and the weekend starts…NOW!

I really should homeschool my kids if I’m going to let them keep skipping. They took a couple personal days today and tomorrow. We’re leaving in an hour or so for Mom and Dad’s for a day of fun with all my fam (except Steph and Daniel). I love days like this! Too bad it’s not sunny.

Tonight we’ll drive to Gabe’s parents’, spend the night, tomorrow is MOPS in Lima (Gabe and the girls are hanging out with Rock and Janelle). Fun Friday afternoon/night. Saturday morning is an all-girls brunch at Jamie’s church. My girlies are coming and helping me with the activities, and Janelle is bringing Morgan and Reese. Then we’ll head back to their house for more fun. Back home Saturday night.

Got a bundle of Diapers orders. Thanks so much!

Need to go cut Gabe’s hair and finish packing. Have a wonderful weekend!

OH!  I have a big favor to ask. Janelle (my mom-in-law) turns FIFTY (50!) on Saturday. She’s not a big fan of attention, and I think we should respect that. BUT NOT TODAY!! Please go wish her the happiest birthday EVER! (but don’t tell her we look like sisters. she’s already heard that one, and I find it personally offensive, seeing that she is my MOTHER-in-law) Let’s give her 50 comments for 50 years!

Gabe has a new podcast up on his site. He interviewed author Matthew Paul Turner. Don’t know if you’ve read any of his stuff. Check it out if you like Macs. Or Gabe. Or God. Or you’re bored.

Nina’s across the room yelling, “Mommy Bloggy!” Like Daddy like daughter. Ava’s begging me for the 10th time to put her hair in a ponytail. Livi’s wearing an uncharacteristically girly shirt and admiring herself as she walks around the house. I need a shower. Gabe is on the phone. We don’t have any pets. Any other info you need?

Have a wonderful weekend! Love you guys!

12 thoughts on “and the weekend starts…NOW!

  1. terriwright

    Enjoy the weekend. If 2 days kills your girls’ education, I’m the Pope. You SHOULD get a pet…then it could be to blame for the chaos. Although, truthfully, it would probably just go under a couch……

  2. gsowell

    I’m trying to see if I can be up in C-ville for the 18th. Ugh. My schedule is a mess. All your discussion of what you have planned this weekend makes me eager to be there and visit with you then. My girls would LOVE to see your kiddos again, too. So we’ll have to see what happens.

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