bits and tidbits

Anybody know the difference between those two? ^^ Me neither. And what exactly is a “tid” anyway? Hold on a sec…

Well, I’m smarter than I was just a minute ago. A bit is something small or short. A tidbit is a delicate morsel. In fact, the word “tid” means “tender, soft, nice.” Sadly though, while it once held its own as a real word, it’s now only used in “tidbit.”

And even more sadly, none of what I have to say is going to remotely resemble a “delicate morsel.” And it may not even be small or short. I really should change my title. But then those last 3 paragraphs would make no sense. And I worked so hard on them.

Let’s see…where to start?

Ava. So, we’ve been asking her lately, “Ava dear, wouldn’t you just love to learn how to ride your bike without training wheels?” She usually responds with a huff and a “no” and adds a little spin-on-the-heel and walks away. We do make Ava obey her parents, but we also pick our fights with her. If she doesn’t want to ride a 2-wheeler, no biggie.

She decided yesterday she was ready. Gabe was the designated teacher. I sometimes accuse him of impatience, but in all reality, he’s amazing when it comes to teaching our kids. I’m the impatient one. He taught Livi how to ride a bike (last summer maybe?). Three days later she was an old pro. He also taught her how to tie her shoes. And fly a kite. And play soccer. And a billion other things.

Anyway, so Ava and Gabe spend about 30 quality minutes together last night on the sidewalk in front of our house. She didn’t really seem to be getting the hang of it. We go in for supper. Livi and Ava go play with Sophie. They ask to ride bikes a little before bath and bed. Sure.

They go out this morning after breakfast. Livi comes running inside. “Mommy, you’ve got to watch Ava!” I go outside, and oh my word. My daughter is flying down the sidewalk on her bike. She was beside herself with pride and joy. I’m so excited for her. She’s reading. She’s riding a bike. What’s next??

God provides, you know that? We’re trusting Him big-time at the moment for our zoo trip next week. We don’t presently have the funds. And the check we were expecting this week? Well, the guy told Gabe this morning that he just doesn’t have the $ to pay him right now. Awesome.

But we have faith that something else will come up. An unexpected check. A 50-book order on my website. A winning lottery ticket.

God is already doing some amazing little (but huge to me!) things. Some I won’t share, but they’re stinkin’ cool. Some I will share. I e-mailed all 4 zoos and asked them if they could get together a packet for us when we come, maybe throw in some free carousel rides or admission tickets. I heard back from Pittsburgh. We already get in FREE with our C-bus passes. And Nichole can get us some discounts to the Cleveland Zoo. And Akron e-mailed me today and said, “How about some FREE admission?” I’m calling the Erie Zoo this afternoon.

Thank you, God!

Got a call from Planned Parenthood last night. I hung up on them. I should have given them a polite earful about my pro-life stance, but I was fixing supper and wasn’t in the mood. We got a petition in the mail they want us to sign to give rape survivors “emergency contraception” in the ER. They make it sound so great. “Commonsense legislation” and “I was raped. Then the ER doctor refused to give me medication to avoid getting pregnant. I felt powerless and victimized all over again.” I wonder why they don’t say, “The doctor refused to give me a just-in-case abortion.” You can’t undo a pregnancy.

And I read something yesterday about sex education in schools. To prevent kids from getting diseases, they offer them “safe” alternatives like cuddling naked and showering together. As early as age 12.

I want to vomit.

Instead I’m going to pray. For protection for my babies. For Christ’s quick return. For God to once and for all reconcile this smelly earth to Him.

To end on a happy note, Gabe has a photo session tonight with some of the OSU Buckeyes football players (he’s taking the pics, not posing for them). There are a handful of them that are Christians and want some photos done for their ministry called The Main Event. I’m trying to convince him not to wear a Hokies shirt.

Have a beautiful Thursday!

18 thoughts on “bits and tidbits

  1. ClutzyButtercup

    When is our society going to wise up and realize that giving young people too much freedom and information that is unnecessary (or at least delivered with the wrong purpose in mind) is only going to make things worse.

    How cool about the zoos!!!

  2. terriwright

    You know…naked cuddling RIGHT NOW with the guy I’ve been married to for 37+ years really doesn’t appeal. Ick. Too sweaty.

    I believe you should now investigate the meaning of the phrase ‘jot and a tittle(or tiddle)’. Give you something to do in your spare time.

  3. faithchick

    ugh.  i’m with all of them.  seriously.  it’s no wonder our society is all packed into a handbasket.  people just don’t get it.  oh, it makes me mad & sad and just hurts my heart.

    on a happy note-it’s really cool that gabe is photographing osu people.

  4. kkakwright

    oh my.  this makes me wanna dig a bomb shelter and live in with my kids and never ever ever come out.  naked cuddling….seriously…brings tears to my eyes. 

  5. stephaniedawnbasham

    Do they think that cuddling naked and showering together will be enough for these teens who obviously want to have sex? Seriously??? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. And the most sickening.

    I can’t wait to hear about your zoo tour! I’m so jealous! Are you going to the Cincinnati Zoo also?

    Love and miss you!

  6. terriwright

    Yep. Taught Middle School with all that ‘curriculum’ coming over from the H.S. Gag.

    Keep praying. I was sure mine would be hoodlums or ciminals or…who knows? God does hear, answer, and bless. Your example screams louder than any school message ever could. Trust me. Been there.

    Proud of Ava…….they just need to decide to do it.

  7. luvmynoah

    Yippee on the bike riding!!  Go Ava!

    I pray your funds come flying in for the zoo trips.

    It’s so sad to see the temptations that our kids will all face at one time or another.  Though we homeschool we still have neighbor kids to fill Noah in on WAY too much info at times.  Guard those little hearts and pray over your kids. The stuff that Planned parenthood is teaching makes me very, very sick.   So many will be held accountable for killing innocent life someday.  So sad.

    I hope Gabe dressed appropriatly for his photo shoot!  lol

  8. rebates

    Hmm…prepubescents and adolescents full of raging hormones cuddling naked and showering together…yeah, that sounds like it might prevent them from having sex…


    I was very sheltered and did not even know anything (and I really mean anything) about sex at all when I was 12. 

    Love Tommy Nelson, by the way.

  9. kellycohan

    Umm, correct me if I’m wrong here, but wouldn’t ya think the cuddling naked and showering together might lead to the real deal? And we’re encouraging kids to do that?!? What moron is writing this curriculum?!?


  10. swbtsmom

    Super post. In our ministry to teenagers, we use a couple of incredible dvds about, uh, relations, from Pam Stenzel, just great, powerful, convicting, direct, the whole nine yards. Pam worked for many years as a counselor in a pro-life crisis pregnancy center, and is herself the product of the violent rape of her birth mother – she doesn’t even know what race she is. Near the end of speaking with teenagers, she pretty much says, “Tell me I don’t have a right to exist. Try telling me I’m nothing, a mistake”. She understands the pain of her birth mother, and the love she had to provide a loving home for her. Powerful.

    I know your girlies are far too young, but for anyone who may see this, we’re also huge fans of Tommy Nelson’s (Senior Pastor of Denton Bible Church) Song of Solomon for Teenagers. His Song of Solomon for adults audio files are available for free download on iTunes, as well – and incredible.

    It’s worth the striving – keep after it! I’m so grateful for young moms and dads who will disciple their own children and stand in the gap for them.

  11. Anonymous

    WHAT! Ok I’m a huge supporter of public schools but if that stuff is going on when my kids get there I’m gonna have to have words with somebody.  Hmmm…yeah barf is the best word.  That is great news to have a new bike rider in the world! I’m sure she has a new sense of freedom 🙂

  12. ladymiss3739

    Go Ava!!!! 

    “I almost barfed.”  That was exactly how I felt after I learned there was a bona fida real pregnant man after learning about the pseudo-american pregnant man (the transgendered individual who “became” a man, but really still had girl anatomy inside).  It still gives me chills, and I just felt so sad and like you, wished that Jesus was coming back super soon. 

    Which leads me to another “tid:” I guess I should be fervently wishing Jesus would come back in my joyful times, too, huh?   

  13. FlyingCAB

    Wow, I think I almost barfed too.  And then I prayed please Lord come quickly.  And then I prayed for your girls, and all the girls to be smart, and know they are valuable and to be able to wait. 

    Its insane really.  I think it’s hard not to be discouraged or freaked out.  It’s one of the reasons Brent and I question the idea of kids.  But then I remember that I heard somewhere that kids could be the greatest legacy of faith you can leave… pretty cool.

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