and a fun day was had by all

Upon reflection, Nina’s 4th birthday (Tuesday) was a success. I was worried there for a bit. Livi and Ava had stayed home Monday, because they were still pretty fragile from the flu. I had every intention of sending them Tuesday though, despite Ava’s persuasive pleas that, “I can’t go to school on Nina’s biiiiiiiirth-daaaaaaaay!” Oh, yes, you can.

But when I woke up on Tuesday and found myself hugging the toilet once again (but from the opposite end, and then it hit Gabe), I knew I was going to need help making Nina’s birthday special. I envisioned Mommy and Daddy alternating between the pot and the bed while Nina played on the computer for eight hours straight.


Here’s the birthday girl, thrilled to be four. Yes, she’s in her pajamas. And yes, she wore these same clothes for approximately 60 hours straight.

And here’s the stunning handmade banner that was my Christmas gift from my talented sister Bethany:

And here is Ava’s sweet and inspired attempt to imitate her Aunt Bethy:

And Livi, not one to be outdone, added hers in Nina’s favorite colors:

Nina with her birthday stash and festive hat (also made by her sisters):

We played Webkinz on the computer and games (Bum, Mancala, Diego Counting Game) and put together her new Fancy Nancy puzzle and watched Ice Age 3 and ate McDonald’s for lunch and Chipotle chips for supper.

Happy 4th Birthday, sweet Nina! We love you!

And a one-day Belated Happy Birthday to three very special little girls who all turned FIVE yesterday! No, they aren’t triplets. Josie lives in Kentucky, Ilana lives in Michigan and Eliana lives in Ohio. And all three of these little beauties played a very special part in our Zoo Adventure. Josie went to Zoo #1 with us. Ilana showed us around Zoo #20 (she lived in FL at the time). And Eliana joined us at Zoo #52. Happy Birthday, girls!

Happy Weekend, everyone!

17 thoughts on “and a fun day was had by all

  1. Elizabeth

    Your Nina is ADORABLE, and I love the jammies. Isabelle told me today she’d been wearing the same ones every night for a week, so I get it.

    Love the banners. Think Livi or Ava would be up for making me one?

  2. Tiffani

    Beautiful girl! Sounds like a wonderful day! The banners are precious and oh so crafty!! WOW! Is that made out of fabric???

    And, I echo Amb, the jammies make me feel completely kindred to ya, girl! LOVE it!

  3. amber

    Hey, Marla! We run in the same bloggy circles, I think! Elizabeth (on of your Zoo pit stops) is one of my bloggy besties, as well as CPQ, Whimz, Tiff, and Gretchen. Just thought I’d pop over to say a big “Howdy!”

    And I’m so glad that I did!

    Because knowing that other people let their offspring wear the same pair of jammmies for days on end just makes me feel better. Although the birthday girl’s jammies matched. You have a leg up on me there.

    Nice to meetcha!

  4. Stephanie your sister

    I can’t wait to use my birthday banner!

    Nina looks so grown-up in the picture that you posted on her birthday, but so tiny in the picture of her on the kitchen table with Bethy’s banner. I like it. 🙂

  5. jess

    wahoooo for the birthday triplets! 🙂 and for nina kicking off the birthday week. 🙂 i love all 3 banners. and your house looks so cozy–i love your handkercheif valance–very creative! And my FAVORITE is nina sitting in the big leather chair holding up 4 fingers–that’s CUTE!

  6. Gail

    I really love how the big sisters did so much to celebrate Nina. You have great girls! Josie’s birthday celebration is being interrupted by the snow days. Thanks for the public birthday love!

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