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Wow. So, Ava starts kindergarten today. I have such mixed emotions. Sadness, relief, fear, nostalgia, excitement. Ava is one complex little girl. I love her with everything in me, yet we clash fairly often. I know exactly why. Ava is the uncensored version of ME. I know my mom prayed (or at least joked about praying) that I would get a daughter just like me someday, so I could feel her (my mom’s) pain. Heaven help me if Ava is as me as I was growing up.

My three girls are so intriguing to me. Livi and Nina look like their daddy but are obsessed with books. (Nina just brought me one thisverysecond, is yanking on me and saying, “Buh! Dow!” She actually means Book! Up! not Book! Down!) Be right back.

Ava looks more like me but loves airplanes and computers and movies like her daddy. And they each have random things about them that they inherited specifically from one of us or the other.

But as far as how they act, well, Ava is all me. It’s kind of nice. And kind of not. I love her sooo much. Is she easy to mother? No. But she’s a gift. And can be the sweetest thing on earth. When she wants to be.

Her Grandma Taviano called an hour or so ago to talk to her. Wanted to tell her to have a good first day of school. Ava refused to take the phone. Threw a small fit when I whisper-threatened her within an inch of her life. I was sad for Janelle, embarrassed for me, angry at Ava, and a bit fearful about how kindergarten will go. Her moods are so unpredictable. She is such a split personality.

Could you pray that her first day of school goes smoothly? She gets on the bus for the first time at 12:40 today. Thank you!

So, Ava had her first soccer game last night. Her first time in U-6, where they actually have goalies. And a big field. There are 8 players on her team, and 7 have to be on the field. So, once every two games, they each sit out a quarter.

Livi’s team won 7-0 the other night. Ava’s team lost 8-0. They were clueless. It was sad. One little girl just kept playing in the dirt. The kids took turns playing goalie. They had no idea that the object was to stop the ball from going in the net. Ava hurt her foot. She had a meltdown at the end of the third quarter–soooooo hot, sooooo tired.

Got in the van after the game. Livi says, “Ava, I thought you were going to score a goal.” Livi’s parents not happy. Livi gets firmly disciplined. “You hate me!” Livi cries. (2 down, 18 to go…)

The other day after supper…
Me: Girls, wipe your faces before you go out!
Livi: (wipes face)
Ava: Do I have food on my face?
Me: No.
Ava: That’s because I’m not a mess-maker! (pointed look at Livi)
Livi: You’re a sass-maker!
Ava: No, I’m a hurt-maker! And I’m going to hurt YOU!

Every day is truly an adventure here. And I absolutely love it. Have a great Thursday!

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  1. YoGrandmaYo

         What can I say?:)  I’ll hafta admit that I DID “jokingly” pray a few times that you would have a kid that acted just like you, but then I would feel guilty, and ask God to forgive me.  And then when you “pulled out” of the difficult stage, I prayed that you WOULDN’T have a kid that acted like you used to!  But, as I tell my kids in Good News Club, God always answers our prayers, but sometimes it’s with a “no” instead of a “yes.”:)  I can’t even explain to you the emotions I have when I read your blogs!  But you know me, so you probably have some idea.:)  I love you, Marla!  You’re a wonderful mom!  And with God’s help, you WILL survive getting your kids raised!  I did!:)

  2. ctorlone

    you are a HOOT! I love your commentary! Girls are fun are they not?  It’s when they act the most like us that they drive us the most NUTS!  I’ve got it over here as well!  I think today was the first day that I DIDN”T cry when Maggie got on the bus….hang in there!

  3. tonialynn59

    So how did Ava’s first day go?  Can’t wait to hear about it. It is so hard when we see things about ourselves we don’t necessarily like in our children.  Motherhood is definitely a hard job.  Great joys and sometimes great sorrows!  I remind myself often that the ultimate parent has lots of problems with His children!  I’m with some of the others…I bet there is/will be a boyfriend in her near future!

  4. Anonymous

    Praying right now… probably Ava is home!  But none the less! 

    I’m positive God gives us two foot mirrors with feet, so we can see ourselves in action (and hopefully grow from it)!  It’s not pretty all the time, but when it is sweet… it’s the best!

    Abigail dishes everything right back at me… usually I didn’t even realize I’m the one who taught her!  She’s my mirror.  I’m praying Hannah is Neal’s temperment.  I could use the repreve!

  5. kkakwright

    Hey.  It was Janelle. She has been there and done that.  She gets it.  I hate it when they refuse to talk too though.

    I was so glad that Kain was a boy.  I love Addy with every fiber of me but there are days….bad days.  She is just like me.  She gives me the dirtiest, nastiest looks when she is mad.  She has a super sassy mouth.  She is 100% impatient.  BUT, she has the most sensitive heart around.  It is so hard to parent one that is just like you.  Prayed for you.  Enjoy your time with Nina. 

  6. faithchick

    it made me cry, too.  gosh.  motherhood & the emotions that go with it are so complex, mysterious & yet so amazing and exhilerating. (and sometimes maddening)

    i your girls.  🙂

    hang in there, mamacita!!

  7. filledeparis

    Prayed for Ava and her Mom just now. I think that one of my fears regarding having my own kids is the bad traits or weaknesses they will inherit from me. But, there are some decent traits in us too, by God’s grace!If Ava is like her Mom, she must be one cool kid!

  8. terriwright

    I really think ‘stoned’ is a little harsh. They were boys, and they had been bugging us…they NEEDED rocked. Really.

    Anyone who has more than one child goes through so much additional angst because of their words and actions toward each other. If it is any encouragement, my ‘boys’ are now 35 and 32, and very close. They fo

    ught a lot growing up…mostly words, but sometimes physical…(and one time with rocks…hmmmmm)

    I saw pictures of your family…you probably did the same sniping back and forth. Very stressful for a Mom.

    By the way, I predict that Ava is a perfect lady at school. I had a parent once pull out a photo of his son to show me, because he didn’t believe we were talking about the same child!!

    Praying for all of you.

  9. gsowell

    Why did this entry make me cry? Probably because I get it so much. I really, really get it. Praying for the first day of school (can you believe my girls already have 16 days of school under their belts???).

    And I’m sorry she refused to talk to Janelle. My kids have done that, and it really honks me off!

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