beach memories

I just stole this from my cousin Kelly’s blog. She went to the beach with my family in 2001. Livi was 7 months old, the only grandchild. My brother and his wife couldn’t go. My sisters weren’t married.

Here’s her fond memory…

The girls were all lounging on the beach the first evening we arrived in NC. We were munching on Goldfish crackers and Sam’s Club tropical snack mix, and Marla got this faraway look in her eyes as she stared out at the crashing waves. “You know what my biggest fear is?” she asked us quietly. I felt a surge of warmth at the obviously deep and profound words that were coming. The glimpse into Marla’s soul as she shared her innermost thoughts with us. I was sure her answer would have something to do with becoming a mother for the first time, and how the miracle of life thoroughly changes everything you ever thought you knew about the beauty and fragility of life.

“What?” I asked in a hushed whisper, not wanting to lose the serenity of the moment.

“That my snacks are going to run out, and I’m still going to be hungry.”

19 thoughts on “beach memories

  1. gsowell

    Are you home yet? *whining*

    (Sorry, I’m so immersed in whine lately, it’s all I can muster…what I meant to say is, “I hope you’re having a great vacation, but I do so look forward to your return!)

  2. jbnygaard

    Mental note to self: Don’t mail Marla packages when she goes away for 10 days! What was I thinking????!!!!

    My life has not been the same since you’ve been abscent from xanga!!!!! Miss you girlie!

  3. kkakwright

    When I gave up sweets, I called Maren one day and asked her what in the world I should snack on.  I just simply could not imagine munching on an apple when there are perfectly good cookies on the counter.

  4. gsowell

    ROTFLOL! I’m scared that we will run out of all the snacks I like and I’ll be “forced” to munch on things that I do not enjoy (i.e. things that do not include chocolate).

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