daddy time

What is it about wrestling with your daddy? I used to love it when I was a little girl, and my three are crazy about wrestling with Gabe. They can’t get enough of it. I wish every little boy and girl had a daddy to wrestle with. My heart breaks for the ones who don’t.

You think we’ll wrestle (or “rassle” as Gabe’s grandma always said) in heaven? I do. Imagine getting tossed and tickled and tumbled by your heavenly Daddy. I can’t wait.

Wrestling match 3

Wrestling match 2

Wrestling match 4

Wrestling match

After wrestling match

This is my next-to-last blog on xanga. Monday morning there will be a short good-bye message with a link to my new blog. Can’t wait to have you over to my new place! Have a great weekend, friends!

10 thoughts on “daddy time

  1. Gabe Taviano

    Gotcha. I was thinking you were referring to Google. Haven’t paid much attention to PageRank recently, but will soon. Was fun implementing Analytics and Feedburner (now owned by Google) on the site. Thanks!!

  2. Kim Stave

    Hi Marla! Wow – Nina’s hair has gotten SO long!!! In all the wrestling pics when I couldn’t see who was who, I just assumed all the curls belonged to Ava! Give “Nini” a big hug from Ieva! 🙂

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