change of plans…

In my past experience with technicians/appliance deliverers/handymen and the like, when they say they will come fix your problem sometime between, say, 10-12, that usually means they’ll be there around 1ish. So, imagine my surprise when I step out of the shower at 9:58 am, and the doorbell is ringing. Egads! It was the internet guy, and I’m amazed he didn’t slip and fall in the puddle of water from my dripping hair. (I managed to fully clothe myself in a matter of seconds.)

So, about that change of plans…

First of all, Ava doesn’t get to play soccer this year…unless 3 kids drop out. (she’s third on a waiting list) It’s going to be okay. We had a good talk about how God sometimes allows disappointments, but that it all works out for His best. She still got all the soccer gear, so she’ll look pretty cool at Livi’s games. 🙂

She (Ava) brought me the tiniest orange flower today–smaller than my fingernail–and said with the most concerned look on her face, “Can you keep this flower so much safe?” as if it were a matter of life or death. My friend Heather says she’ll be an actress someday…never a dull moment with the dramatic Ava.

So, here’s the latest change (and part of my discouraging day yesterday). I heard back from Harvest House yesterday about my In-Law Book proposal. They feel the market is too narrow for it. “We love working with you and are so excited about your second book, but do you have an alternate topic in mind for a third book?”

Lots of thoughts and emotions have been going through my head and heart. Pursue it with another publisher? Write about something else? Quit writing altogether? 🙂 Talked to a neat guy today–a literary agent I’ve been meaning to call… He said, for whatever reason, HH is right. People don’t buy books about in-laws. He has some great ideas for me. God seems to be moving. Talked to Livi and Ava about my disappointment (during our soccer talk). I asked them for their input. “Maybe you should write a book about God,” Livi said. Not a bad idea. 🙂

Does anyone have any great ideas for a book? What would you pick up in a bookstore? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Sad note: The tree guys just came and cut down our 2 huge evergreens in 2 minutes flat. Then obliterated our pear tree. I was moved to tears when I noticed one of the workers plucking pears from all the branches to give to my daughters who were watching from the deck. “How sweet is that? To save the pears for us before he chops down our tree forever?”

And then he gathered them up in his shirt and took them to his truck.

15 thoughts on “change of plans…

  1. biblestorebrowser

    Marla, I’m going through similar emotions surrounding a different set of events. Something that seemed so certain may not be. Do I go ahead on my own instead of as part of a team under the umbrella of a particular organization? If I do it on my own, do I enlist more help? Is it just Satan trying to keep people from being blessed? How could things have been so clear and the waters turn so murky?

    If God gave you this book, you will write it. No doubt about that. Maybe not now. I believe He’ll direct you (and me too). What else was on that list you gave HH for second book ideas? Balance is a big word we keep coming back to. Purpose is a popular book topic right now. Related to one of the things Marketer said let me suggest a theme that attempts to answer the question: how do we moms manage to fulfill a kingdom purpose while balancing home life? I know I’m learning things about this all the time. . . We need your message that everyone’s tightrope walk is not going to look the same!

    I’ll pray for you if you pray for me. J/K I’ll pray for you either way! 😉

  2. CamilleElizabeth

    Yah, we COULD do an autobio for you CourtneyMarieP – it sounds so exciting!! In my optimistic world, the pear guy would be picking the pears to give to you, Marla, instead of taking them home… But, maybe his babies love homegrown pears and he couldn’t find them anywhere else…

  3. CourtneyMarieP

    How about an autobiography on ME? :O

    It would be filled with drama, action, love, tears, shame, happiness, sorrow, party hearty rock n roll, guilt, joy……

    Cami could take some photos for the centerfold, I have lots of memoirs!

    eh, just a thought.

    p.s.  i hope the pear guy gets the runs!

  4. scottnjes

    Oh, so sad about your book. And SO happy about your precious little girls! How adorable are they?? I can’t believe what a cute photo that is!!

    I’ll second the new mom book. Boy would I have some bloody stories for that survey 🙂   It’s a common theme though so i’d be interested to read your take on it.

    And I’ll read the inlaw book if you choose to write it. I wonder if you can find another publisher and still work with HH for a different topic? Is that illegal?

  5. lendy_p

    I think an in-law book is a good idea, too… and I have PLENTY of fodder for that one 😉
    How about how to be a mom and a missionary at the same time?

  6. Nixter77

    I think the in-laws book was a great idea too. Try not to be too discouraged.  I DON’T THINK YOU SHOUD STOP WRITING AT ALL!!!!!  You are truly gifted with writing and I am sure God has an amazing plan for another book, I will have to think about it.  I would love to read your thoughts on being a  ‘New Mum’ too but will need to have a think and get back to you.

    nixie = sorry about your trees 🙁 and about Ava’s soccer, but she does look cute in that soccer out fit  🙂

  7. hcole86

    I’m Bethany! Maybe write the book anyway? You never know, HH could change their mind in the future? What about looking at the women of the bible and using their examples to help us in our marriages etc?

  8. YoYoYoder

    P.S. The market is not too narrow! Every woman would benefit from reading this book. They are an in-law to someone– Mother-in-law, Daughter-in-law, Sister-in-law (for those not married).

  9. YoYoYoder

    Okay, first of all…What is Harvest House THINKING?!?!? I have yet to even see an in-law book on the market! So they “feel” the market is low? Have they ever tried it out?

    I was VERY excited about reading the in-law book! I believe it is a needed book because based on what I’ve heard about your surveys, EVERYONE could use advice on how to deal with in-laws because I think everyone does just that. They DEAL with their in-laws and don’t learn how to work with them, love them, and look for good qualities.

    I think Harvest House is deranged. (Is that how you spell that?) You should definitely try a different publisher! (Unless of course God leads your heart in a different direction. If you weren’t 100% sure about the in-law book, perhaps this is God saying “NO” to help you make up your mind. Or He could be testing you to not give up. Maybe Satan wants us to continue suffering and fighting with our in-laws and he is trying to stop this book!! Only God knows right now.)

    I love you Marsy! I look up to you and you are such a great example for me! I thank God for a big sister like you!

  10. rocknnell

    Marla….  not much to say,  but God is in control ( which you knew )….. and it went acrossed HIS desk too….so,  HE must have an amazing book for # 3 for you.  Quit ?  who would be telling you that ?  I believe…his name is satan !

    Ava… will be the same age as Livi was when she got to play….maybe the training this year will make her a “super star” next year…. maybe God knew she might get hurt…who knows…but God.

    You know how I hate trees cut down… that took alot of self not go out and “claim your pears”.  Guess he needed them.  Pray, pray for the “selfish pear guy”  I love ya…

    and seriously……… take it as God’s timing on the book, and DON’T quit…YOU are books…and YOU LOVE WRITING and satan would love to steal YOUR JOY………………………..  road block yeah….take God’s detour !

  11. mrsnorthern8605

    I was really looking forward to the in-law book. I really think that there needs to be books out there on this topic. I went into my marriage having only seen what my parents were like with my grandparents and what a horrible example that was. I would love to see you pursue your in-law book with another publisher. I realize that the markey might not be that big, but it will never grow if they don’t give books like this a chance!

    Ok, thats my two cents! Hope to see you soon! sorry about today!

  12. KmHunsberger

    Funny…I was just thinking about your in-law book this morning and how I could not wait to read it. That has got to be discouraging and difficult on your emotions. I imagine when you get a book idea in your mind and get all excited about it that to have someone say, nope…not gonna work, would be greatly discouraging. But don’t give up…definitely keep writing. Kristin’s idea is a good one although the market is saturated with books similar to those, but if you took a new spin on it, perhaps?! I will have to think of somemore, and I will surely let you know if I do.

    I feel sad for Ava, but also know that it is a lesson we all have to learn at some point…and it is always a difficult one. I suppose next year will be even sweeter for her!

    Dumb pear guy.

    You are inspiring simply becuase you plod ahead despite pitfalls in the road of living.

  13. Marketer319

    How about a book for new mothers?  What to expect, what they never tell you, how being a mother fits in with your role as wife, and also maintaining individuality, staying-at-home and still maintaining your sense of “contributing”….you get the idea.

  14. faithchick

    hmmmm…i would buy one about in-laws, i think. But, I think you’ve got your BIGGEST attention getter with this book #2.

    you should preserve the little orange flower in scotch tape. 🙂

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