girls (except when they have been poorly sick 😉

    nixie = a person you sort of know but haven’t really met YET! (except on Skype)

  10. lendy_p

    Such personalities! Very enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing.
    p.s. I am on Gabe’s side about the gingerbread man… I am not into lying, even in fun. It is sending kids a message that it is okay to lie sometimes. Unless of course, the scenario was prefaced by saying “let’s pretend” , then that is another story….
    and you are pretty brave for starting “the talk” at such a young age! Less is more, really… they are satisifed with general, vague answers and are usually not wanting to hear any gory details at this stage in the game 😉

  11. tonialynn59

    I just loved this entry today.  Thank you so much for sharing with the xanga world!  Your girls crack me up!  I was Ava and my sister was Livi!  I wanted the babies and she wanted the career!  I’m glad you have written them down.  I have lots of stories over the years of my kids but you forget.  Now and then something will come up and I will remember but then I don’t remember the entire story!  Age!  You’ll see one day!:)

  12. gsowell

    Sorry about the sickness in the middle of the night. You seem in an awfully chipper mood for a woman who had that to contend with during prime sleep hours!

    You’re a brave woman with talking about s-e-x with Livi. Let me know when you go farther with that. I need to know how to do that (the talk, not the s-e-x 😉 ). My parents didn’t really do a talk with us, and have promised myself to do more, just not sure HOW!

  13. ch1pch0p

    “hit you”??! Is this something new? Has she been watching the bad kids on Supernanny?

    The McGraw-Hill meeting paragraph is my absolute favorite. I absolutely love it.

    And I’m mad at Gave for ruining the gingerbread story.

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