content (con TENT, not CON tent)

I feel content today. Always a good thing. Well, as long as I’m always striving to love Jesus more and walk more closely with Him.

Took Livi to do some preliminary testing at school at 9:00. Not sure what it was even for–I think OSU students were testing random first graders on their reading ability? Ava, Nina and I went to the P.O. for stamps and then the library. I love our library more and more all the time. Got some great board books for Nina for vacation, great DVDs for the girls for the week before we leave, and picked up 7 items in the reserve room. I have 26 more on hold, lol. I’m looking forward to our looooong van ride to the beach so I can read, read, read. (Yes, I realize I will also have to break up a million fights and picked up dropped snacks, etc. I’m enjoying my fantasy for the moment though.)

Speaking of fights..well, let me backtrack. My friend Jen sent us a McDonald’s Arch Card, bless her heart, so we met Gabe there for lunch yesterday. Spent $8.54 (eat-in tax) for our family of 5, which makes me smile. After we ate, we let the girls play at the Play Place. On our way out the door, an elderly man smiled at us, and I said hi.

Played, dropped Gabe back off at work, went to Kroger, saw the same man and said hi again, got some fruit, veggies, other stuff, had to go to the bathroom rightthisverysecond, left the cart outside the door, brought all the girls in with me, made it just in time (okay, didn’t need to share all that). On our way out of Kroger, see the old man again. He says, “Can I just compliment you on how well-behaved your children are?” I thanked him. “That’s unusual these days. I have 12 grandchildren, so I know.”

I walk out to the car, thanking Livi and Ava for being so good. Unlock the door, climb in, Ava hits Livi, they start yelling at each other. They fought THE REST OF THE AFTERNOON. It was awful. Nothing I tried worked. Nothing. I’m almost positive it was the worst day in the history of their relationship. Ugh. Gabe gave them a talking-to when he got home. Today has been much better. I think they’ve reached the age where spending some time apart during the day might just be good for them.

Back to the conTENT thing. I got an e-mail yesterday from the assistant to the editor at Harvest House. I have a phone chat with the editor at 6:00. I was in tears for a bit last night, but God showed me that He has everything under control. I write books for HIM, not me, and this was a good reminder. I can share details tomorrow, but I’d love prayer for a productive phone call tonight.

I have more, but I talk tooooooooo much. Happy Day! Stay inside!!

14 thoughts on “content (con TENT, not CON tent)

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    I will be praying for you!

    I have had the experience of someone complimenting “my” children for their terrific behavior and then suddenly everyone is fighting, whining, etc…It’s crazy!

    The girls would probably benefit from a little separate time…even my daycare children get on each other’s nerves…

  2. stephaniedawnbasham

    I can’t read in the car either! It is sad. I get a terrible headache and sick to my stomach. Even if I’m just writing a list in the car or something like that.

    I know what you can do for your anniversary Marla! You and Gabe can go to beautiful, fabulous Charleston and drop your kids off in Columbia on your way there! You get an exotic trip and I get to see my nieces!!! 🙂 Man, I have the best ideas…..

    Even with the fighting, your girls are incredibly well-behaved. And gorgeous. And sweet. And precious. But I may be a little biased.

  3. E2711

    Thanks for the visit, i’m sure you have seen me around so you know the line as i love comments. hope your weekend goes well and God Bless. Did you like some of the pics???

  4. tonialynn59

    I’m with B.E.  I can’t read in the car.  I get majorly carsick too.  It stinks because I also feel like it is wasted time.   So honestly then I prefer to drive.  Glad you can do it.  I can’t believe I didn’t see where the story of the girls being good and then fighting was going to.  I should have known.  Isn’t that the way it always is?  I’m praying for you and your phone call.

  5. kissabby

    Funny story about the kids. I’m sure it was not funny at the time but nice man says kids are well behaved and then it goes down hill from there. I was waiting on you to say right then one of the girls hit the other and the fight broke out at least they waited until they got in the car 🙂

  6. kkakwright

    I’m guessing Gabe put the fam over the $6.00 mark.  😉

    Didn’t you feel all warm and fuzzy for the short moments the girls were behaving?  I just love it when people compliment my kids’ behavior.  BUT, it truly never fails that once complimented, it ALL falls apart. 

    We will see how much reading you actually get done in the car.  I asked Kerry to let me drive to Indiana to avoid all the referee-ing.  He declined my offer.  🙁

  7. mtaviano

    ^I didn’t tell the girls, Kimberly. They were standing right there when he said it.

    Thanks, Beth Elaine. I thought we done good. Some of us can’t live on a bowl of cereal a day. Even Nina could out-eat you, Kimberly. Of course, her rolls and dimples wouldn’t be as flattering on you either.

  8. terriwright

    Ah, contentment. Elusive. One moment I have it, the next, it’s gone.  Thanks for your encouragement.

    I remember a fight our boys had (one was 11, one 14, so these were punching fights) , and I shrieked(I always handled things so well….), “You’re supposed to LOVE each other!!!!” They looked at me like I was crazy. In their minds, fighting had nothing to do with their feelings toward each other. Whew.

    Yes….your girls need away time. School is a boon from many angles.

  9. ch1pch0p

    What a nice compliment. You shouldn’t have told the girls, though. That obviously ruined everything!

    Praying today goes better!

    Who ordered so much at McDs!?!? That’s a crazy amount to spend!

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