back in business!!

My amazing and talented sister, Bethany, of Banners by Bethany fame is Back in Business after her maternity leave! Wooohooooo!!! Time to order some banners!!

I personally (well, my family) own 7 of her banners (happy birthday, I love Cambodia, live simply, give thanks, Olivia, Ava, Nina) and I NEED MORE. Like I always say, “less is always more, except when it comes to globes and handmade fabric banners with words on them.” Right??


I just can’t figure out what I want. I’m leaning toward phrases like “your kingdom come” and “do justice” and “every tribe” and “go, be, love.” But which one?!?

And I picked out this really cool yellow/grey (with elephants!!) color scheme, but…

I’m also really drawn to bright, colorful, patchwork-y combos.

So hard.

blessedbannerI really like this “blessed” banner that’s hanging in Bethany’s kitchen.

And I LOVE her kitchen. It makes me so happy every time I’m in there. So colorful and spunky and whimsical and fun!! And you should see the black/white checkered floor! So great!!


In honor of Bethany’s return to banner-making, she’s offering a week-long special to my friends and blog-readers. From now through Monday, July 21, you can get a Happy Birthday banner (in any font/color scheme) for 25% off!happybday

The regular price for banners is $3/letter (+shipping), so a Happy Birthday banner would cost 13 (letters) x 3 (dollars) = $39.

But right now it’s just $30!!

And let me tell you, you will sooooo get your money’s worth! I’ve been using our Happy Birthday banner for all 5 of us (plus lots of random friends) for, I don’t know, five years now?? Four of us have birthdays four months in a row, so from October 31 to January 5, it never comes down.

So, go check out the Banners by Bethany facebook page (and her blog will be fully functional soon as well) to get some ideas for fun color schemes and such.

And then you can contact Bethany with your order. AND BE AWESOME!!!

Because, really, your life probably isn’t complete without a colorful, beautiful, wordy banner than you can use and re-use and re-use and take with you wherever you go (and rent out to friends for their parties! ha! kidding!).

AND 50% of Bethany’s profits go to GLOBAL MISSIONS. Be still my heart.

Let me know if you have any questions!

And have an exhilarating day!! (to borrow a word from my friend, Isaac, in Haiti who was so kind to answer my question on his blog today)

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