at least yesterday was fab

EDIT: As much as I’d like the pity to keep rolling in, I should probably update my woe-is-me first paragraph. A/C fixed–um, after (or even before) you’ve lived in a house for a year, you might want to replace the filter in your air conditioner. Desk drawer fixed. Turns out there’s a latch at the back of the drawer you can use to keep people out of it. Gabe unscrewed it. TV and Gabe’s car still not functioning. No hope for either, but a car dealer in town offered Gabe a good deal on a trade-in, so we’ll see.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Today not so much. Besides the broken tv, the a/c stopped working this morning, the mechanic says Gabe’s car is done–stick a fork in it–and one of my desk drawers is completely stuck.

At least there’s a 24-pack of Coke in the fridge left over from yesterday’s party. My silver lining. And ahhh…a breeze just wafted in the window. Thanks, God.

I haven’t been handling the day well. Some yelling and self-pity. No need. God will provide, and my life does not stink. Just my armpits. We’re a sweaty mess of girls at the moment. At least my little ones look cute with their curly locks plastered to their necks and foreheads. I just look greasy.

And Livi and Ava keep bringing me “gifts” they’ve made out of their craft supplies. Ava just handed me a little “baby bib” cut out of orange paper. “For being a good mommy,” she said. Wow–kids sure are a forgiving (and forgetting) lot, aren’t they?

We had a wonderful time at the zoo yesterday. Our family of five met my mom and dad, Bethy and Stew, Josh and Jess, Anna, Ethan, Gavin around 10:30. We explored Asia and North America, rode the train, then ate lunch. I packed a picnic–sandwiches, fruit, veggies and dip, cookies. Then we hit the rest of the world and the carousel. We were admiring–and cracking up at–the bonobos when the rain came pouring down. Have you ever watched bonobos? They’re the most human-like creatures in the world, and while some might say they’re the best proof for evolution, I think they actually disprove it. They’re faster, stronger, and funnier than we are. Surely, if we evolved from them, we’d be able to swing from tree to tree faster than the speed of lightning. And hang upside down and flip like Olympic gymnasts on speed.

We left the zoo around 2:30 (in the rain) and came back here for presents and ice cream cake and then pizza. Everybody left around 7:30. The girls went to bed early–no fireworks for them this year. Gabe and I watched some from our bedroom window.

Gabe took 300 pictures at the zoo. I’ll post 200 of them tomorrow. He also went to Red, White, and Boom downtown on Tuesday night. Check out his blog for an awesome pic. If you click on the picture, you can see some more pics he’s posted on his Flickr site.

The girls and I leave tomorrow a.m. for a weekend in WV with my sisters. Not the world’s greatest vacation spot, but it’s the halfway point between here and Columbia, SC. We’re going to swim and eat and play games and watch movies.

Have a great weekend!

16 thoughts on “at least yesterday was fab

  1. tonialynn59

    I sure do feel for you on the A/C.  I can’t imgagine not having it and really don’t want to!  I hope you have a wonderful time away this weekend with your sisters and your girls!  Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back.  Safe travels!

  2. terriwright

    You poor little baby…..

    We never had air conditioning when the boys were growing up…didn’t put it in until 1996…I thought I didn’t want it. What a stupidhead.

    Everything does blow up at once….hey – – – did you notice my new profile pic? It’s the best I could do….

  3. CamilleElizabeth

    Sorry to hear about the TV, AC, and Gabe’s vehicle. 🙁 At least you have this weekend to look forward to. Don’t forget to take a camera!! Or at least make sure someone has one that will be there. 🙂 Looking foward to seeing the pictures!

  4. Abs7

    Have a wonderful vacation with your sisters and all the girls!

    I hope the AC starts working before you get back. You should have packed the girls up and went to the library or Target or some place with A/C.

  5. ladymiss3739

    I was feeling sorry for you and your bad day until I saw that your humor still remains very much intact.  I’m jealous.  You crack me up!  Hope tomorrow goes better for you…and enjoy your weekend!  Can’t wait to see your 200 pics. 

  6. gsowell

    It sounds like you are really ready for this girls’ weekend. I’m sure it will pull you out of the funk of today. (and pack a cooler of cold Cokes for the drive!)

  7. ch1pch0p

    It took us forever to get home from RW&B — and we weren’t even in the thick of it. Ugh. I fell asleep.

    At least during your drive tomorrow, you’ll have air conditioning, right?

  8. Marketer319

    SO sorry about the A/C and the TV and the SUV (ok, I don’t have any earthly idea what kind of car Gabe drives, but I wanted the acronym).  You’re exactly right – God will provide.  Which is exceedingly easy to say when my television is working.  But I believe it.  And I believe that you believe it.  Won’t be be cool to see HOW?

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