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EDIT #3–I meant to link to this earlier. Gabe blogged this week about Livi’s first soccer goal. It was so awesome! She was so excited.

EDIT #2–jellybean523 gave me a splendid idea. Her hubby is always coming up with fake announcements to send to the Ville’s alumni mag. Tomorrow, let’s write some of our own (for ourselves or others). We’ll choose the best one and actually send it in! 🙂 Shhh…don’t tell!

EDIT: An old Cedarville friend just called me–called my mom to get my new phone number. Thought it was hilarious that my hair was 3 different colors in the Inspire pics. It reminded me of my xanga gal pals who think I look nothing like ANY of those pics in real life. 🙂

Quite possibly my most favorite movie/character EVER. My dad was watching it on PBS one evening when I was young, and I sat down to watch it with him and have been entranced ever since.  Who knows how many times I’ve seen it? I borrowed it from the library last week, and the girls and I are halfway through our second time watching it (it’s 6 hours long or so).

When I was younger, I wanted to BE Anne. I still want to be Anne. I want to live at Green Gables and walk that path home from school and sit by the Lake of Shining Waters and be captivated by beauty and literature and blossom into a beautiful, intelligent, exquisite young woman and (finally!) realize that I have loved Gilbert all along and tell him on the bridge that “I don’t want sunbursts and marble halls. I just want you.” 🙂

No, really, I want to be Marla. But I do long for simplicity and beauty. I want to appreciate the finer (not more expensive!) things in life. I want to see God’s glory in my surroundings. I want to make people’s lives better just by being a part of them. I want to love people deeply and pour myself into everything I do. I want to embrace my “red hair” and open my eyes to the wonderful gifts I have all around me.

Gabe told the girls last night he’d take us on a vacation to Prince Edward Island sometime. Sigh. I love my Gilbert. (Gabert) 🙂

Back to the real world…

Thanks for reading the Inspire article. I’ve gotten the nicest comments and e-mails–and I haven’t even gotten the Inspire yet! Gabe sent me the link to view it online, and I was mortified when I saw that they put the pic in there from the book signing I did at Cedarville. I feel compelled to clarify that the book signing was NOT exciting! I hate book signings and will never do one again as long as I live. I’ve done three–one was ok, and two were awful. TWO people bought a book at C-ville and one was my brother. 🙂 To be fair, my sister sold 15 for me in advance to her wonderful friends, but still. I guess I should be thankful for the caption they wrote. They could have easily said something like, “Popular C-ville alum, Marla Taviano, graces the Ville with her presence, while leaving book store staff wondering what in the heck they’re going to do with the 50 copies of her book they bought.” 🙂 Ha!

Faithchick commented that she hates explaining Xanga to people. You know, “Yeah, my friend Beth Elaine, um, one of the girls I met on xanga. What? No, no I don’t really know her, but…” I’m trying to think up a way we can talk about each other without admitting that we met online. Maybe we could pretend xanga is an actual place. “Kristen, the girl I met at The Xanga…” Or not. We could just have a code name for it, like “church.” “Gail, my new friend from church…” Hmmm… Never mind.

One girl at school, two in bed…this hasn’t happened in weeks…what am I doing sitting here??

22 thoughts on “anne of green gables

  1. Nixter77

    I ’embrace my red hair’.  I love Anne too.

    My friend from church ;-), we can’t be cedarville friend Kristen as Han and I aren’t from there 🙁  I look forward to hearing some of the ideas though…

    Can you send me the link to Inspire please 😉

  2. jbnygaard

    By the way…I’m a bit nervous about meeting you now. Am I going to even know who you are when you answer the door? You say you look nothing like your photo. Let’s get it straight. Are you white? Not that it matters, but if you are Africian American I think I might have the wrong house, because your picture looks like your white. (jk) And what color is your hair REALLY?  🙂

  3. jbnygaard

    Okay, so it took me having to read ALL of the comments to figure out what in the world INSPIRE is. Being that I did NOT go to Cedarville. Sorry, I’m not in the club of the Cedarville buddies. However, I am definetly curious to wanting to see a copy!!!

    Love Anne of Green Gables too. What little (and Big girl) doesn’t?! I loved her expressive self, and her way of being exicited over all the little things in life. It never got old to her. That’s how I want to treat life my WHOLE life. I want to be excited about everything!

  4. hcole86

    I don’t get Inspire either….for obvious reasons…..can you send me the link too? How bizarre that you just watched AOGG…I watched it on Friday night with my really good friend, Ruth! – we watched the first one, where she first comes to Green Gables. I love the drama!

  5. kkakwright

    My sister and I used to always fight growing up about who got to be Anne when we pretended to be Anne of Green Gables. 

    Love to reveal such classics to my daugter too.  Not that the Wiggles aren’t good, but there is just something about the oldies and goodies. 

    Glad to see you wrote something humorous and insightful! 🙂

  6. Hoffmom

    Marla, have you read all the of the Anne books?  I do love the movies (the first two, not the most recent later version), but the 8 books in the series are by far even better!  Reading them all is a pleasure that I repeat every other year.  If you haven’t read them….you MUST.  🙂 

    Lendy_p, as a lover of the books, you will still appreciate the first two movies because they did that good a job capturing the characters.  If you can forgive the liberties they took with the plotlines, you will enjoy seeing these characters come to life.   

  7. Jellybean523

    You should hear all the fake announcements my husband wants to send in to the Inspire.

    I was excited when I got it yesterday. I ran up and down the street, waving it in the air, shouting, ” I KNOW her! I KNOW her!”

  8. mtaviano

    I never sent in a wedding announcement or any baby announcements either. Can’t wait to read your baby announcement that makes it perfectly clear you’d been married longer than 9 months. 🙂

  9. Marketer319

    I’ll look for you in the Inspire – I never sent our wedding pic in so we were never announced but most anyone who knew us in undergrad was WELL AWARE that we were (finally) getting married after graduation.  Guess we can lump it in with a baby announcement someday and make it VERY clear that we were married in 03, not recently.

  10. Howdytoya

    Loved reading your Inspire article–I read the entire article (a first for me!). You’re famous!  (I’m also working on being a woman of fewer words…so, bye! 🙂

  11. lendy_p

    I Anne with an “e”. So much so that my youngest daughter’s middle name is Anne 🙂 I have only read the books, though. I am afraid to watch the movies because they almost always “ruin” the book and the book is so much better. Do you think I should watch the movies?

    I felt very popular reading the Inspire… I thought “I know her! I got to meet her IRL! And she does NOT look a thing like her pic!” And seeing Campbell’s pic in the back that Megan sent in, I thought “I already saw that one!” Now I am going to have to get your book and read it (before they make a movie out of it and “ruin” it!) LOL

  12. jedlund

    Oh yeah, I also wanted to comment on Anne of GG. I just finished reading that book (at the urging of my mom) for the first time! I never read it as a young girl. Now I’m interested in reading the next books in the series and catching the movie. What interesting timing that you just wrote a post about that when I was stopping by as a result of the Inspire article. weird.

  13. KmHunsberger

    I don’t get the Inspire…don’t ask me why, I don’t know. But I want to see the article, can you send me the link?

    Anne…I remember when I was about 16 watching all of the tapes in one day and being overwhelmed with all that she accomplished by the age of 17. I wanted to be her…I love the music in the movies how it takes you to such an emotional “safe” and “beautiful” place. I love her ideas and her person. I still wish I was Anne too… I would love to watch it some day with my daughter/s…or daughter-in-laws if I never get a daughter 🙂

    I too thikn the xanga descriotion is out of hand. Lets think of a codeword…except people will expect to eventually meet you if I tell them you are at my church. Any other ideas…maybe we should just say, “My Cedarville friends” 🙂

  14. jedlund

    I just read the Inspire article and was like, “why does this girl look familiar??” Then I realized I’d seen you at “the Xanga”. You must be Kimberly’s friend. I am Kim’s SIL. Congratulations on your book. I will try to get a copy of it!

    LOL about your book signing! It’s a cute picture, nonetheless… 🙂

  15. ch1pch0p

    Ahhh…the days of Anne… the last few books in the series irritated me, though, because they weren’t really about Anne and time started FLYING by.

    I have not fully read the article yet. I plan to do that tonight. After my homework, of course.

  16. bethelaine

    i agree…. explaining the xanga thing = ridiculous.

    marla, i meant to tell you… when i was at my parents’ house a few weekend ago, i had your book with me.  my mom read the first chapter and was very impressed.  (she and my dad have been married for 32 years!)  she said that everything you wrote was “right on”.  🙂  i then bragged about how i “personally know” the author of this book.  and then i felt silly because i don’t really know you.  😉

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