for crying out loud

Nina. The one crying out loud. For a long, long time.

We were running late to the bus stop. Prayed with Livi and Ava, kissed their little faces and sent them on ahead. Nina and I followed. Nina wanted to run. In her flip-flops. She was doing fine. It was me with the problems–got my head (hair) caught in a tree branch for a few seconds. Then she wiped out. Not much blood, because she went straight down on her knees on the concrete. Big thud though. Ouch. Carried her the rest of the way down the street. Then back home. Then she screamed if I tried to put her down. Then she screamed when I told her I couldn’t watch Diego with her; I had to pack a picnic lunch for the park. And on and on it went. Gabe stepped in. He’s a much more calming influence than me.

We survived, but my goodness, I’m already completely worn out already. And we have a busy ol’ weekend ahead of us. And please note that this excessive busyness does not make me excessively important but excessively…excessive. Working on this.

We do have a lot of fun planned, and I’m excited. Picnic at the park here in a bit with a new friend and her little girl who’s just four days older than Nina. Making cookies. Dishes. Cleaning up some stuff. Packing more lunches.

Big Day tomorrow with my fam. CAN;T WAIT to see everybody! It’s been a long time! Stephi, can you pretty please drive eight hours to see us?? Meeting at the Indian Mounds in Cedarville (Xenia?). Hiking. Picnic. Rubbing Bethy’s belly. 🙂 Back to Josh and Jess’s. Fun and games. Chatting, laughing, pizza.

Sunday–church, nap, dinner with friends, NASCAR race, pack lunch (I am getting SICK of packing lunches! not really.) for zoo.

Monday–INDY ZOO!! Meeting Kelly. Woohoo! And now, one of my students from my first year of teaching (6th grade) is going to meet us for a little bit too. With her HUSBAND. Yes, I’m old. Can’t wait to see you, Amanda!

Tuesday–relax, smile, and let everything clean itself up and put itself away.

Gabe’s mom came for a visit yesterday afternoon. Gabe took her to a bunch of stores to find the best deals on a laptop, projector and camera to take to Kenya (she leaves Sept. 11 for a month) for the pastor over there. Girls got home 30 minutes late. Snack, dressed for soccer scrimmage, off we went. Other team 45 minutes late. Fun watching and cheering. Drove by the girls’ schools on our way to PEI WEI! Forget the envelope fund! Janelle’s treat! And hooooo boy, was it scrum-diddly-umptious! Thank you, Janelle!

Headed to the park. Looks like it might rain. Have an awesome weekend, girlies! Love you heaps and bunches!

20 thoughts on “for crying out loud

  1. Anonymous

    Just finished reading your book ‘Is That All He Thinks About?’ Loved it! I laughed a lot as I was reading it. I am already practicing some of what you wrote. Thank you! Bless you! Have a great weekend! Jen from Cali

  2. scottnjes

    Oh, poor baby girl! I hope she’s okay. if she’s anytihng like ivy she will talk about it for the rest of her life. “look! I have owies! I need a bandaid.” I suspect you’ll be handing out a lot of bandaids this week!

    Your world is do different than mine. i hope i can manage to get out the door when my kids are a little bigger. Parks are fun!

  3. stephaniedawnbasham

    And I thought MY life was crazy.

    I don’t want to miss all the hiking and rubbing and chatting! Those are some of my very favorite things! Well, not really. But with my wonderful fam they would be my favorite things. Make sure my seven nieces and nephews get big hugs from Aunt Stephi! You can just rub the seventh one if that’s easier than trying to hug her.

  4. kkakwright

    the other day I was running and was literally attacked by 2 cicadas.  in a display of my uncoordination, i let out a small scream and batted them away.  i was so thankful nobody saw me.  until i realized the dad of one of the girls in addy’s preschool class saw me.  great first impression, huh? 🙂  did i blog about that already?

  5. jbnygaard

    Pei Wei? I was thinking you were talking about Pee Wee baseball or something at first. Too funny!

    I love the hair story, but not the crying story. Erik has had some hard tumbles lately too! He’s got band-aids all over his body!

    Loving the screaming rule. Loving that one.

  6. bensmomshelly

    Sorry about the screaming kid.  We have a rule at our house: you can scream, but it’s not going to disrupt everyone else, so you have to do it in your room.  When you can calm down, then you can come back and join us.

    Have a fun weekend.

  7. tonialynn59

    I’m completely exhausted after reading this and hurting from the hair being caught and the little gal falling etc.  Wow, what a morning, what a weekend.  Have a fun one.

  8. faithchick

    “got my head (hair) caught in a tree branch for a few seconds” LOL i love this mental picture!!  i might sketch it & hang it in my family room.

    He’s a much more calming influence than me=totally matt & me.  i send him if i’m to spazzy to deal with things.

    your weekend sounds delightful.  this is why i always try to talk matt’s bro & sis + their spouse/kids to move close-by.  That’s the kind of family fun I crave. 

    i’m totally up for you & nina coming to visit!  i’m sure missy would agree!

  9. luvmynoah

    If you get your house and stuff to clean itself up…let me know how you do it!!!  🙂

    I hope Nina’s knees are okay…that sounds painful.   Have a fun weekend and trip to the zoo! 

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