bulleted thoughts sans the bullets

I rarely use bullets, but maybe I should, since most of my thoughts tend to be random and disjointed. No one’s complaining (much) though, so I’ll just keep doing the paragraph thing.

Much, much to report today. Had to keep jotting stuff down to remember. If you didn’t see my previous post, please pray for Barb! And it’s definitely not too late to send her a card. Just message me, and I’ll give you her address at the Cleveland Clinic.

First off–my sister Bethany’s aprons. Wow. This girl’s got skillz. She makes THE most adorable aprons in the world. And I’ve (well, I can’t take all the credit) convinced her to sell them on-line. She wants them to be $22 apiece, because 22 is her favorite number. I’m pushing her toward at least $30 (+shipping), because they are amazing and take quite a bit of time (and not-so-cheap fabric) to make. They’re going to be on my website (www.taviano.com) sometime in the next couple weeks. You all need one. You really do.

Gabe had a lunch meeting with a guy yesterday at Panera. Turns out a lady five feet away at another table had eavesdropped on their entire conversation (hee hee, sounds like something I’d do), and grabbed Gabe (in an appropriate way) as he was getting up to leave. She confessed her sins and mentioned she needed some web site help. Gabe NEVER advertises. Stuff like this happens to him all the time. Very cool. So, anyway, she e-mails him later on in the day, and she’s a Christian. From Lima. (where Gabe grew up) They know some of the same people and everything. I just think that the way God orchestrates our lives is flat-out amazing, if not downright comical.

Thanks for the great thoughts on ministry involvement. I guess my real dilemma is this: I’m kept very, very busy with my own personal ministry (and Gabe’s)–writing, speaking, and all that. But I don’t want to do life on my own. I know that the community of others is important. Yes, I’d rather speak at MOPS than teach Cubbies, but I don’t want to abandon my church just because I have my own agenda. So, it’s a bit complicated. I definitely need to spend more time in prayer over it.

The pregnancy gift book is going really, really well. I have the first 16 weeks (out of 40) written. I did it in just a little over a week, so my fears of not being done by February 15th were unfounded. (or you’ve been praying for me) Praise the Lord!

I had a dream last week that I had to go to South Korea to do my student teaching (for 10 weeks). I was freaking out, trying to figure out what to pack. I didn’t really want to go, something kept nagging me. Then my sisters told me they were going with me. So excited. Then I figured out what that nagging feeling was all about. I had three children I’d forgotten about. No way I could leave them for 10 weeks. And no way I could bring them all with me. Then I was worried about sister #1 being away from her hubby for so long, since I wanted her to be pregnant. She smiled and assured me it would be fine. “I’m 10 weeks pregnant,” she said. Woohoo! Then the husband of sister #2 gives me a sly smile. Turns out littlest sis is 30 (THIRTY!) weeks pregnant. Hadn’t told a soul, was barely showing. I felt bad for sister #1. Then I woke up.

I think I’ve blogged about Angela Hunt before–one of my fave authors. Gabe interviewed her on his podcast a few weeks ago, and the episode is now on-line. If you like Angie’s work, or aspire to be a writer, check it out. She’s amazingly talented. (her interview is the middle segment of three)

You’ve also got to check out these new pics of Gwyneth Rose, the itty-bitty preemie baby whose mama is waiting for a double lung transplant. For those of you who are 25 weeks pregnant, this is what your baby looks like inside your womb. A-MA-ZING. What a Creator! Wow, wow, wow.

A van just stopped in front of our house, and a guy poked his camera out of a square hole in his tinted windows and took a pic of our house. (and all our neighbors’) Gabe says Microsoft hired them to take street map photography. I don’t understand it all, but it’s that whole Google Earth thing. You can see satellite pics of people’s houses anytime you want. Now, you can take a virtual tour of their neighborhood. Freaky. I was tempted to moon them out the window.

I’m reverting back to tired, grouchy mama. Bad, bad. After a couple weeks of early bedtimes (fabulous idea), I went to bed after 1 a.m. the past 2 nights. I’m done. It’s not worth it. Thankfully, I’m full of energy and excitement now on this Friday morn, but I may need a nap this afternoon.

So, Livi and Ava went on an uninitiated cleaning spree last night, begging me to let them clean the windows and mirrors, dust all the furniture, and vacuum. It gave me warm fuzzies watching them scurry around with their cloths. They woke up wanting to clean more. They even cleaned their bedroom and the playroom with NO prompting. I’m speechless really. When we were little, Mom read us these character quality books (you don’t still have those, do you, Mom??), and I remember the quality initiative–helping out without being asked. Ah, the rewards of motherhood.

So, we’re pumped about the Prince Caspian movie coming out May 16th. I read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to Livi and Ava in 2005, then took them to see the movie. They were 5 and 3 when it came out, and they LOVED it. We went with Josh and Jess to the Arena Grand Theatre on opening night. Very cool. Then I read Prince Caspian to them. We’re reading it again now. My brother is reading it to Anna and Ethan, and we’re all going to see the movie together. How fun! They’ve seen the trailer–it looks so good. This is the 2nd time in my life I’ve been excited about a movie coming out–woohoo! Ava told me last night, “Read faster, so we can go see the movie!” Uhh…

I think we might be making a trip to see Anna, Ethan, and Gavin on MLK day. I asked Jess if they were busy, and she didn’t realize it was MLK day. And why would she? This is her first year of having a kid in school. MLK day, President’s day–none of those matter unless you are in school, your child is in school, or you’re Kimberly. 🙂

I just turned to Gabe and said, “I’m a little bit funny.” He didn’t disagree.

And wow, that’s all I had on my list. Happy, happy, joyful Friday to you, to you, to YOU!

17 thoughts on “bulleted thoughts sans the bullets

  1. jbnygaard

    What’s up with all these playdates? I was just thining today how I want to plan on coming to see you guys again, and this time bring my hubby with me (if he’s not doing anything). Are there any Friday’s you have free?

    So there really is a Big Brother out there. Scary.

  2. KmHunsberger

    I commented you on Missy’s site You nailed my theory right on the head with what you said about timing and motherhood. Exactly what I was thinking! I have had so much floating around in my head about this issue…perhaps a blog sometime?!

  3. stephaniedawnbasham

    MLK day and President’s day also matter when you’re a nanny for a mother who is a professor at a university. Then you don’t have to go to work either. 🙂 Woohoo!

    Haha funny dream! Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not 30 weeks pregnant. Or 10 weeks. Or any weeks. 🙂

    Love you!

  4. Anonymous

    We’re reading Prince Caspian right now to our kids too… and can’t wait for the movie in May. We did the same thing with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and the kids loved the movie!

  5. gsowell

    I hate living far away . I want to come.

    I NEEEEEED one of her aprons. Will totally be getting one. Yippee!

    Tons of comments, but Josie NEEEEEEEEDS to read library books. Rightnowrightnowrightnow. One is Old MacDonaold, which she’s singing to me right now “E-O-E-O-I, He had a farm with a sheep and duck and a horsey and a duck and a sheeeeeeep….”

  6. faithchick

    ^OH!  you can come, too!!  I was thinking of during the day people in this area…but i guess marla’s not in this area…so she can bring you!!  and you can use one of your 800 days off work. 🙂

  7. ladymiss3739

    ^Ohhh!  Sounds fun, Jess! 

    And Marla, tell your sis to make the very same thing, only in a smaller (read: kid size) version.  I loved to cook as a kid, and Leah seems to like it, too.  Not sure who needs the apron more, though, me or her.   

  8. faithchick

    missy had a great point last week.  she told  me that if tastefully simple can sell (successfully, no less) a 1.5 oz.  canister of dried onions for $9, then people that makes cakes (aprons, etc.) should feel completely fine selling their products for lots more.

    Maybe when Jessicakes becomes a real business, your sis can make our uniforms!!!

    i have a million more responses to everything….but no more minutes.  so, let’s get a date on the calendar for you, me, missy & rach to get together, how’s that?

  9. filledeparis

    Love the aprons–can’t wait to order! I’m glad that you demonstrated the character quqlity of self-control instead of mooning the photographer! Do you really want your rear on the virtual tour?

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