does xanga have a word limit for blog entries?

‘Cause I’m afraid I might go over today. Either that or forget everything that has happened since Thursday morning. I think I’ll work backwards.

Livi is home from school. She had a fever last night but seems better. I think I might send her after lunch. She’s already asking “what’s for lunch?” and it’s 9:30.

Livi and Ava ended up sleeping with me halfway through the night last night. Livi was moaning and groaning. Ava was coughing like crazy. After going to bed at 1:00 and getting up 5 times before 3:00, I was in a ROTTEN mood. Good thing Mother’s Day was over. At one point, I threw my pillow on the floor, yelled, stormed out of the bedroom, stormed back in, and laid down with my head at the foot of the bed and fell asleep. Mother of the Year for sure.

Gabe went to Starbucks last night to get me a Mother’s Day Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino. The guy asked him if he wanted creme-based or coffee-based, and Gabe (who HATES Starbucks because what intelligent guy likes to feel completely incompetent because he has no idea how to answer questions about coffee products?) said creme-based after much hesitation. Called me from the gas station. I told him it was fine. He came home, handed it to me, then handed me a coffee one too. He had gone back, explained that it was Mother’s Day and he got his wife the wrong drink. They gave it to him for free. 🙂

Then we watched P.S. I Love You. After it was over, I crawled up into Gabe’s lap in the recliner, put my arms around him and bawled.

Mother’s Day was pretty uneventful. Went to the new church again at 5:30. Makes for a weird Sunday morning not going to church. (they’re thinking of switching the service time to 10:00 a.m. I’d like that.) Tried to take a nap when Nina did, but Livi and Ava were sooo loud. I had a little rage-fest then too. Exhaustion isn’t an excuse for sin. I need to get some rest.

Saturday was a fun day. Up early. Janelle got all five girls ready (mine plus Morgan and Reese), and when Angie got there, the 8 of us piled into our 7-seater mini-van and drove 25 minutes to Jamie’s church. It was a Daughters of Promise Brunch. We ate, I spoke, we did fun activities. Livi and Ava helped. I thought it went well. Then Livi and Ava told me that I had promised they could do x, y, and z, and I ended up doing it all myself. I was in such a zone I didn’t even notice. I asked them to forgive me and asked for a chance to redeem myself at Beki’s church on Sunday. They said okay.

Jamie and the boys came over to Rock and Janelle’s for a few hours after the brunch. We took a gator ride–Janelle, Jamie, me, and 7 kids all on one gator. Super fun! Then the kids took turns riding Mary the horse. Then Janelle made a picnic lunch for the kiddos, complete with little bowls of apples and chocolate chips. It was her 50th birthday, and I can think of a billion better ways to spend your 50th birthday, so thank you from the bottom of my heart, Janelle. They played with hula hoops, jump ropes, bubbles, and Charlie the dog who plays soccer and fetches golf balls. He’s a hoot.

Can I just say that I love Jamie to bits? Jamie, you are such a sweet, wonderful, funny friend. I love you.

We came home Saturday afternoon, collapsed, ate pizza, watched NASCAR, stared at the mess of bags and books and shoes all over the floor.

Friday was good too. I spoke on sex at a MOPS group in Lima. (Angie surprised me by coming. Thanks, Ang!) The gals were so great, and we had a wonderful discussion at our tables afterwards. It was just a really neat time, and I was so encouraged by all the girls. One of them asked to meet me in the bathroom so we could see whose chest was really smaller. (I talked about body image for awhile). She was adorable and her “challenge” made me grin.

Janelle watched the kids while Gabe and I went to Texas Roadhouse for supper, Wal-Mart to get a b-day/MD gift for Janelle, and Ollie’s (the super-cool Odd Lots-type store that has zillions of great Christian books at deep discounts).

Thursday was super fun with my family. Sadly, it was cold and rainy, so we didn’t get to play outside. Dad grilled in the garage. We had lots of good talks, played games, laughed. I love my family. Nina and I went to visit my grandma. She had surgery Friday (for her bladder cancer) and did really well. Thank you, Jesus.

Lots of things on my mind. I apologize for not sharing deep, insightful thoughts lately. I just can’t seem to get them sorted out and on “paper.” And I’m working on another book, so a lot of them are going in there. I’m going to ask for your help here in a bit too.

Tomorrow, Nina and I are headed to Bethy’s church to speak on mommyhood. I like Bethy and her church.

Gabe (just now): Marla not done bloggy yet?!
Me: (no response)

Last thing. Someone sweet has something fun to announce.

Have a great week, girls! Love ya!

20 thoughts on “does xanga have a word limit for blog entries?

  1. Nixter77

    I am so sorry, the meeting ended up not being at our office so we had to go to them. It also went longer than what I thought, I just got back. Then I have been feeling really really sick. I think I am going to head home 🙁 Love you and will call tomorrow, sleep tight, mind the bed bugs don’t bite

  2. Airdee26

    Wow, it must have been “Watch P.S. I Love You” weekend because you are the second xanga friend so far to say they watched it plus we watched it too. 🙂

  3. Nixter77

    Then we watched P.S. I Love You. After it was over, I crawled up into Gabe’s lap in the recliner, put my arms around him and bawled.

    This bit made me want to come over and give you a big big massive humongous HUG!

    ps I love you heaps!

  4. Anonymous


    I watched P.S. this weekend too!  But I was sewing while I watched, so that took some of the edge off, as I wasn’t tuned into every little second of emotion.  Which was probably good, because my husband was out of town.  Great movie though, I thought.

    Sounds like a busy, family-filled weekend!  How sweet that Gabe brought BOTH frappaccino’s – so something my husband would do.  Don’t you love it when they almost-overly think of you?! 

    Have a great week!


  5. mrsnorthern8605

    It is very weird at first when you start going to the service and you wake up and think you missed church. I am really looking forward to the switch, myself, last night I was VERY lucky I didn’t fall out of my chair! I was so tired….we met to catch you and say hi, but we ended up getting stopped by some friends and then lost site of you! 🙂

  6. CamilleElizabeth

    Hi, just wanted to say hi.

    And also that I liked the first picture of you and the girls at the Metro Gardens you put up a while back. I liked them all, but that was my favorite.

    Have a great day!

  7. gsowell

    God and I had a talk about the anger I’d been directing at my kids, middle of the night and middle of the day. “Exhaustion isn’t an excuse for sin.” Yeah, He told me that, too.

    I won’t get to come to Beki’s. I’m super bummed aobut this. I have about 12 commitments that weekend. No way for me to get away for a 3 hour road trip. Maybe I’ll just have to have you come down here and do something for our ladies. We’ll talk in the future about that.

  8. luvmynoah

    You packed alot into a few days!  I’ve had those same tantrums….It usually involves yelling and a little fit…sometimes tears and it’s almost always in the middle of the night.  I’m not too great at responding on little sleep. 

    Glad you had a great Mother’s Day.  I hope everyone feels better soon!

  9. KmHunsberger

    Your weekend makes me feel full and happy and…tired. I hate it when I come off a good weekend and the kids get sick. Praying for you…you sound a little sad. Wish I could come surprise you with chocolate cookies and a coffe based drink

    I bought a huge thing of dinasour chicken nuggets for when you and Jamie come. My sister moved in five days ago and has eaten 12 of them…you two better come soon

  10. kkakwright

    i really dislike movies where all i want to do is cry at the end.  i do enough crying. 

    i recently threw a huge huge huge temper tantrum at 3:47am.  i really dislike those too.

    but i really like you, your honesty, your heart, and your selflessness to give of your precious time to speak to other ladies about the things that matter to us all.

  11. kellycohan

    My husband thinks I’m the only one who’s extra-crabby when I don’t get my sleep. I’ll have to enlighten him that it’s not so. It’s just so hard to be reasonable when you’re exhausted! Hope you get some rest and return to being the wonderful mom we all know you are!

  12. tonialynn59

    You are allowed to write as many words as you want to!  I used to throw fits when my kids woke me up in the middle of the night too.  I probably still would.  I hate anyone waking me up in the night.  I can’t go back to sleep.  Then feel like crap the next day.  It sounds like you did a lot of fun things this weekend.  Actually it sounds like you crammed a lot of stuff into a short time!  I’m tired reading it.  I rented that movie and it has to go back so I’ll probably watch it tonight.  Great.  It sounds like I will be crying.  Have fun at your sisters church tomorrow!

  13. ladymiss3739

    I haven’t heard of that movie other than all you xanga people mentioning you watched it…time to go check it out. 

    Busy, busy weekend!  Glad to know I’m not the only person who acts like my toddler when i don’t get all the sleep I want.  I say lots of dramatic things, for sure.  Is that what your new book is about?  I can give you lots of quotes of dumb things I’ve said if you want.   

  14. faithchick

    is that really my blog?? i’m sweet? (thanks!) and i’m annoucing that? it’s a little surreal!

    your weekend was FULL!!  i’m glad you gave a recap b/c it was fun to read.  a few thoughts that stood out:

    1. i throw temper tantrums in the middle of the night, too.  isn’t that silly?  i mean, seriously.  but, it’s really hard not to.  ugh.  i’m starting to pep talk myself now for 9 mos. from now.

    2. i the rolls at T.R. (but who doesn’t?)

    3. i can’t ever get my thoughts onto paper either.  i’ve started giving up.  i think i’ll try for it about once every six months.  but, i’m glad your thoughts are at least in books, and does “help” mean another survey? because i love surveys.

    4. your response to the movie=the exact reason i can’t bring myself to watch it.  i don’t even want to think……


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