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Gabe sick. Ava fever. Dryer delivered. Missing part. Gabe saves the day. Dryer functional. Washer leaks all over basement. New fan blows good. Washer works for one load. Mailman brings 5 boxes of photos from Winkflash. Overwhelmed. Watched Nanny Diaries with Gabe. Forgot to check washer. Running water, going nowhere, leaking some during whole movie. Oops. Not feeling well. Still feel blessed and joyful.

Yeah, so the dryer guys get here and ask if we bought a dryer cord. No, we have a perfectly good dryer cord on our old dryer. Well, they can’t install old cord in new dryer if we want our 1-year warranty to be good. Plus, we have a vinyl vent hose–fire hazard. Gabe goes to Lowe’s.for new dryer cord and aluminum hose. Gabe is sick. He is a sneezing, runny-nosed, achy adorable mess. He is allergic to dust. And when he bends over, his nose runs. And he is trying to hook up this dumb dryer cord/vent with dust everywhere and bending over and dripping and sneezing and hurting. I am trying to help, and it is waaaaay harder than you might think. But he does it.

Ava. Woke up not feeling well. “My head…like when I move…is shaking all my bones.” (I assume that means, “I have a headache, and I’m aching all over.”) Plays all morning, moans every once in awhile. “I don’t want to go to school.” “You’re going.” “Can you take my temperature?” I do it just to prove she needs to go. It’s over 100. Umm…I don’t tell her. “You’re still going.” I offer her candy. She refuses. I know she’s sick. She stays home. Someone mentioned that we seem to be sick a lot. True. And we like to spread it all out. All 5 of us are never sick all at once.

I love my new dryer. Terri gave me two marvelous suggestions, but since a dryer wasn’t in our game plan, we opted to do as cheap as possible. There was free delivery and haul-away with any purchase over $397, so that’s what we did. It’s a GE. The matching washer may be in the cards sooner than we’d like. I can’t even get it to move past the wash cycle now. And there’s water on the floor again. Hmmm…

I’m feeling a little crunched to get these Christmas gifts done how I’d like. I think I will go with plan B and save my super-awesome idea for next Christmas. And start working on it waaaaaay before December.

I don’t remember the other things. I’d like to do my Christmas give-away tomorrow, since the things are all Christmas-y and won’t be much fun in a few weeks.

I’m getting super-excited about my family coming in just a few short days!!! Happy Weekend All!

11 thoughts on “condensed version

  1. tonialynn59

    I was also thinking that is pretty ridiculous that the cord doesn’t come with the machine.  What kind of logic is that?  Poor Gabe.  Hope he and Ava are feeling better today.  I loved that last line too. 

  2. KmHunsberger

    I hate it when people say, “your kids have been sick a lot!” or…”You guys always have something!” It makes me feel like it is my fault or something. Thing is…I hate it. Hate Hate Hate sickness. In fact, this week alone I think i have lost at least 5 pounds due to stress (20 page paper and final exam) and kids (namely Landon) with sicknesses. Blech. Is the winter over yet?

  3. terriwright

    I told you GE was good…you just down-sized a bit. That’s VERY legal, I think.

    My son and daughter-in-law have a washer whose timer switch is so messed up they have to guess where to turn it. If the washer starts spinning, too far. If the wash cycle lasts 2 minutes, too far….you get the picture. Conveniences can be extremely inconvenient.

    Oh – – – and – – –  you have to buy the dryer cord.

  4. bethelaine

    i have a GE dryer, and it’s fantastic!  love it!

    i remember playing sports with a really bad cold….  whenever any of us would have a really runny nose, we would shove tampons in our nostrils.  kind of gross, but it works.  perhaps you should suggest that to Gabe. 

  5. faithchick

    Oh my goodness.  The mental picture of Gabe trying to fix the dryer with his nose leaking everywhere is hilarious.  You sure that’s water all over the floor?

    The last sentence of your first paragraph made me very happy.

    I got my give-away prize!!  THANK YOU.  Your note, the part concerning my town, made me laugh.  Definitely come visit.  Our butler will show you in after you stop at the valet parking man.  He’s big & looks scary, but he’s really nice and won’t steal your car.

  6. YoYoYoder

    I’m so sorry about all your washer and dryer problems. I will remember these stories and buy a new W & D when ours break down the first time. Of course, we may not be able to afford it then…

    Can you at least tell us what your original super-awesome Christmas idea was so that we don’t have to wait an entire year to find out?!?!? Don’t stress out over our presents. I don’t want your Christmas to feel like crunch-time.

    I can’t believe Stephi and Daniel are coming in less than a week!!!

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