for aunt stephi

I love you, Aunt Stephi!
I wish you didn’t live so far away.
I can’t wait to meet you!


p.s. Ask Uncle Daniel if you can move to Ohio.
p.p.s. And I only want to be the youngest grandbaby on Mommy’s side for a year or so. Ask Uncle Daniel if I can have a little cousin soon. Uncle Gabe and Uncle Josh said no. 🙁

Isabelle Kate Peters

Livi and Isabelle

Nina and Isabelle

Ava and Isabelle

Ava and Isabelle

Isabelle and Mommy

Isabelle Kate Peters

20 thoughts on “for aunt stephi

  1. jbnygaard

    It’s so sweet to see the pictures of Livi and Ava holding Isabelle. They are so ‘motherly’. So precious. And then Miss Nina!!! What happened to her in the last 6 months?! She went from ‘baby Nina’ to BIG girl Nina overnight I SWEAR!!!

  2. tonialynn59

    Just really great pictures.  I love the ones with your girls but I think I commented on Bethany’s site yesterday I just can’t get over how big Nina looks.  So grown up.  Isabelle is beautiful.  Oh my the pressure you put on Aunt Stephi!!  I do the same thing to Christine and then I have to apologize.  I know she wants one but is trying to finish school first and she should.  I will have to wait! 

  3. dabasham

    As soon as God says He wants us to move to Ohio we will. I promise!! And as far as the cousin goes…who knows? All I can say is that Stephanie isn’t pregnant now, and we aren’t planning on it now. Again, that doesn’t mean much with God. 🙂

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