EDIT: (10:23 pm) Just heard from Jamie that my friend Krista is in labor. She still had a few weeks to go, but she has a history of delivering healthy babies pretty early. Please pray for her tonight!

On a lighter note, Gabe does a mean impression of that pathetic little girl who was crying on AI tonight for Sanjaya. By “mean,” I mean 2 things–“cruel; not nice” and “very, very well-done.”

EDIT 2: (10:49 pm) I just read Dr. Brown’s blog. For those of you with little girls, the story he tells halfway through is a must-read. Talk about Amazing Grace. Wow.

I hesitate to write about my neighbors, because now that I’ve come out of the closet and given them my books, I realize they could read my blog at any time…but just this once. I have such a burden for them. I’ve had small opportunities to witness and always go back and forth–do I need to be bolder or do I need to work more on relationships first? Long story short, we have little cards from church we can use to invite people on Easter. I have 3 people in mind. Don’t expect that any of them will accept. But I don’t want that to stop me.

Walked into an already-in-progress conversation just a bit ago about virginity. The question was, “Are there really any people who get married as virgins?” I admitted to being one of the .01%. Didn’t seem the right time to say, “So, do you want to go to church with me?” I did invite my Jewish neighbor and assured her I wouldn’t be offended if she didn’t come. As I was walking inside, she asked, “You’re sure you won’t be offended if I don’t come?”

Anyway, I want to make a difference. I want to love people to Christ. I want to be bold, not ashamed. I feel like a bumbling idiot at times, but I’m working on it.

That’s all. Like I said, it’d be awkward for one of my neighbors to read this. If any of you are, just know I love you and I won’t write about you again! 🙂

So, last night I’m at my computer, Gabe is at his. I feel lousy.
Marla: Ugh, I have really bad stomach cramps. I hope I’m not getting–
Gabe: (interrupting) Pregnant?
Marla: (start laughing so hard my stomach hurts even worse)

Uh, actually I was going to say diarrhea (which seems to be going around). Yeah, I have bad stomach cramps. I sure hope I’m not “getting pregnant.”

Livi and Ava have a new 15-year plan. You may recall that Livi is never getting married, and Ava absolutely can’t wait to tie the knot. Ava has decided to move in the house next door, because they have a hot tub “and Livi can come over and swim whenever she wants to.”

Well, today they edited their plan a bit. Ava is going to adopt Livi and let her move in with her and her new husband. “Won’t that be weird,” Livi said, “to live with two people who are married and younger than me?” Ava didn’t think it was odd at all. “Guess who’s going to adopt their older sister?” she said. “Yep. You guessed it. Me!”

Help us all.

Ladymiss, my meeting yesterday was wonderful. We’re scheduling another one with the senior pastor, too. The plan for now is that I’ll speak for 15 minutes or so at the beginning of sermon #1 or #2, just to give a woman’s perspective and then maybe do a Saturday morning seminar sometime in June. And chipchop’s skit idea isn’t half bad–I actually have an idea…

What a gorgeous day! Livi’s soccer practice was cancelled last night, but Ava’s is on for tonight. She is sooooo excited! The girls are napping and off I go to read a novel. Mmmmm… I love to read!

16 thoughts on “bumbling

  1. rachmckinney

    i’ll have to look up that specific blog. thanks for the link. that girl was ridiculous!! you mean someone actually likes his singing? my husband looked at me and said “now we know who’s voting for him!” 🙂
    your girls are too funny!

  2. stephaniedawnbasham

    Hahahahaha…..I wish I could see Gabe doing his impression of the little girl. Daniel and I were dying laughing…and a little confused actually too. She was crying like that with everyone!!! And then they let her come up on stage and hug all of them. Oh my word.

    I hope she’s just a normal little star-struck girl and nothing is wrong with her, physically or mentally, or I will feel so bad for all my laughing.

  3. tonialynn59

    I’m laughing about Gabe’s impression of the little girl. What did you think of Sanjaya tonight?  Those are the little girls voting for him.  Our niece is 10 and would vote for him if her parents let her!  My sister-in-law said they  won’t let her watch, they make her wait and watch the tape of it so she doesn’t get any ideas about calling in.  She said she would have to break her fingers!haha  I enjoyed tonight (last night?? I’m up so stinkin late!) better than the last few weeks. 

  4. jbnygaard

    You know at times I think I am so sheltered living in a town of 3500 people. Granted not everyone is a Christian, but ALL of my neighbors go to church except for one family that I know of.  I admire you for being so bold. It is hard to do, but I KNOW you have such a loving way of doing everything, and you probably made a BIG impact on your neighbors by just saying something.

    Your girls crack me up! Too cute! 🙂

  5. Abs7

    when my sister and i were younger we decided that we were going to mary certain guys and buy houses next door to each other. we would connect the backyards and share a pool and tennis courts. we had every detail figured out, even down to the street we were going to live on- normandy parkway.

    we are still super close to this day, unfortunately we don’t live next door to each other like we planned. maybe someday…

  6. mrsnorthern8605

    We have cards for our church too at Vista…I just don’t know who to give mine too…sigh.

    And hey, I was a virgin when I got married, and I am very proud of that!

    I will be praying for you and the burden you feel towards your neighbors!

  7. KmHunsberger

    ^^Yeah, wonder how Nina will fit into that plan!?!^^ Those girls are too funny! Be sure to tell Livi to spend her $100 (fake check you all…good grief!) check I wrote her wisely…perhaps on sound proof walls when she moves in with her married, younger sister 🙂

    I think it is great that you are burdened for your neighbors. Jonathan and I have talked about the same thing so much. So far three our neighbors are alreadyChristians…one couple actually went to Cedarville…but that leaves about 8 others that need the Lord 🙂 I am big on building relationships first, but if an opportunity presented itself in any form I hope that I would have the eyes to see it and the heart to embrace it.

  8. bekisue

    I have always thought it is really hard to invite people to come to church and ultimately to Jesus. I think it’s just one of those things that will never be comfortable. You are an encouragement though. I doubt your neighbors will move because you invited them to church! 🙂 Keep up the good work. How exciting about church!

  9. bethelaine

    how lovely to have some time to read a novel just for fun!  i’m currently plugging my way through anna karinena (sp?).  it’s very good, but also very long!

  10. tonialynn59

    I am sure you are doing a great job!  Thanks for the message.  You are a dear!  I love your stories about your girls.  What personalities they must have!  If I ever get back to visit Cedarville, I’m coming to Columbus to meet your girls!  I’m glad you liked the pictures I posted and that I no longer look like a sunset!

  11. Marketer319

    Great job inviting your neighbors!  It can be so hard sometimes after you’ve established a bit of a relationship to “change” things by bringing church into the equation.  And to keep in mind that we’re here to grab as many people as possible for Jesus, even if it feels a bit “bumbling” sometimes.  You’re doing what you’re called to do!

  12. ladymiss3739

    “Getting pregnant….?”  LOL.  Men are so easily confused. 

    What an exciting way for you to be involved with your pastor’s upcoming series!  Would you be uncomfortable at all talking about sex in front of people you know?  If your neighbors aren’t comfy coming for Easter, maybe they will come to hear you talk.  🙂

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