and on the eighth day…

they rested. At least that’s the plan. We’re not good resters.

We’re sitting comfortably at our new friend Jim and Sandi Faulk’s house in San Antonio. Gabe is sacked out on the couch with Ava and Nina watching Ratatouille (and I must have spelled that right, because there’s no red line).

I’m wiped, so this is gonna be short. Sandi isn’t here, and we’re not going to get to meet her! She had to fly to California unexpectedly about an hour before we got here. How sad can you get?? I know God works all things together for good, so we’ll see what He does with this one. But what a bummer! Her home is so beautiful. Antique signs everywhere. Old words. Is there anything better? I’m in love.

There are six miniature dachsunds here, and the girls are in heaven. Dolly, Daisy, Reese, BC, Matilda, and I forget the last one. Grumpy? Doc? They’re hoping and praying Jim will let them sleep with some of the dogs.

The girls went swimming tonight. Jim thought they were crazy. Apparently this is too cold for Texans, but my girls have Ohio blood. They had a blast.

We had an awesome day at Sea World, but we’re beat. We met up with Kimberly, a blog friend from San Antonio. She sent me a tweet and found us at the Sea Lion show. We spent the rest of the afternoon with her. Too fun!

I’ll link to Sandiย and Kimberly soon. I can hardly type right now. And Nina is begging me to let her go to bed. (she just laid face down on the tile floor)

We’re not sure yet what we want to do on our day off. I know one thing. I’m not getting up at 5:30.

Headed to bed. Night, y’all!

8 thoughts on “and on the eighth day…

  1. Marilyn

    The last one is Sadie. Matilda is the grumpy one, therefore she is my favorite. ๐Ÿ™‚ We understand each other. I’m sad that Sandi is not there, she was so looking forward to your visit. I hope y’all have a blast in SA!

  2. Valerie

    Sounds like you guys are having a pretty awesome trip so far!! Rest would probably do ya’ll some good…..

    Hope you have a great remainder of the trip…. we’ll have to get together when you come back to Ohio. You aren’t missing much it’s a whole 57 degrees here and looks really blah outside…..

  3. gitz

    Sounds like you’re tired in a deliciously-tired-from-perfect-fun kind of way. Rest and savor your moments… love hearing about them all!

  4. Amy Thompson

    So glad you’re resting! You may actually survive the rest of the trip because of it!

    I can’t believe that your girls went swimming, even in San Antonio! When we used to have a pool, I could not get in at all until June, but never felt like it was a comfortable temperature until July at least. It would be PERFECT in August, but by then Trey would complain that it wasn’t even refreshing anymore since it felt like a warm bathtub. Aaaaaah …..

  5. Kim

    I had so much fun. Now if only I could hide in your suitcase and sneak away on the rest of your trip! ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy your day off!

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