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EDIT: Is Xanga really allowed to add a link on my post without asking–just because I typed in the words “Shrek the Third?”

Did I really promise a fun, chatty post today? Because all I’ve got at the moment is a headache, blurry vision, and a sore back. I just e-mailed an assignment to an editor–something I kept putting off and had to pull some late-nighters and an all-dayer (today) to get done. Enough of that–let’s see if I can pull some happy chattiness out of my…fingers.

Gabe left Thursday from work for a Men’s Retreat in at a golf resort in Maryland. His podcast co-host from D.C. invited him, and the two of them went for free as they were the photographers for the event.

Went to garage sales with my neighbor and her little boy on Friday morning. Got the girls some super fun pajamas for 75 cents a pair and some other clothes, too.

My mom came Friday afternoon to stay with us while Gabe was gone. Dad’s in Mexico again, so she was getting lonely. She decided to stay until Wednesday, and her help with the girls has me spoiled rotten. If I hadn’t procrastinated on my MGH project, I could have gone out on the town by myself a few times.

Tried to go to Johnny Buccelli’s for supper. Got caught in a HUGE traffic jam, couldn’t get over in the right lane, had to get back on the interstate. Fifty minutes later, arrived at the restaurant FIVE MILES from my house.

Saturday morning, I went to garage sales–alone. Wasn’t as fun as I’d hoped.

Saturday evening, I took Livi and Ava to Ava’s soccer picnic at the triplets’ house (Mom watched Nina). Jumped on the trampoline for awhile. Livi got a black, quarter-sized bruise under her chin–youch. Got to know the triplets as little individual boys. They are so sweet and cute and funny and different. Had fun chatting with the other moms and dads.

Sunday, they showed my little video in church. I wanted to hide under my seat.

Gabe came home at 5:00, and Mom stayed with Nina (again!) while the four of us went to see Shrek the Third. It was good, but I don’t like movies that much, and I like going to the theater even less.

The only remotely funny thing I can think of right now (my brain is FRIED, which I’m sure is painfully obvious) is what Livi said about Gabe on Friday morning.

Livi: (when she woke up at 8:30) I bet Daddy’s not even up yet.
Me: (at 9:30 to Livi) Hey, Liv. I got an e-mail from Daddy that he wrote at 6:30 this morning. So, he was up early.
Livi: (wide-eyed, completely serious) He’s changing.
Me: (apparently got “the look” in my eye)
Livi: Don’t write that down!!
Me: You know me too well.

Sorry to disappoint. I’m sure to be giddy again by tomorrow. Friday at the latest. Until then, you can read Gail’s never-ending list of blessings. 🙂

11 thoughts on “for kimberly

  1. Abs7

    Why did you want to hide under the seat? I would have been paranoid that everyone was watching me and criticizing.

    I love when happy chattiness comes out of your fingers

  2. faithchick

    what if you type things like the sound of music?

    or spell schreck the thrid wrong.

    “pull some happy chattiness out of my…fingers.” haha!!

    are the triplets identical?

    now i see-you really do get the garage sale addiction!

  3. gsowell

    How annoying with the automated link! I bet that’s making more people than just us crazy. Maybe it will go away soon. Then again, if it is one of those little things that allows me to continue to xanga for free, then I guess I don’t really care.

    Glad you got your work done. I should be working on mine instead of blogging…back to it…in a second!

  4. bethelaine

    ha!  funny about the shrek the third link.

    i have a nasty headache and blurr vision too.  ugh.  what i wouldn’t give to crawl into bed right now….

  5. ch1pch0p

    Yeah, I’ve been noticing that link thing. I don’t like it. Yuck to Xanga/Big Brother.

    I thought you promised. Maybe I just wanted. hehehe

    Sorry about your headache. Glad your mom is there.

    I’ve been hearing about Johnny B’s all over the place lately, and I have never been there. I think I’m going to have to work on that. They were showcased on some radio show last week. For $25 you could get $50 worth of gift certificates!

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