If only I still looked like my profile pic–cute hair, nice tan, pregnancy glow…. But alas, I’m trying to grow my hair out and it looks dreadful. I have pale skin and no glow. I have a poochy stomach and nothing to wear but one pair of jeans and black shirts to hide the pooch.

I just asked Gabe if I could chop all my hair off. (well, in moderation) He said yes. 🙂 I just read a blog by a girl in Australia who did that very thing. Oooh, I’m excited.

Now, I just need to exercise and quit eating Easter candy.

And pluck my eyebrows and whiten my teeth one more time.

And get some clothes that make me look 29, not 40. I’m 30.

Isn’t there a verse in the Bible about being beautiful on the inside, not the out? And one about beauty being fleeting? And another one about…

I’m going to go fold some laundry.

4 thoughts on “bluh

  1. adamslady

    oh, how i empathize with the poochy stomach.  i’m just sure when God said, “you shall have increased pain in childbirth,” he actually meant the pain of having a gnarly figure for months afterwards! 

    by the way, i love your hair short.  maybe you could post a pic when you get it cut? 

    how was your book signing? 

  2. angntug

    Hey Marla!

    I’ve been checking my mail Everyday for the past couple weeks just waiting for your book, and of course Tug has it in his bag and says, “oh, by the way, I got Marla’s book in the mail and I forgot to give it to you.” I just finished it this evening and really enjoyed it. Rather odd reading a book and actually knowing the author and recognizing names of those who’ve submitted quotes, even stumbling upon a few of my own!  I just want to know what exactly those “tasty dishes” were that I had prepared after I burnt the mac n cheese…..I’d like the recipe!!! Oh, by the way, I watched a show a while ago on comparing teeth whiteners and the strips were the most effective compared to everything else tested. The strips are the closest thing to the professional whitening. Besides, It’s much cheaper store bought!

  3. YoYoYoder

    I was just thinking that my hair is “bluh” (way too long) and I want to cut mine too! What exactly do you mean by “chop all my hair off in moderation”?

    It’s perfectly understandable and acceptable to want to work on your outer appearance. Especially now that you are finished having children–I know lots of women at my church who have gotten on these exercise regimens now that they’re all done having kids and they look completely different! It’s like you’re entering a new phase in your life so you want to start a fresh new look, too! But you are BEAUTIFUL Marsy and all those outward things are fun, but they aren’t the reason I love you! I love you because you are my sister, you’re funny, SMART (not so great in school growing up, I recall you saying, but when you’re older it’s a superb trait to have!), a great mom to your girls, you desire to be more like Christ, you comment on my blogs :), and because you are just YOU!!! Yea! I’m so happy to have you as my big sister!!!

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