be back friday

The girls and I will be out of town all day tomorrow (today–it’s after midnight I guess) visiting with my little cousins from AZ who are spending the next three weeks in OH. Katie and Julie are my first cousins, but they’re Livi and Ava’s ages. Tomorrow’s agenda = swimming and lots of giggling.

I watched Night at the Museum with Livi and Ava today (and again tonight). It was really cute–they loved it. And I got them hooked on the Brady Bunch. The next couple days will be mostly TV free, so that’s good.

I just realized the other day that Nina is 18 months old, and when Livi was her age, I started potty-training her. Sort of. 16 months later, she was potty-trained. Ava–well that’s another story. Anyway, I’m not potty-training Nina now. Or ever. When she begs me, “Mommy, please don’t make me poop in my diaper anymore! Please let me use the toilet!” then we’ll talk.

I have a stack of free books (not mine) to give away again. I’ll post details next week. Same deal as last time. I list the books, first person to ask for it gets it.

I’m staring at the wall behind my laptop, fingers poised, not typing, not even really thinking. I think that means it’s time to call it a night. Three posts in the last 16 hours. Whew.

Oh my word. Gabe was just showing me some pics on Flickr, and here is a FREAKY NASTY YOU-WILL-NEVER-WANT-TO-BEAR-A-CHILD-AFTER-YOU-SEE-THIS pic for your enjoyment!

Have a great day, darlings!

25 thoughts on “be back friday

  1. tonialynn59

    you know by the time the 3rd one comes along you realize a whole lot more about potty training.  I relaxed more.  You realize that is one area we can’t really control.  Hayley was my 3rd and I remember calling and canceling her going to preschool at 3 because she was still having accidents.  As soon as I called and cancelled, she quit having the accidents.

    That picture is just nasty.  I showed Mike and even when I kept telling him it wasn’t really he kept shaking his head saying it was ugly and the poor parents.  Crazy guy!

  2. ClutzyButtercup

    In my profession, the parents think I should potty train their little darling!  I have potty trained 4 in the last year and have 1 more almost trained…I should have it down to a fine science but don’t!

    As for the picture…knew it wasn’t real but was still very glad I am done having children!

  3. beccajanern

    Nasty picture! UGH!

    I hope you had an enjoyable Thursday, swimming and giggling! :0)

    GL with the potty training.  When I hear the words “potty training”  I want to stab myself with a dull butter knife.

  4. gsowell

    I had that picture open on my computer, but I had gotten up to do some other chores. Josie walked by and saw it. She said, “Mommy, who dat? Dat me when I wuz a baby?” Heavens, no, honey!

  5. angntug

    My belly hurts from laughing…that pic is hysterical! Night at the museum is so adorable; Tug bought it for the girls and they’ve watched it several times. They’ve begged me to watch “The Brady Bunch” series.. we have it on dvd from the youth group (don’t ask, I’m not sure why they had it….) but I haven’t caved yet…have fun with the cousins 🙂

  6. luvmynoah

    Poor baby. I hope she gets cuter.  I’m sure her parents do too….Can you imagine going in to visit her and her family in the hospital….”WOW!  She’s something!”

  7. FlyingCAB

    hahahahah….  Can I just tell you that until I browsed through the other shots on the flickr account I thought that was a real baby!?  And that it was not a pretty one…. I think you should post an edit 😉

  8. gsowell

    I just popped over to look at that picture. I’m not sure “crazy” was the best adjective. I thought you were a writer, a wordy-girl. And you gave me crazy before I looked at that? I will give you a free pass considering it was late.

    Potty training … no comment, as it’s been the constant topic of my complaints on my blog for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks…

    Have a fun visit with the cousins!

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