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Today is super-special. One-third of my “original” family was born on this day.

Happy 59th Birthday to my Mama! And Happy 28th Birthday to my sister, Bethany!! I love you both to bits!!

I always thought it was so cool that Bethy was born on Mom’s 31st birthday, and my dad was born on his dad’s 31st birthday. I’d tell people about it all the time. See? Just like I’m telling you.

I’d also tell them that I was born on Halloween, my grandma was born on Valentine’s Day, my aunt was born on April Fool’s Day. I probably threw in a couple fake ones too.

Then I married a guy born on Thanksgiving. And the aforementioned Bethany had a baby (darling, sweet Isabelle!) on his 32nd birthday (and my nephew Ethan was born on my brother-in-law Daniel’s birthday).


Happy, Happy Birthday Mom and Bethy!! I hate that I’m far away on your special day. I’ll make it up to you!!

(me with Today’s Birthday Girls on Isabelle Kate’s Birth-Day–November 25, 2008)

Anybody have any interesting family birthday tidbits to share? Or Happy Birthday Wishes for the Birthday Girls?

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  1. missy @ it's almost naptime

    My daughter was born on my FIL’s birthday, my other daughter was born the day before my BIL’s birthday, who shares a birthday with my niece, and my son’s birthday this year at least is on Easter.

    Fun hanging with you this weekend!!!

  2. mich

    I kept seeing your name pop up in comments on blogs belonging to my sister and friends. so I thought I would stop by to say hello.

    Happy birthday to the special women in your life. January 21st was my mom-in-law’s birthday. today is my mom’s birthday and the 25th is my bro-in law’s b-day. I always thought that was a little neat. Helps me remember them, anyway.


  3. Britt

    My Mom was born on her sister’s 3rd Birthday. My brother was born on my 2nd birthday. And my daughter was born 1 day after my son’s 2nd birthday.

  4. Allison

    I was born 9/9/81….9 x 9 = 81. Plus I get to enjoy all the cool number things like 9/9/99 or 09/09/09.
    I was born on my grandma’s half birthday, so her birthday is my half birthday, so I always insist on celebrating my half birthday 🙂
    My mom and me are Sept 5 and 9 and my two older brothers are Jan 5 and 9. Add the dates up and you get 28 and my dad’s is Oct 28. My younger siblings didn’t get in on that deal though…

  5. deanna

    I’ve always thought my birthday was interesting. My mom had to have an emergency c-section with me 29 years ago. I was born at 11:59 PM (at night), but by the time they cut the umbilical cord, it was after midnight. So the doctor told my mom to pick which day she wanted my birthday to be on. Cool huh?

  6. Stephanie your sister

    I’ll admit I was hoping Mia would like to share her birthday with Aunt Bethy and Grandma, but we’ll see how that goes. I should be having contractions by now if I expect her to make her entrance in the next 13 hours.

    I guess after today’s over I can aim for February 6th. Although I would love to not have her wait that long…


  7. Omom

    I was born on my Uncle’s Birthday, and my cousin was born on my Mom’s Birthday. (same family)
    You, your sis, & Mom all have such beautiful smiles!

  8. Shannah

    We have a “near-holiday” thing in our family. I’m Feb 16. My mom is March 13. My brother is July 10. My dad is Sept. 5, and my sister is Dec. 27.

  9. janelle taviano

    Happy Birthday…. there are NO MORE, such women who seek after GOD…HAPPY BIRTHDAY….
    Rock was born on Father’s Day
    I was born 45 min. before Mother’s Day
    Gabe – Thanxgiving
    Tug – 1 week before Good Friday – couldn’t wait…lol

    Nina on my Dad’s birthday
    Reesey on the date of my Mom’s bd.
    Boogie on Mayday …that is all. lol

  10. jess

    I do ! I do!
    of my originia family–4/5 are born in july. all on days that are multiples of 3 (7/9, 7/18, 7/21. my dad & bro share the 7/18 birthday!)

  11. Melissa R

    Not exactly birthday but birth year. We have this cool 50 year thing going on -my mom, me, and my daughter were all born the year our maternal grandmother’s turned 50. No pressure on my daugther, but she really needs to have a little girl in 2028 to keep it going 🙂

    I enjoy your blog so much, Marla. Hope you have a wonderful, blessed trip!

  12. Betsy

    Just two: My second child (a daughter) was born the day before my dad’s birthday. They were always birthday buddies (Dad’s with Jesus now.) And…our third, our son, was born on the doctor who delivered him’s 30th birthday. So on my son’s birthday, I always think, “Happy Birthday, Dr. D”,who this year will be 56!

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