effusive joy, as promised

Today was filled with lots of smiles and laughter. Thanks, Jamie! She and the boys came at 11 (box of mac&cheese in hand) and stayed until 4ish. We had a marvelous time. The kiddos played with a train set, ate lunch (we all ate mac&cheese, microwaved chicken nuggets, grapes and carrots–am I a good hostess or what?), and I took Livi to the bus stop while Jamie stayed with the other four.

Then we went outside in the blustery wind. Rode bikes, raced on bouncy balls, and drew with sidewalk chalk. Our Russian neighbor Olga and her little boy Daniel joined us. Jamie is so bubbly and fun and made Olga and Daniel feel right at home.

Eden, Ava, and Erik taking a break

Eden and Jamie racing. Eden won every time.

Chalk turtle

Don’t kill me, Jamie. This was too funny to pass up!

It was such a refreshing day. My personality tends to be moody/hermit-ish, but when I open up my heart and home to people, I am always, always blessed.

Jamie was asking me how I knew everybody on xanga and how many I knew in person before I started blogging. Uh, none. Well, I knew my family and in-laws. And I knew Krista. And adamslady and ladyjabez. I think that’s it. And I’ve met lots of you since then. I’m going to meet a couple of you soon. And of course, Nixie is flying me to Oz any day now. (that’s Australia, for those of you who aren’t as multi-culturally-savvy as me) You guys are the best! All of you!

Livi had her first soccer game of the season tonight. After a rough start (I was running behind and she got there right at kick-off), it was a great game. They won 2-1, and Livi’s confidence is amazing compared to last fall. She kicked that ball like a pro, ran like a maniac, and almost scored. It was wonderful. Ava and I walked clear across the world so she could use the port-a-potty, and it wasn’t there anymore!! Argh. I was envisioning an experience like I reported a few weeks back. But she was fine. Turns out I was the one who was stricken with stomach cramps at a stoplight on a busy street and got out of the van, ran in front of stopped traffic to the Wendy’s bathroom. Ick. No, I’m not pregnant. Just ate too much Easter candy.

On a sad note, Gabe called today from work to tell me about the Virginia Tech shooting tragedy. We’re VT football fans and have been to the campus several times. It’s such a gorgeous, rustic, classy, peaceful place. I can’t believe what happened today. Yet God remains in control. My troubles pale in comparison.

Poor little Nina. (I say that a lot, don’t I?) She got a bloody lip on Saturday, nose started dripping on Sunday, her molars are coming in and her gums are huge and swollen. Then tonight, she fell face first into a table–bloody mouth, bloody nose. Her little face can’t take much more. She’s snoring up in her bed lathered up with orajel, with tylenol and teething tablets in her belly.

Well, it’s after midnight, and I’m still as joyful as all get out, but my brain and eyes are blurry, so I can’t think of any more joy to share. If I think of more tomorrow, I’ll be sure to add lots of edits.

Happy Kathy signing off!

21 thoughts on “effusive joy, as promised

  1. ladymiss3739

    Oh, I forgot to ask…what are teething tablets and where can I get them?  I’ve never heard of them before…hmmmm. 

    Also, if you get a chance, post some of those book titles that you got from the library.  I’d be interested in looking at them.  Thanks!

  2. ladymiss3739

    What a wonderfully fun way to spend a day! 

    Thanks for your comment on my page a few days ago – I honestly appreciate it! 

    Also, just wanted to tell you, too…a friend of mine recently finished your Is That All book and says it’s made a big difference for her (and her husband is happier ) and she’s gone on to order two of the other books you recommend reading.       

  3. tonialynn59

    Love friends like that!  I have a dear friend that when my twins were little and her youngest was born, we had 7 kids 6 and under.  Amber was 6, Adam and her daughter were 4, my twins 2 and then her youngest was an infant.  We would swap kids so the other could get out for a bit or just hang out together and let the kids play.  It was so refreshing for us.  We still are friends and get together although not often enough.  Her son and Adam are best friends.  Now the kids are 22, 2- 20 year olds, 3-19 year olds and her youngest is 17.  Love the pictures you shared!

  4. KmHunsberger

    Looks like SUCH a fun day! I love playdates when kids and MOMS feel so refreshed and happy. I can’t wait until our xanga get-together when we can all hang out like that! How fun!!!

    I never would have thought you a hermit

  5. jbnygaard

    You are sooo mean!!! (jk) The action shot of me cracked me up! I’m just glad you didn’t get the shot of me falling on my butt! 🙂 Krista’s right, I don’t take myself too seriously and I’m usually laughing at myself because I made a fool out of myself!!! I’m just a NUT! 🙂

    I really did have a blast yesterday and am already looking forward to more times with you and the girls! (Like next week!yeah!) And I don’t think I told you that I volunteered myself to wipe Nina’s nose about 8 times yesterday because the snot was running all over her face! 🙂 I just adopted her as my own!

    I’ll never forget Livi’s comment, “I made Erik hug me before I let him out the door.” Or it was something to that affect! Too funny!

  6. kkakwright

    That pic of Jamie is too funny. She will get a kick out of it.  One of the things I love about Jamie is she doesn’t take herself too seriously and is always willing to laugh at herself.  Isn’t that what life is all about??????? 

    I thought of you when I heard about the VT thing. 

    You do say ‘poor little Nina’ a lot. 

    Love you whether or not you are Happy Kathy or Oscar the Grouch.

  7. Abs7

    love the picture of jamie… too funny!

    I’m like you, I tend to be a bit hermit-ish (although for me it’s a combination hermit/laziness), but when I do hang out with others or invite people over, you are right, it is such a blessing.

    I’m glad you guys all had such a great time yesterday. Looks like it was a lot of fun!

  8. gsowell

    Thanks for the pictures…Jamie seems so fun! What a blessing to have a visit like that knock you out of your grumpy funk!

    Josie’s face is looking a lot like Nina’s lately, I do believe! More about that later!

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