Ever since I got home Saturday afternoon, I’ve had a heightened sense of wanting to enjoy the truly important things in life. And I’m actually doing it. Pat, pat on the back for me. Today, for example. Girls got home, computer turned off, watched them climb trees and ride bikes outside. Then we headed out to the field behind our house and played a little pick-up game of baseball. (8 of us including Nina) We played for over an hour, and it was great fun. Then we ate a quick supper, and the girls and I watched (the newer) Parent Trap.

It felt good to put agendas aside and just BE with my sweeties. However. I sort of forgot that Ava still isn’t caught up on her homework. And I sort of ran out of time to do baths. And I’m sort of drowning in our tax stuff and the piles on my desk. And I’m speaking at a conference Saturday and need to get my act together. And I’ve got piles of laundry and a couple writing things that need done and blah, blah, blah. And I’m all out of steam.

And I’m having a little trouble finding the balance in all of this.

Story of my life.

Anyway. As a matter of discipline, I’m cutting the blog short and getting some stuff done. Then heading to bed.

Have a Twinkly Tuesday!

15 thoughts on “busybody

  1. Christy Klein

    Good for you for setting “stuff” aside to spend time with the kiddo’s!

    You know, if 5 years from now they could bring this day to mind, they won’t remember the laundry piled up or the papers on your desk calling for your attention. They will remember that you put all of that aside to play with them, to make memories and share smiles with them.

    You did what was most important.
    Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Colleen

    WOW…all that BEFORE 6pm…the night is young girl!!! (or was this about Monday??)hang in there…we’re all wearin’ our last year’s spring stuff cuz our laundry is piled up too…Love ya!

  3. Kaye

    Yes the ‘balancing’ act is always difficult and I have the ‘tax work’ sitting on the table just waiting patiently for me to TACKLE it…ew, dreadful…..but have GOT TO get this done and behind me no matter how beautiful it is outside. I keep thinking with freezing temps in the forecast later this week it will be then that I will finally get started on the stack, we’ll see!
    Praying you feel better and thankful your children are well.
    Take GOOD care of yourself, blessings to you and your family always,
    Matthew 21:22

  4. Angie

    Praying for you this week…and after having those moments with your kids, its nice knowing you spent that time with them, huh? The stuff will always be there…(much easier said than done most of the time)I wish it were much easier to balance a house and kids and husband and whatever else life brings. We missed you this weekend! We’ll have to get the girls together again soon (and Tanner :)) , they love being all together!

  5. Missy

    Sounds like such a wonderful day with your girlies! 🙂 I’ve come to the conclusion that there isn’t balance in the sense that you will always be organized, on schedule, and able to fit everything into your world. I think the “balance” comes in the form more of choosing more of the right things, whether they “fit” all the time or not.

    Hey, how much longer are we going to have this super-nice weather? It’s not spring yet, right?

  6. Stephanie

    I think we (you and I) will always struggle with finding the Mary deep inside of us when we have such a tendency toward the Martha. God’s been showing me lately that it wasn’t only Mary’s attention to Jesus that mattered, but it’s also about our focus on people rather than a to-do list. And I’m not good at that. I’d usually rather cross things off my to-do list than spend quality time with people. That sounds awful when I see it written down.

  7. deanna

    I love being involved in activities and organizations, but sometimes I find that I spread myself too thin. And in return, I can’t give 100% at something because I’m too dern tired. This is something I plan on working on this year…learning to schedule my activities & my son’s activities so that I can have a little rest time in between, but more importantly, so I can have FAMILY TIME.

  8. Megan @ Hold it UP to the Light

    I think it’s just the reality of “mommyhood” (especially when you have work to do outside the home)…

    We ALL feel that way! What I’m finding is that the “stuff” gets done eventually, and when I’ve taken the time to enjoy my kids or do something fun with my hubby or girlfriends I have MORE energy to get the other stuff done. I can focus on it and I am more efficient.

    I’m trying to learn to lower my expectations of what the perfect life would look like. I’m so happy you enjoyed that afternoon with the girls….you’ll remember that much longer than you will an afternoon catching up on laundry!

  9. Kelli

    It makes me feel better to know that you are struggling with balance too. I was reading the first paragraph and breathed a sigh that said, “that is what I wish my days felt like”. Then I remembered that my days normally look like your second paragraph. When you figure out the balance… send the help my way!

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