baby grunts

EDIT (9:38 pm): I cannot believe these are my babies! They’re soooo grown up! I want a poster of this for my wall. 🙂

In my head, I am listing all of the discouraging/disappointing things that have happened today.  But on my xanga, I’m going to list all of the happy thoughts I can think of…

–Nina is filling her pants and working so hard at it. Grunt. Grunt. Sigh. Heavy breathing. Grunt. So endearing. Must be freeing.
–Nina’s room is all decorated…another step toward making our new house a home.
–Livi and Ava and I made Auntie Anne’s pretzels today (thanks, Wendy!) and they were a bit too plump but yummy.
–My family is coming to spend Labor Day at our house. I love getting together with all of them.
–I placed my order for the pics my friend Cami took of us in June. They were running a special offer–free duplicate prints. Anyone want an extra 11×14 picture of my babies? Just kidding!
–My back feels really good.
–When I can’t see the sense in something, I know God has a plan.
–Our new church has AWANA, and my girls are so excited.
–Nina has been “talking” off and on for awhile, but today she just started saying 7 or 8 different syllables over and over. Not amazing to anyone but her mom, I know, but I can’t believe my baby can talk!
–Gabe bought a Macintosh Classic computer off a guy at work for $10 today. It looks hysterical next to his iMac. It cost $1500 when it came out in 1990. What a bargain!
–Our internet came back on this evening–it was down all day today (and yesterday).
–Livi and Ava are watching The Sound of Music for the 20th time. (and it’s at my fave part–where she makes them play clothes out of drapes) I love that they love old movies. Can’t wait to add to their growing collection.
–Our Kroger carries Starbucks Mud Pies now. 🙂
–Poppyseed Pasta Salad and Corn on the Cob for supper. Yum. Okay, that was fun, but I’m ready for fall.
–Livi and Ava and I have been playing, “I point to a country on the globe, now you find it on the map.” I’m really bad at geography and have a strong desire to know where everything is. This is helping!

That should be enough good things to cheer me up. I still feel a bit like giving into the tears, but I truly am blessed.

16 thoughts on “baby grunts

  1. KmHunsberger

    Hey friend. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your encouragement! I did not realize it had been a struggle for you too. I thought I read somewhere that you could not wash your underwear together or it would happen…must have been somewhere else 🙂 I remember at the time reading that…I figured we were the same way bc of Landon. Little did I know then…

    Anyway, it helps to know that you have been there and you have three beautiful girls to show for it. Thanks again for swooping in and offering encouragement and big hug of sorts…all with words 🙂

  2. YoYoYoder

    Yea! Marsy posted a pic on her xanga!! WTG!! Thanks for the top secret info! 🙂 If I could, I would like to purchase a 4×6 of #25 (the feet) and #74 (the 3 girls). They’re $5 each, right?? Oh Marla, I could not decide which ones! They are all so wonderful! But I REALLY like those 2! I can pay you on Labor Day–is that good? Thanks so much!

  3. biblestorebrowser

    I’ve got a coupon for Auntie Anne’s homemade pretzels. Do you have to buy them from there or can you find them in a store? They’re my mom’s favorites–but We’re Rollin’ is pretty good, too!
    Oh, thank you! (to you and God): “When I can’t see the sense in something, I know God has a plan.” I had a HUGE cry tonight–crying out to the Lord about direction in serving Him.
    Praise God your back is doing so well. Do you think it’s just the exercises?

  4. hcole86

    Looking at the positive is fantastic! You are such an encouragment to us…But giving in to tears = alright too. Sometimes it’s better to let all the feelings out, very cathartic.

    I like the Globe/geography idea. Ever tried playing ’10 Days in Africa’? Or ’10 Days in Europe’? You’ll learn those placed off by heart AND it’s so much fun…pretty much the only boardgame I love.

    Question: you said I was transparent…is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  5. lendy_p

    Adorable girls!
    Glad you liked the pretzels… trick is to make your rope about 18″ long… funny, my mom did the same thing as you and said they tasted good, but looked more like rolls!
    Where do you go to church? (If you don’t mind my asking, of course!)

  6. CourtneyMarieP

    i feel like joining you with the box of tissues and crying a river…

    reading your blog makes me feel like you’re closer to here…even though you’re so very far away! 

    my positive thing from today, Chloe had a good follow up visit to tonsil doc. 

  7. kkakwright

    Why I admire and respect you

    1.  You make a CHOICE to focus on the positive.

    2.  You find pure bliss in Starbucks Mud Pies.

    3.  You will admit you still feel like giving into tears

  8. CamilleElizabeth

    Marla, I’ll take the extra pic if you don’t want it! 🙂 Just kidding.

    I once bought a Mac Classic at a yard sale with all the accessories for $30… I kept it for several years and then ended up selling at my own garage sale for $10! It’s hard to believe how much things have changed since 1990.

    Good idea about the geography lessons – maybe I’ll try that with Melea. Oh wait, I’ll need to get a globe and a map first.

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