all the cool people…

are out on Friday night dates with friends or lovers, trying out new restaurants, dressed to kill, laughing and joking, celebrating the end of another work week, enjoying all the Christmas decorations and festive atmospheres, and (at least here in OH) trash-talking about the Buckeyes’ inevitable victory tomorrow afternoon.

I am not one of the cool people.

I am sitting at home with my littlest one, writing about the differences between chipmunks and squirrels, organizing my kitchen cupboards, and letting the aforementioned tiny one use my leg as a teething apparatus. My hubby and two older daughters are on their way home from a date (they are evidently among the cool people). They saw Happy Feet at the I-Max and are bringing home pizza. (mmmm…)

The cool thing about all this is that I am extremely happy and content for an uncool person. I love my life, and I’m feeling buoyed by blessings. I would recount them for you right now, but there are too many, and tiny tot is pulling every book I own off my bookshelf…

Have you ever read the “little blessings” board books?. They’re as cute as all get out and illustrated by the Care Bear lady–my absolute favorite kids’ books. (I have them virtually memorized which is sad because when I try to memorize Bible verses, I have a hard time, get frustrated, and give up.)

I leave you with this from page 10 of Christmas Blessings:

Caroling choirs
and Christmas fun–
Joyful noises, anyone?
“Blessings to ya!”
Sing out Christmas blessings!

21 thoughts on “all the cool people…

  1. tonialynn59

    Hey just wanted to tell you that I still haven’t made it all the way through the Todd Agnew Christmas cd.  I get so far and then have to leave or shut if off for some reason.  Anyway I love Joseph’s song.  So far that is my favorite!

  2. KmHunsberger

    I have never heard of those books either, but I would love to look into them…where do I find them?

    I am an uncool person too. Actually Friday night I felt “ok” so we went out for a miserable dinner (Jon hated it, Landon ate very little and coughed through the whole thing, and the whole reason we went to this particular place was bc I was craving a salad with crunchy things on it, and they were out of crunchy things for salads…:-) ) Then we tried to go to Target to get me a maternity shirt for Thanksgiving (all of my maternity clothes are in Indiana with a friend of mine, hopefully I can get them soon 🙂 ), couldn’t find ANY shirts, looked for a new booster seat for Landon bc he is way too big for his convertible car seat…failed…left with a small baby gift for a shower this week. Oh yeah…did I mention that by the time we left Target I wanted to literally strangle my son. Good thing he is sick bc if this was normal behavior I would definitely be a failure as a mom 🙂 But I was definitely a loser Saturday. Worked on a paper all day…never left the house…like most days lately 🙂

    Any update on your grandma’s?

  3. biblestorebrowser

    Woohoo! I’m finally cool! Except the dressed to kill part–you know me. We went to the new Applebee’s, which we hadn’t been able to get to yet. That was the “cool” part. Then it turned not-so-extravagant: Home Depot, KMart and UDF milkshakes. We had wanted to see the 007 movie in bl or dlw, but the timing didn’t work out. Maybe next time!
    If you could go on a date anywhere, what would it be like? What kind of restaurant, what kind of entertainment (if any), etc.?

    (I’ve never heard of those books either.)

  4. Nixter77

    nixie = not sure if she is cool, but can’t wait until she is not cool and has little children using her leg as an apparatus.

    Loved your post – but have never heard of those books 🙁

  5. rachmckinney

    it’s cool to be uncool!:)
    we don’t get out too often like that either.
    your night sound really fun though. good quality time!
    i am trying to learn to soak up moments like that.

  6. faithchick

    I’m 1/2 cool. 😉 We went out on a date-with the bambina. 😛 And we got home at 8. After eating AND doing a little shopping. And a fell asleep on the couch watching a movie around 9:30. All the Friday night pieces started out cool…but quickly crashed into uncoolness.
    but, I couldn’t help waking up this morning & thinking about how much I am enjoying my life right now. 🙂

  7. tonialynn59

    I am uncool too!  We stayed in last night and Hayley and I watched a movie together!  We tried to get the husband/dad to watch with us but it was too much of a chick flick!

  8. gsowell

    Re: God Loves You
    Josie is obsessed, though, with the page that goes, “You can be messy or you can be neat.” She will clamp on to the pages so I can’t go on to “You can be pokey or fast on your feet.” She loves to look at those two boys in the sandbox. Loves it. We talk about the shovels lined up, the dumptruck, the puppy, the messy boy’s bare feet, everything. I have spent so much time looking at that page, I could about draw it myself!

  9. AveMaria_ay

    Marla, I am 20 years old and am in college, and I am by far the least cool person at the University of Toledo. For some people, like me, there is no hope of coolness! So just remember, you are not alone!

  10. mtaviano

    How fun that all of you are uncool too! (Of course, the cool people won’t be commenting until Monday morning.) When the cool people are away, the uncool ones will play!

    Good point, Krista, about uncool not changing much. I’m all for that!

  11. kkakwright

    I had this exact conversation with a friend last week.  I am uncool.   But I like it that way.  Being cool is too hard to keep up with.  Uncool doesn’t change much.  🙂

    We have all the Little Blessings Books. I didn’t know it was the Care Bear Lady.  Very catchy, fairly easy to memorize.

  12. bekisue

    I, too am uncool and feel totally blessed by that. However, I did get out tonight with my husband (Lily went to spend the night with her Grandma and Grandpa-every other Friday she does. Sooo nice!) We went Christmas shopping and then to dinner. We had a really good time. Now we’re home and I’m messing around on the computer! I so enjoy your site. I love looking at the world through your eyes. Even if it’s just a few minutes every day. I love to read your writing. My sister (gsowell) is letting me read your book when she’s done. I can’t wait.

  13. adamslady

    NO.  that is definitely NOT the “big thing” that i am anxious to do. 🙂 
    doesn’t all potential for coolness end abruptly upon the birth of one’s first child?  i am coming to grips with this fact.  even when adam and i steal a night out together to pretend we’re still amongst the hip (no one says, “hip,” anymore, do they; oh, great, a sign of my ultra uncoolness; actually, i don’t think anyone said, “hip,” even when i was in school . . .), i only sit and worry/think about her.  i try not to, but i can’t help it.  children are like – the sweetest disease. 🙂

  14. jbnygaard

    I’m not cool either. I’m at home with two sick little ones, while my husband is out seeing the new 007 movie with my grandpa and uncle. And I’m fine with it too. My husband needs to have “man-time” and my little guys need mommy.

    I think I need to go grab one of the Little Blessing books off the kids book shelf and read it for myself! 🙂

  15. gsowell

    I love the Little Blessings books. I have considered copying her page border style to do a scrapbook album of my little blessings (they are so doodly-cute!).

    We (Josie and I) have been reading God Loves You and Thank You, God! pretty regularly. They are definitely favorites.

    You will also notice by the time of this post that I am not among the cool people. I am fine with that, too.

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