don’t kiss my husband!

Just like his biblical namesake, my husband Gabriel is an angel. (Technically, he was named after a football player and some dude from Happy Days, but I digress…) As we transition from family of four to family of five, it has become apparent that extra measures will have to be taken to give our older two girls the love and attention they need. A couple days ago, Gabe decided that he is going to start taking Livi and Ava on “dates.”

Yesterday Ava got to take the first turn. Daddy pulled the two girls aside in the playroom and shared his idea. Livi was a little hesitant to leave Mommy and Nina, but Ava jumped at the chance to have Daddy all to herself. Her little face just glowed as she waited for Gabe to get out of the shower so they could go. She begged me to help her get dressed. (This is the girl who would wear her pajamas for a week if I’d let her.) She picked out Gabe’s t-shirt. (this Hokies shirt? this Hokies shirt? or this Hokies shirt?) I put her hair up (she normally hates having her hair up) and snapped photos as she walked proudly out the door hand-in-hand with her Daddy.

“Don’t you dare be kissing my husband while you’re gone!” I warned her, grinning.

They went to the bank, “the green park,” and Wal-Mart. Daddy bought her a little toy and let her pick out some Valentine’s candy. She had a blast and can’t wait for date #2!

My little princesses are blessed beyond measure. Their daddy is truly a king.

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  1. the_present_is_eternity

    i am really glad things are going well for you! i mailed you a letter recently but i dont know if you got it because i know it might not have been the correct address! those pictures are adorable too 🙂 love, amanda

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