blasts from the past

Four items of business, then I have a few random snippets to share from some of my old journals, so we can laugh at me together.

1. Last call for the caption contest. Gabe will be choosing the winner tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon.

2. One last shout-out to Amanda at Baby Bangs for her awesome review of Expecting on her blog. Check it out if you haven’t already. Thanks heaps, Amanda!

3. I’m getting a NEW BLOG. Some of you were a little concerned that this meant you would never “see” me again. Dolls, it’s not like we’re next-door neighbors in Indiana, and I’m moving to Madagascar. This is the INTERNET. I’m not going anywhere. Not really. We’ll be just as tight as we’ve ever been. Trust me.

4. Prayer request–Gabe sold his old iPhone in December for $330 and bought a new one for $200. Great deal, eh? Except that he sold it to a guy in France, and 35 days later, it still hasn’t arrived. No insurance on it, and NO ONE knows where it is. Paypal took our $330 back + a $29.95 claims fee (and we’d already spent it). Sooooo, all those awesome book orders that have been coming in, thanks to Miss Amanda? All the money went straight into a black hole. I’m mailing out two big stacks of books in the morning, and we’re still in the red in our paypal account. I typically use book money to pay the publisher who sent me the books. Novel concept. Not this time. Please pray the phone gets found. Or Oprah wants to read my book or something. Thanks!

So, I’ve been reading back through some old journals. Oh, boy. They make me smile, often in a condescending way, at the Marla I used to be. And sometimes I cringe because, in some ways, I haven’t changed a bit from the Marla I used to be. And now that I think about it, you won’t be as amused as me when you read these. That’s okay.

November 30, 2000 (2 days before Livi was born, 24 days before her due date, I am obviously a prophet)
I really wouldn’t mind having a baby this weekend. Not in the least. The only good thing about not having the baby for awhile is I can make more $ for us to pay our bills. I’d rather have the baby.

June 26, 2002 (my children are 18 months old and 6 days old, still in that honeymoon phase after childbirth)
I’m watching Oprah, and it’s all about moms who started businesses from home. It’s really inspiring. I really want to write books. I wonder how I can work that into my life. I probably can’t start today.

June 9, 2003 (Livi is 2 1/2, potty-training is not working out so well)
Awhile ago I bought Livi a 2-pack of Play-doh on sale at Target. Orange and black with a picture of a tiger on the front of the box. I get it out for her today. It’s keeping her busy, and I’m working on something. I get up for some reason, walk past her and–gasp!–there’s a piece of poop on the floor! How did it fall out of her panties? Ugh! “Look, Mommy!” she says. “I made poop!” “I see that,” I say, disapprovingly. “Here’s some more!” she says proudly, holding out her hand. “Aaaarghh!” I recoil in horror. And you can imagine how the story ends. Mommy realizes that when Olivia says, “I made poop,” that’s what she meant. She made poop. Right color. Right shape. Right consistency. No wonder it was on sale. Black play-doh + orange play-doh + brilliant toddler = instant feces.

More Old Journal Fun the next time I’m avoiding housework and writing projects! Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. KmHunsberger

    Hilarious poop story

    And I too have been reading through old journals, etc…and I totally get you on the condescending smile thing. I hope to think that I have made strides in maturing, but I know that in reality…while I have learned a lot…I still have so far to go

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