counting blessings

Today is Gabe’s last day of work. Wow, that came up on us fast! He still doesn’t feel 100% healthy, but I think the fever part was just a 24-hour thing. He managed to enjoy his mongolian bbq yesterday, bless his heart.

Tug, Angie, and Tanner were in town yesterday to pick up something for their youth group and popped in to walk Ava to the bus stop. She was so surprised and happy. I’m just lovin’ all these surprises, but we’re running out of family!

Bible study yesterday morning was a blessing yet again. These ladies are so great. A couple are younger than me, most are older, some are years older than my mom. It’s been so fun to share our lives with each other.

Ava and I made pumpkin bread this morning–a first for me, I believe. It smells divine, and I might just have to go sit down with a couple warm slices and a book. Then, I’ll get to work on my book manuscript. (that’s coming along, by the way, but writing a book is waaaay harder than it seems. at least for me!)

So, there’s this guy in our neighborhood who is a bit freaky. Or maybe it’s just his evil-looking little dog that gives me the heebie-jeebies. You know how all the decent, respectful dog owners carry a grocery bag with them when they walk their dogs, to pick up the poop? Well, this man picks it up in a ziploc baggie. A clear, transparent, see-through, very small baggie. You can see the poop, you can see the steam, and it is revolting. Against such things, there should be a law!

Did you know that when hydrogen peroxide bubbles on a cut, it does not mean that it’s infected? It’s just reacting to a chemical found in blood. I did not know that.

I’ve gotten to bed at 11, 11, and 10!! the past 3 nights. And today is the first day in a long time that I haven’t fought the urge to collapse in bed while Nina was taking a nap. This is great.

Our weekend (at the moment) is completely free. That feels nice. I’m ready for a breather. Ava has a soccer game tonight (her last), then Livi’s last game is Tuesday. We just found out that Livi has tournaments this year. Just when we thought we were nearing the end…watch her keep winning and winning and winning…

Have a great weekend, all!

15 thoughts on “counting blessings

  1. scottnjes

    I’ve been terrible at keeping up with everyone’s posts. Ugh. Sounds like you’ve had some good family time lately! Soccer is over already? How did that happen? And you’re working on your new book about praying when you’re expecting? Sounds great! A good reminder to do something when you’re just sitting on the couch being pregnant : ) I’m glad you got the criticism email resolved. Don’t feel like you need to answer someone who doesn’t even leave their name. That’s just silliness! Wish I had some of that pumpkin bread. It sounds fabulous!

  2. Hoffmom

    Sorry, all the dog walkers in my neighborhood carry Ziploc bags in their pockets….who wants to carry a big, ole grocery bag??   Now me, I make sure Betty goes before we leave the yard.  That way I don’t have to deal.  🙂 

  3. rachmckinney

    i’ve gone to bed at 11 almost every night this week and all i feel like doing is collapsing!:) funny how different bodies work. it might have to do w/how m uch i’m adjusting to right now, though, too. 🙂 enjoy your very free weekend. i’m going to enjoy some good quality time with family tonight. !

  4. tonialynn59

    Glad Gabe is on the mend!  The poop thing is disgusting.  Love that your kids are getting surprises from family.  How fun is that?  And I love pumpkin bread.  My friend, Chris brought me a loaf last Friday night at Tater and man Sat. a.m. I was eating it for breakfast.  It was so good.  Glad you got extra sleep!  Have a nice, quiet weekend.  Breathe!

  5. terriwright

    What’s not to love about steaming poop????

    I’m glad Gabe’s better. I’m praying for your money income and outgo…mostly that it won’t outgo too fast!

    Maybe Livi’s team will lose the first game of the tournament.

    You getting more rest is MUCH better!!!

  6. gsowell

    These surprises are great! What that man carries in his baggie…not great. Ew!

    I’m lifting up the financial issues and your writing and Gabe’s new work situation in prayer right now. May God continue to rain special blessings down on you and your family!

  7. bethelaine

    what a peppy post!  must be a result all that sleep your getting…

    the mention of pumpkin bread makes my mouth water!  perhaps i’ll make some this weekend.

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