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My babies are finally home. I missed them! It was good practice though for January when Gabe and I have plans to leave them for a few days and celebrate our 10th anniversary somewhere exotic. (like Indiana. or Hawaii.) Anyone want to volunteer to babysit??

They were so excited to see us–especially Ava. And they looked so much older, taller, cuter, and tanner. They had a wonderful time. Thanks, Rock and Janelle!

As I put them to bed, I felt so warm and full and fuzzy. That lasted all night and for part of the morning. And disappeared around 8:30 when Ava had a meltdown. All is well now though–she’s just a little tired. Absence does make the heart grow fonder, and I’m trying to love on all three of my babies as much as I can before school starts. (not that I’ll stop then, but you know)

Livi just asked me, “Can I have my sucker from K-Mart? Er, I mean…” I tried not to laugh as I said, “Denmark?” “Yeah, that’s it! Denmark!” Jamie and the boys brought us treats from their trip. (Their trip to Denmark, not K-Mart.) Those Danes make some tasty candy!

We’re getting rid of cable. We’ve had it for most of our marriage. It was Gabe’s idea (to get rid of it). Since our phone company went under, we’ve been doing lots of research. (well, Gabe has) We decided to cancel our cable/internet package with WOW (the company, not the exclamation) and our cell phones with Verizon. We’re getting cell phones (free), home phone (local w/2 hours long distance) and internet (fast) with AT&T. And saving money. We’re making a serious effort to get out of debt. The next thing to go is McDonald’s. (eek!)

God has already shown us He’ll provide when we trust Him. I found out today that you can watch full-length episodes of Playhouse Disney shows on-line. I’m assuming it’s free? And I discovered that our library has all of the Dora DVDs (Nina’s absolute fave–one of the reasons I didn’t want to get rid of cable) and I can reserve them online. I’ve also been reserving books online lately instead of buying any, and it’s great fun! I love to browse in the library (gives me warm fuzzies), but with three kids, I just break out into a sweat while they moan and complain and I can’t find anything I’m looking for.

OH! And I found out that I can request that our library purchase certain books. Most of you probably already knew this. I asked them to purchase Blushing Bride and Is That All? (I did it on-line. Too embarrassing in person.) And they did it the very next day! (They also reserved them for me, assuming that if I requested the purchase, it was because I wanted to read them. Ha! No thanks.)

So, if any of you can access your library on-line or you’re brave enough to ask, you could do me the HUGEST favor and ask them to buy my books. Several of the C-bus libraries already had copies which shocked me. If you ask, and they say yes, let me know! It’ll make my day.

That’s all. Have a great Wednesday!

22 thoughts on “back to normal

  1. terriwright

    Bring all the girls down here….we’ll play.

    Library? On-line? Do you KNOW how rural Tollesboro is? We have one blinking stoplight.  That’s it. I could probably do Maysville’s…….

    We went through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University – – – mind-boggling! If only we’d known this stuff when our kids were little!!!!

  2. jbnygaard

    If Christian doesn’t work when your gone I would SERIOUSLY love to have Nina! (I’d have to talk to Christian though, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.)

  3. jbnygaard

    I am so proud of you and Gabe for attacking your debt they way you guys are! It’s not easy to do in todays world!

    k-mart?! That CRACKED me up! I never realized that they kinda sounded the same!

  4. allieanne

    My library in TN doesn’t have them…but next time I go in I will check it out. I heard it costs a $1 to have them buy a requested book…not bad to help a friend in need 🙂 My old library in Michigan has two copies of each book…both are available.

  5. Abs7

    The library has so much to offer and it’s all free (unless you can’t seem to return things on time )

    Next time I am at the library I will ask them to purchase your books.

  6. Nixter77

    I will have the kids for you if you don’t mind dropping them off on your way to your exotic 10th Anniversary location 😉

    I will see what I can d about books my end 😉 I have already done the whole Christian book stores, will try some of the others 😉

  7. kkakwright

    We have never had cable.  I would watch it too much.  The only time Kerry wants it is during football season.  He always talks about getting it every fall but we never do.  I’ll email my library for you.  I’ll let you know what they say.

  8. Anonymous

    How great to be working on getting out of debt… we’ve also been trying to do the same here! Our town library is quite small and out-dated so I’ll definitely be checking into book purchases!

  9. jennikim

    i love the online library. im waiting for my requested books to make it my library of choosing for me to pick up.

    and we have your books available to us, way to go small town library!!

  10. filledeparis

    Done. I’ve just made an online suggestion to the Dayton Metro library (plus Huber Heights)to carry your books. I forgot the Okinawa one, though! I played up the fact that you are an Ohioan. 😉

  11. ch1pch0p

    WOW. no cable. hehehe

    I didn’t have cable for three years. Just got it last November. I’d be fine without it, but Kevin’s gotten used to having it around. *sigh*

  12. filledeparis

    What a great idea to ask the libraries to carry your books! I would ask my local library here in Paris, but I doubt it would go over…you’ll have to come in person. = ) I will be in Huber Heights in Sept.-Oct., so I’ll try to remember to ask.

  13. faithchick

    YAY!! a project for today!! I’ll get right on that Ms. Famous Author of Amazing Books.

    i love being a no cable household. when i’m around it, i LOVE it, i get sucked in to EVERY SINGLE SHOW–especially HGTV and TLC. but, i don’t miss it when I come home. It feels good to save that money.

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