ava’s big day

Please pray for Ava tomorrow. Her tongue-clipping surgery is at 12:40pm. I’m trying not to think about the handful of people I’ve talked to recently whose children had this same procedure done in a doctor’s office w/o anesthesia and a small co-pay. The anesthesiologist fee is non-refundable, so we’re going ahead as planned. I freaked out for a moment tonight, thinking about things that can go wrong when your child is put to sleep for any amount of time. Please pray for her complete safety and for a calm heart for Mama and Ava both. Thank you!

We had a nice weekend. At the moment, I can’t remember a single thing we did on Friday after our friends left. Oh, yeah. We raided the fridge for supper, then took the girls to one of their favorite parks. Nina played on the little kiddies’ playground with the son of a former OSU championship quarterback. We acted like we didn’t recognize him, but I wish we would’ve struck up a conversation, because the QB and his wife are believers, and we don’t know very many famous people. 🙂 Then we stopped at DQ.

Saturday morning, we got up early and hit a community yard sale before Ava’s soccer game at 9:45. Nina stayed in the car with Gabe, while Livi and Ava and I scurried around to 4 or 5 sales. We only had 30 minutes, but we got ourselves a few fabulous finds. Cool bag, purse for the girls, Minnie Mouse princess ears from Disney World, giant U.S. map puzzle, garden figurines, white wooden corner shelf, sit-n-spin, summer dress for Nina, sandals for Nina, and a couple other little things.

Ava lost her game but scored a goal. Then we headed to Lima to spend the day with Gabe’s mom and dad and little Tanner. We had a great day. Gator rides (several), jumping on trampoline, rock-hunting, scaring a flying squirrel (creepy-looking thing!) out of its bird house home, soccer with Charlie the dog, pizza, baths. We got some really cool pics–maybe I can post some tomorrow. I love spending time with family.

I have the book survey ready, and as soon as Gabe helps me get it on-line, I’ll give you the link. I can’t wait to hear your insight and input. I know your answers are going to be fabulous.

EDIT (11:37 pm): Gabe finished the book survey. Thanks, sweetie! Here’s the scoop: FREE BOOK to the first 100 moms to fill out the survey. Tell your friends! You can click on the link here and fill it out on-line. OR if you think you’ll need to fill it out in spurts (moms of newborns especially!), message me your e-mail address, and I’ll e-mail the survey to you. You can just answer the questions as you have time, save it as you go, and e-mail it back to me as soon as you can.

EDIT 2 (11:42 pm): The survey is geared toward moms with young children, but if you’re a mom of “old” children, you’re absolutely welcome to fill one out as well. I gratefully welcome your wisdom and would love to give you a free book!

Hope your Mother’s Day was wonderful! Have a great week!

15 thoughts on “ava’s big day

  1. ctorlone

    just did the survey marla…what fun!  couldn’t answer every question…with dial up, I had to think quick on my feet…can’t wait to read your book though!  fun fun fun

  2. rachmckinney

    hope that it all goes well. will look forwad to hearing the outcome.
    i just did your survey…. lots of great questions you had!
    hope yoru mother’s day was wonderful!

  3. ctorlone

    happy mother’s day marla…it’s okay to be nervous and i can bet that you’ll be praying the entire time ava is in her surgery…HE WILL BE THERE…we’ll be praying too

  4. rocknnell

    I/ GOD will NEVER leave you…….( not even the 1 minute)…..

    I / God will never leave your momma…..( not even the 1 minute)….. will be praying!

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