First Day of Kindergarten

EDIT: See Gabe’s blog for pics. 🙂

Livi is home from school. She loved it. And I survived. Without tears even. Well, I shed a few here and there the past couple days, but they were only indirectly related to her going to school.

Anyway, my morning was not so cool. Besides that quacky chiropractor calling me to tell me he got my x-rays back, and I’m deteriorating rapidly and may not survive past my 35th birthday if I don’t come to his office for 2 minutes 2 times a week for $40 a pop for the rest of my life, I also realized that I forgot to get Livi’s school supplies. Gabe picked them up at Kroger on his way home from work to see her get on the bus. So much for making a big deal of going to get school supplies with Livi. 🙂

So, Gabe comes home, and the five of us (complete with camera and video camera and stroller) traipse off to the bus stop. A few doors down from us, a little girl comes out of a house. She’s going to kindergarten. She’s Sophie. She’s adorable. She’s in Livi’s class. She’s apparently going down to the bus stop alone like a big girl. I feel quite over-… over-something. Then out comes Sophie’s mommy, carrying a camera. Then Sophie’s daddy, carrying a video camera. They bring their car down to the bus stop, so they can follow their little girl to school and videotape her getting off the bus. 🙂 I giggle to myself.

We meet Deston, his mommy, and 10-month-old sister, Olivia. Kameron and Kya and lots of other kids. Everyone has cameras. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun. We met some cool adults–Kelly, Greg, Mark, Eve, Angela… We all have something in common now that will bond us for life…Remember Livi and Sophie and Deston and Kameron on their first day of school so long ago?? Hopefully, this will lead to a sense of community and belonging and an opportunity to share our faith in Christ. Awesome.

Greg and Kelly had the right idea. We all piled in our van and watched Livi get off the bus at school. Ava and Nina took a long nap, and I had 90 minutes to myself. Wow. Had to wake them up to pick up Livi at the bus stop. I feel good.

On a sad note, Ava’s fish died. Bubbles, one of her presents for her 3rd birthday–he lasted for 14 months. We pretty much killed him. Don’t tell the good folks at PETA. Didn’t clean his tank. Forgot to feed him the past couple days (okay, weeks). Maybe she’ll just forget he ever existed. Maybe she will remember about him at the most inopportune time. We’ll see.

That’s all for now. Can’t wait to hear all your first-day-of-kindergarten stories when your little ones get to that point! I’ll never make fun of crazy camera-toting parents again!

7 thoughts on “First Day of Kindergarten

  1. Nixter77

    Glad Livi’s first day of school went well 🙂  My little little chica started school on the same day too – how cool is that, haven’t heard how her first day went yet as I would have been in bed asleep when she got home from school.  Can’t wait to see the pics of her in her little uniform…  They will have to write to each other about their first day at school experience..  They have all the goodies for the girls package so they will be posting it on the weekend – how cool 🙂

    Glad you got to meet the parents too, hope that will mean you form some good relationships with them and have many gospel opps 🙂

  2. mrsnorthern8605

    I think all chiropractor’s are quacks…my mom went to one and told her should wouldn’t live past 40….she was 39…he said that her back bones were all deteroriated (sp) and she is fine. I am convinced that most of the time, they just want your money!

    Once I have kids, I will be video taping everything!

  3. YoYoYoder

    That’s so cool about meeting all the other kindergarteners and their parents! Wouldn’t that be so fun if Livi and Sophie became close friends? What a fun day!

    So what caused all the deterioration in your back? Is it from that lift you’ve been wearing since high school? Did the chiropractor do it to you? 😉

  4. faithchick

    thank you for sharing that!! What an ADORABLE morning!! I never would have thought mornings could be adorable…but, now i know they can!! 🙂

    about this deteriorating business… doesn’t sound so good.

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