any brilliant ideas?

EDIT: Found one–thanks! Perhaps next time we will plan ahead just a bit…. or not. We kind of like the fly-by-our-bums approach!

Gabe and I are looking for a cabin in the Smokies that is affordable, kid-friendly, has a beautiful view and is available during October 21-26 (peak season). Any ideas?? I know, I’m asking for the moon!

8 thoughts on “any brilliant ideas?

  1. rocknnell

      cabins…. go onto cabin rentals….in “ask jeeves”  then go to the smokies.. lol duh….  that is cool that you are going….. neat stuff…  glad to hear to that LIVI… knows her roots, and not to ever be hidden or whatever on loving her family….

  2. waterbrine

    You might try the Westgate Smoky Mountain. It’s mostly a timeshare, but occasionally they have rooms available for booking. Deni & I had out honeymoon there and the pricing was reasonable. It’s a great resort with nice amenities.

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