Not much to say. Just checkin’ in, so the natives (you know who you are) don’t get restless. I had a good weekend (I think). The seminar on Saturday was…humbling. And wonderful. God worked in a very cool way in my heart. At one point, I was close to tears. At many other points, my heart swelled with gratitude for the incredible people God used to encourage me. Very, very, very cool.

Went to the pre-seminar dinner with my friend Courtney on Friday night while Mom and Dad watched the girls. Gabe stayed home to work (and/or play). Spent the night there Friday. My grandpa came for a visit while I was gone and stayed a bit to chat after I got back. He’s a professional pianist and delighted the girls by playing every single song they requested–by ear. Man. I can do chopsticks–that’s about it.

Mom and Dad caught a mouse and left it in the trap for the girls to see. Lovely. They all petted it. We ate it later. Mmmmm…tasty. Ava cried at bedtime, because she didn’t want a mouse to get her. I told her that as long as she didn’t sneak Halloween candy in her bed, they’d all stay downstairs.

After the seminar Saturday, I hung out with Mom, Dad and the girls and we got pizza. Livi and Ava told me all about their lawn tractor/CRV rides through the fields with Papaw during Nina’s nap. Headed home around 8:00.

Sunday–Gabe took Livi and Nina to church while I stayed home with Ava. She complained of not feeling well, and she looked really pale. I didn’t want to risk a vomiting incident in the kindergarten classroom. I told her if she stayed home she couldn’t go to Target later to get stuff for the shoebox kids. That’s fine, she said. Well, it wasn’t long before she started feeling better. Hmmm… We watched the first half of Sound of Music and ate popcorn. After lunch, Gabe and Livi went out to rake leaves. I wouldn’t let Ava. She didn’t go to Target either. She cried. Hopefully, she’ll remember this and only “skip” church when she’s deathly ill.

That night before bed, Livi prayed, “…and thank you that Ava learned her lesson not to stay home from church or she won’t get to do anything fun…” Ava wasn’t happy with that part of the prayer.

I’ve been busy working on McGraw-Hill. Not going to make my deadline. That’s okay. I’m learning how to put God and family first, and God figures everything else out.

Have a great week!

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  1. ergirl053

    Thanks for the encouragement. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who gets overwhelmed 🙂 I love the Ava story- sometimes you just need your sister to point things out!

  2. jbnygaard

    I can’t recall the last time my kids threw up. Seriously. I think it was probably over a year ago. Sorry Krista…I can’t relate! However, Becca could. Alex (her oldest) has a MAJOR gag reflex. When Frank and Alex flew to Minnesota this summer Alex farted and the smell of his own fart made him throw up. They were on the plane. No carryon luggage. Someone was kind enough to give Alex an extra shirt they had in their carry-on!

    Love the mouse story. I would’ve done the same thing. (Pet the mouse that is) I’m wierd like that. Last Wednesday night we cleaned out pumpkins and the line for the bathroom sink was so long, that I told my 5th & 6th grade girls we should just rinse off our hands in the toliets. They looked at me like I was kidding, and I went ahead and did it. I don’t think they’ll ever forget it! 🙂

  3. stephaniedawnbasham

    We have the best family ever. 🙂

    Grandpa playing the piano, Mom and Dad catching mice and keeping them for show and tell, CRV rides through the fields, Livi praying that Ava learned her lesson about skipping church…..

    I miss my family!!!

  4. ladymiss3739

    My child has yet to puke (how does that happen?). I’m not even sure I’ll know what to do when she does. I’m hoping that this will be a lifelong (or at least while she lives with me) blessing.

    I probably just jinxed myself by typing that. Drat.

  5. terriwright

    Our youngest had a gag reflex that was hair-trigger…I used to get furious. He could puke on cue. I did make him help clean up a few times……..

    I love the mouse story. Being a grandparent gives you carte blanche to impress your grandchildren with gross stuff. It’s cool.

    Oh…and…the natives thank you for your ‘check-in’…that wasn’t so painful, now, was it?????

  6. kkakwright

    I wasn’t going to say this but…..i made her eat a bite of her toast yesterday morning…..after she had vomited it up.  is that bad?  don’t put my name in your book if you will be using that as an example of ‘what not to do as a mother’.

  7. kkakwright

    Addy started making herself vomit at 15 months when she would have temper tantrums.  She was 18 months when I had K3rry.  I was nursing K3rry, couldn’t get her something that she HAD TO HAVE so she vomited all over K3rry and I.  He was 3 weeks old.

    If we make the kids eat something they don’t want to.  They will both start gagging/coughing/crying until they throw up.  I’m 100% sure that K3rry learned this from Addy. 
    Somebody vomits in our house at least once a week.  Yesterday with Addy it was toast.  She loves toast, but yesterday she didn’t want to eat it.  She vomited. 

  8. tonialynn59

    I loved about the mouse.  Can’t wait to share that one with Mike.  Loved the comment about it tasting like chicken too!  Glad the seminar was a good experience!

    For your friend, Krista, wish I could help you.  I hate throwing up and the only time I ever threw up from something I didn’t like was sauerkraut.  Hate it but I didn’t force myself, I just really hated it that bad.  To my knowledge my kids never did. I know Hayley didn’t because I could count on one hand the times she has thrown up.  She hates throwing up more than I do.   She just doesn’t eat what she doesn’t like or thinks she doesn’t like, or might have something in it she thinks she doesn’t like.  You get the picture!

  9. mtaviano

    ^Krista, I’m 100% serious. Not, not, not joking. My kids have never, ever made themselves vomit. Like Gail said, they don’t even know how. I don’t even know how! Vomiting scares me more than anything on earth, so I would never, ever do it on purpose.

    I know a couple kids who would hold their breath until they passed out (when they were mad). Somebody, share some vomiting stories so Krista knows she’s not alone!

  10. rocknnell

    I laughed out loud…too funny……………….. o.k.  – the mouse in the trap…letting the girls parents…that shifts the “fairly odd grandparents” from Rock and I….lol ….to Chris and Ron…yeah…. ( I LOVE IT ) they have it until the next – odd grandparents thing is done…… smile !

  11. gsowell

    ^Krista, you poor thing! I’m sorry. My kids do not know how to make themselves vomit. That is horrible. Sadly, all our puking is attributed to illness or car sickness. And one time I think it was a bad reaction to something she ate. But never on purpose! I’m just so, so, so sorry! That stinks!^

  12. kkakwright

    yes, me too. i can just hear those words flowing from livi’s lips.  so so funny. 
    addy vomited yesterday.  k3rry vomited today.  neither one of them sick….just willful.  when will this vomit phase be over? 

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