cubbies or bust!

EDIT: Just for clarification, it’s Ava that’s going to Cubbies. Livi is all grown up now and is in Sparks and doesn’t really need her mom like she used to when she was “little.” Thankfully, I am still her hero about 82% of the time. Oh, and the “xanga pal” I mentioned is Kimmie, and is, in fact, much more than a xanga pal. She is actually one of my dearest and darlingest REAL-LIFE friends (especially since she has extended a standing offer to babysit…).

Okay, so I’m dreading tonight–my first night as a Cubbies leader. For whatever reason, the thought of 90 minutes of a passel of 3- and 4-year-olds makes me squeamish. There are three things I must keep remembering if I’m going to make it through…

1. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” He loved them and commands me to love them too.

2. The Cubbies director thanked me profusely when I volunteered, and when she heard I had AWANA leader experience, you would have thought I gave her diamonds. She thinks God dropped me down from heaven.

3. When my own little 4-year-old heard that “Mommy’s going to be your Cubbies teacher,” you would have thought I’d taken her to Disney World. I was quite flattered. She hasn’t stopped talking about it. She ran outside to tell Livi, “LIVI! MOMMY’S GOING TO BE MY CUBBIES TEACHER!!!!” Later, I heard her talking softly to herself, “I just can’t believe Mommy’s my Cubbies teacher.” She tells everyone we see. I’m soaking up these precious, short-lived days of being her hero.

So there you have it. As a xanga pal commented today, she’s not a big awana fan. I never was either. I don’t like clubs and I don’t like seeing who can say more things and get more prizes. However, my daughters eat it up, and it provides the discipline I lack when it comes to Bible memorization. And it shows kids Jesus. And no matter how long/hard my day is today, I’m determined to smile and have fun with those little ones for 90 minutes tonight. (Please pray for me.)

I have a couple other things to share, but those will have to wait. One of them is something Gabe told me I couldn’t blog about if I valued my life. One is something that would involve divulging way TMI (but I might find a delicate/coded way to write about it later).

Livi has her first school pictures today. She has a mouthful of teeth at all different stages of growth and a cold sore on her lip, but I still think she looks beautiful and can’t wait to see them.

I took the girls to Barnes and Noble story time today. I like to listen to other moms talk to each other…especially moms who think they know the “best/only way to parent”–tales for another day. But oh, I would give an arm and a leg to spend a few hours by myself in a bookstore… all those words and books and chairs and smells and… mmmm… Something to look forward to when my babies are all in school… For now, I’ll just enjoy each day I’ve been given.

Hope yours is going well!

19 thoughts on “cubbies or bust!

  1. Hoffmom

    We do AWANA and Cubbies here too.  Cubbies are the cutest!  Anna owes most of her repertoire of Sunday School songs to Cubbies.  The few times I’ve ventured to the ‘big kids’ AWANA….I’ve been completely overwhelmed and thought, “What is it that the kids love about this?”.  So crazy and crowded!  But they really do love it!  And, we view it as a primary way to reach our unsaved neighbors…we take a vanful of kids every week. (Matt is a sparky leader) They’ve been asking us for weeks “when does AWANA start?”.  It’s the only light those kids have in their lives, and it gives us an in with their families too.  So press on!  Bless you for volunteering to help!

  2. mrsnorthern8605

    I remember all the stories Drew has shared with me about AWANA. It wasn’t until  I met him that I ever heard of it. I am not sure I even understand what it is most of the time.

    Anyways, hope you enjoy being a Cubbies leader!

  3. ch1pch0p

    Sorry, I was a little off on Nina’s age. I got the other two right, didn’t I? And I remembered all their names. And at least I spelled their names right the FIRST TIME!

    That baby-sitting offer might be revoked! 🙂

    Marla, my face was tight (and a little) itchy at first. You are using moisturizer, right?

  4. faithchick

    mine was like that (dry, flaky, itchy, burny) for 2 solid weeks, and then it quit all of a sudden…I would try it for another good week or two and see what happens. If everything seems better after that, keep using the same stuff. Hopefully, all will be well by then. keep me posted!

  5. mtaviano

    There. Better? Did you READ my post? The 4-year-old ran out to TELL LIVI that I was her Cubbies teacher. That would be AVA. And NINA won’t be 9 months until October 5th. For crying out loud…

  6. ch1pch0p

    You know, I thought I had that all confused, but I scrolled back up and saw Livi and thought I was just confused. And now I’m really confused.

    Ava – 5 (kindergarten, Sparks)? ; Livi – 4 (cubbies) ; Nina – 9 months

    Kimmie is perfectly acceptable when it is spelled appropriately!

  7. bethelaine

    livi’s excitement about cubbies is adorable!  when i was in youth group, my mom was my leader.  i did not appreciate this during those awkward years.  i was such a brat… 

    i’ll be sure to say a prayer for you tonight!  i’m sure you’ll be outstanding!

  8. faithchick

    paragraph number 6 should not be allowed. I ditto kim’s thoughts!

    I hope you have fun at cubbies tonight. i adored my cubbies teacher, too. just make sure you [really] hop because you’re happy and jump and shout for joy.

    i am always apprehensive about these things, too…but once i get there & do it, it’s fabulous. i hope it’s the same for you!! 😀

  9. ch1pch0p

    I think I was just called a xanga pal… *smiles and looks smug* I would like to point out, though, that I am now a real-life friend as you have been to my apartment.

    If the kids are having fun, go for it, of course! I honestly think I put a lot of undue pressure on myself…that tends to be my personality… And how incredibly cute how excited Livi is — that is precious.

    I would like to volunteer for your alone time. Honestly, you have my phone number. Call me.

    Oh, and that’s just mean to taunt us like that!

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