breathe again

I’m ready to start taking it easy. Walking through life instead of sprinting. Pausing to sniff and touch things instead of flying by, missing it all. We’ll see. I know I’m addicted to busyness, so this will be stretching for me. And I’m always trying to do it and always end up right back here.
We had friends over last night for pizza. Duey and Holly are so great. (Holly brought me a book called Breathe. And some chocolate.) Great time of sharing and food and laughs. We played Blokus, and my kiddos had so much fun with Coral and Jonah.

I told Holly I was going to blog about a funny story she told me. It was Christmas, and her extended family was all together. Her great-aunt was having a rough time keeping the grandkids’ names straight, especially the 3 boys. (calling Jonah “Johnny”, etc) Finally, she threw up her hands and said, “Well, if they didn’t have such new-fangled names!” Jonah, Noah, Gideon. Yeah, new-fangled names, all right. New-fangled back in 6,000 B.C.

Oh! Something exciting! (well, only for me) I was on Amazon last night and saw a book called Expectant Prayers. By me.  That’s the final title of my gift book, and it’s releasing next January instead of March. So, that’s cool. I’m not sure why they listed it so early–maybe so people who go to Amazon to buy Diapers (the book) will see it.

Gabe is serenading me from his office chair. Not a romantic song. Not a real song at all. A totally mocking kind of song. He noticed that I’m blogging and started singing. “Tell me about your life! Tell me about your life! Tell me! Tell me!” Then he starts saying (in this squeaky voice), “Are you going to bloggy about that? Tell all your little friends how annoying it is to sit by me all day long?” And on and on.


I put together 2 100-piece puzzles with Ava this morning. I’ve been such a lousy mom lately, and I’m ready to be a good one. Being a good mom is hard work.

Happy Snowy Wednesday!

6 thoughts on “breathe again

  1. gsowell

    Oh, that Gabe. I am telling you, DeWayne and he would be dangerous together. Everytime I laugh at something, DeWayne says, “Is this going on xanga?” Ugh. The mocking. Glad you called him out on it.

  2. faithchick

    i was thinking that same thing this morning when i was FREEZING my buns off while trying to put the baby’s car seat back into the car after adjusting it.  You know how when you hit your hand on something when it’s already cold, how it hurts 100 times more?  I thought to myself, “This is stupid.  It’s painful!  But it’s to keep the kiddo safe.  So.  I guess I’ll go through the pain….??  Every tiny thing about being a good mom is selfless.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.

  3. terriwright

    It is an addiction…..busyness. You have to really bear down to escape it—good for you. As the book said……..breathe………….

    You should throw a heavy bookend at Gabe….aim for his head.

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