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EDIT: If I don’t post for a few days, it’s because I had a heart attack. Eight of them actually. Eight and counting. So, in an uncharacteristically-crafty mom moment today, I helped Ava make a life-sized paper doll. I took old finger paintings out of the drawer and cut and taped and recycled, and now there’s a lovely. colorful, tie-dyed-looking girl taped to the sliding glass door in our kitchen. Her arms are spread wide, she’s smiling pretty.


Every single time. Even if I have just been out in the kitchen two minutes prior and had a heart attack, the next time I go out, it happens again. My heart is still pounding. It’s cut-and-pasted finger paintings, Marla. Get a grip.

I have some things weighing on my heart tonight. Would you pray with me?

The biggest request is for a tiny baby girl named Kaily. She’s less than a month old and weighed 2 pounds at birth. Her mommy and daddy are friends of a friend, and my heart is just aching for them right now. Her little life has been one big fight–a fight to breathe, to eat, to keep infection out of her body. It’s touch and go, every minute, not knowing if your baby will be yours to love on earth or if she’ll go wait for you in heaven. You can read Kaily’s story here.

My sisters are in some pain tonight. Stephanie got bitten by a poisonous spider on her foot, and Bethany is having stomach pains (possibly gastritis).

My friend Jamie’s mom-in-law just got some troubling news from the doctor, but Jamie had an amazing opportunity to love on her and share Christ with her today.

I’ve reconnected with some of my old students (in college now) on facebook, and God has given me a real burden for a few of them in particular. Please pray that I would know just how He wants me to touch their lives. I have one idea that I’ll share soon.

In other news, I got to see Ava score a goal tonight. That was fun. Someone taught Nina how to count. ??? (well, sort of) And the only thing Livi has learned in first grade so far is how to do the monkey bars.

Oh, and my dentist called tonight to check on me. How sweet is that? I just love everybody in that office to bits. If it wasn’t a dentist’s office, I’d schedule appointments all the time just to chat with all of them.

Gabe’s bosses were sad to see him go. They said he was such a great employee and asked if he’d be willing to do some contract work for them from time to time. And if his new thing doesn’t work out, they want him to know that the door will always be open for him to come back. Wow.

Oh, shoot. My new bedtime is 11:00, and I’m already eight minutes late. Where DOES the time go?!

24 thoughts on “asking God

  1. rocknnell

    I am going to do a “Paper Doll ” of  Rock and tape it to the picture window….but I am going to do it in MOSSY OAK…because hunting season is about under way.  I wonder if he will scare me…or if  ” I won’t see him” ?   “boo”  or  ” bah !”

  2. jrfriend

    Hi.  I checked out your blog tonight, through Gail’s and I have just prayed for all of your requests.  It is awesome to know, that even though we don’t always know someone, we are sisters-in-Christ, and the prayers are awesome. 

  3. gsowell

    That’s hilarious. I’m so sorry. I’m still laughing. I can sympathize. My BIL has this life-sized cardboard Dale Earnhardt in the guest room. Correction. Had. Past-tense. He had to move it because it scared the tar out of my children. They would not sleep with the “man” in there. Also, about twice a week I catch a glimpse of the awning on our swing flapping in the breeze out our window. I ALWAYS panic that someone is walking through my yard. Not full-blown heart attack. But that’s only because it’s still far enough away for me to take action (like running and hiding!).

  4. terriwright

    I run into mannequins at dept. stores and apologize……..I think you might need to ceremoniously yank the sucker off the door. You only have so many heart-jolts in you, you know….

  5. tonialynn59

    I’m praying too for those requests.  Your sisters foot looks awful!  That is quite a reaction.  Also I commented on Gabe’s site but I’m just so excited for you guys.  I loved it when Mike worked from home.  It’s exciting to see how  God is working and that you are listening to Him!  And the doll story on the window, I’m so with you.  That is how I would be.  Praying for no heart attacks!!!

  6. terriwright

    Isn’t it amazing how huge our problems can look to us….until we get a reality shock like Kaily’s situation? God is so good. I have complete faith that the doctors’ every move is guided by the Lord. I am praying fervently right now for that family. And for your own sister troubles….a friend asked me once during a real time of trial if ‘it’ ever got better….my reply was “No. It just gets different.”

    This world is not our home.

  7. Anonymous

    Just read your sister’s blog.  She’s living my worst nightmare.  I’m SERIOUSLY petrified of spiders.  (I actually pray about it, it’s so bad.)  Had Neal spray outside for them just last night as we’ve had three big ones inside already (quarter size or larger).  I’m soo praying for her. 

    Praying for all your requests, and for Gabe coming home from work too.  Neat about his boss’ comments… ‘a workman that need not to be ashamed’.  Way to live it, guys!  🙂

  8. kkakwright

    yay for the dentist.  very nice. 
    praying for all the needs.  God is big enough to meet and exceed all these needs and that is why we serve Him and love Him so much.

  9. Abs7

    You have such a heart of prayer. Prayed for those needs.

    My dentist called me the night I have my wisdom teeth taken out. I couldn’t talk at the time so Tommy had to answer my phone, but I thought that was really nice that he called to follow up.

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