big red cars

Gabe survived the Wiggles. He and the girls had a blast. They couldn’t stop talking when they got home (the girls, not Gabe).

Ava came up from the basement this morning after searching unsuccessfully for her new notebook and said in a loud, annoyed voice that sounded uncannily like mine, “Where in the HECK is it?!” I tried to tell her that we don’t say things like that (heck). Er, rather, we (I) do say things like that, but it doesn’t sound very nice, so we’re (I’m) going to stop.

Gabe went with me to the chiropractor this morning. I think I may survive. All of my muscles are just terribly inflamed from my spine/hips/pelvis being out of whack for so long.

I have my interview with the Rhema Network in New Zealand tomorrow evening. It’s going to be taped, so if I find out when it will air (and if they have online streaming) I’ll let you know. Pray that the Holy Spirit gives me the words to say to touch people’s hearts. (or that the sheep find comfort in my voice, if they’re the only ones listening)

A friend pointed out that you can go here and read articles written by me. Was not aware of this interesting fact. The internet publicist at Harvest House gave them permission to use excerpts from my book and forgot to tell me. 🙂

My (far from exhaustive) Wish List  
a healed back
everything magically put away from our move
whole-grain tostitos, sweet onion salsa, and an ice-cold coke
a positive attitude at all times
a new couch
Little House on the Prairie Season 2 on DVD
new running shoes
contentment with what I have (i.e. stopping my wish list before it gets out of control)

I’m really excited about this weekend.
I love my family.
I love all my xanga friends, most of whom I have never met.

I want to live a life of simplicity and beauty and love.

10 thoughts on “big red cars

  1. chrissyheartsjason

    ok, i know you from camp.  i was a camper in Rachel Beecher’s cabin, which, if my memory serves me right, was below your cabin in the A Frames that week.  i also know Deni and Drew (Deni is staying at my house right now)  My husband, Jason Schneider, knows Tug (g?) because he was a counselor at S.H. in the summer of 98.  i think my last summer was the summer of 97 and i think i remember you 2 being engaged and you talking about it all the time!  and lastly, i work with Mike McCleese that you went to cedarville with.  he’s my supervisor.  he’s told us all kinds of stories from the ‘ville.  oh, and i also just watched a promo video he did with Todd Carter (i think that’s his last name…they bike trick guy) that they did about S.H. and you were in it, but we couldn’t really see your face, you were just running around on the big field and you had really long blonde hair.  so that’s how i know you, oh and i also bought your book, from blushing bride to wedded wife probably 2 months ago.  ok, i’m done now!!

  2. rachmckinney

    we have the hallmark channel and it plays Little HOuse on the Prairie all the time! anyway, i have heard my daughter copy some things off me in th last few days (whatever, “fine” ) in an attitude…wonder where she gets that??mental note to myself to check my attitude as i go through the day. it’s so true how they pick up on the things we say /do. my mom remindedme that they also pick up on the good things we do , too. so don’t forget that part!
    your blogs always inspire my thinking…love your ending phrase!

  3. mrsnorthern8605

    Ah, bad backs, I have one too and I have yet to go to go a chiropractor…they scare me. I hope that your back begins to feel better! Maybe with my new job I will begin to strech it out.

    Ooooo….the Wiggles…I am 23 and I still watch them on occassion. I love there cold spaghetti song. It’s funny!

  4. mtaviano

    We got season 1 a few months ago, and the girls watch it whenever I’ll let them. They’ve seen “Laura’s Raccoon” episode probably 8 times. I’d like to slowly, but surely, get all 9 seasons.

  5. faithchick

    I also ♥ LHOTP. I have season 8. I’d love to have season 2, too.

    The last sentence of your post is just lovely.

    I had a dream about you and your sister last night. FUnny, since I don’t even know your sister.Your “mom” was there too, but I’m certain it wasn’t really her b/c I don’t even know what she looks like!

    anyways…we were doing a major car swap thing…you know how it is when there’s a bunch of people that go somewhere together & then they go pick up separate cars, blah, blah. Well, you & your sister were long gone, but I realized that Matt made me drive his car and I had NO IDEA how to drive. So a little amish family helped me figure out how to drive a stick shift. Only the pedals were on the edge of my seat, so i had to drive with my knees up. I couldn’t catch up with you guys. We were in Springfield…looking at houses in the dark.

    very, very strange. Yet another dream devoted to a xanga friend…interesting. 🙂

  6. hcole86

    It’s amazing how unchecked our language is until a little someone mimicks it! At creche we have this curtain that blocks the view of the church to the creche room – and the babies LOVE to play with it. But it distracted the parents so we go, ‘No curtain!’ It’s funny when they start to say it back to us!

    Will pray for you with the pain issue! And all the other things too. I love that even though I haven’t met you I can do that for you! I wish I could do more, but the power of prayer is an amazing thing! 

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