all quiet on the western front…

The girls are sleeping soundly in their beds–for now anyway. Nina has been throwing up for the last 24 hours. Oh, the poor little thing. I hate, hate, hate it when my babies are sick. Ava went to bed saying her tummy hurt. I’m praying for a miracle. My stomach feels a little iffy. I never throw up, so we’ll see.

We missed the Taviano Thanksgiving today. KFC was the best we could do. Hopefully, we’ll all be well for the Conrad Thanksgiving on Thursday and the Yoder (Figley) Thanksgiving Saturday.

On a happier note, our living room is now Granny Apple Green, and I’m beside myself with glee. I’ve never been more excited about anything in my home in 10 years of marriage. You just can’t imagine. (If you’ve been here and seen the old lavendar walls, you have some idea.) New carpet and furniture are on the list, but these magical walls even make our old furniture look good. We decorated for Christmas (in between heaving episodes) today, and it just looks adorable. We decided to go with our little tree and not get a big one this year. I just want to go out there and stare at it all some more. Once we all get well, come and see us!

Oh yeah, and we painted the bathroom (that did have an ocean sponge-painted on the walls with a plethora of fish stenciled all over the place) Cosmic Blue. In other words, we painted it Mac colors. The walls are on their way to being covered with all sorts of Apple/Mac/iPhone memorabilia. My husband is in heaven, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he moves his office in there. Well, the bathroom is about 4 feet by 6 feet. Might be a tough squeeze. I think this puts me in the running for Wife of the Year. I’m pretty sure.

I’d better wrap things up. Trying to get stuff done and get in bed in the event that I’m up all night cleaning up messes and comforting little girls. Have a great week and a HAPPY, EXTRA-THANKFUL Thanksgiving!

18 thoughts on “all quiet on the western front…

  1. Anonymous

    Hope everyone is hanging in there… and that the stomach bug hasn’t spread. I’m inspired by your painting excitement! We have been in our home for about ten years now and our walls (and rugs and furniture) are definitely in need of a change. It’s nice to know that just wall paint can make a difference.

  2. kkakwright

    Gabe posted pics of the bathroom on facebook.  And let me tell you, allowing that nerd stuff on the walls absolutely gives you Wife Of the Year 2007 and possibly 2008, hands down.  🙂

  3. ladymiss3739

    Hope the sickness stops with Nina and that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving this week!  I just saw a Granny Apply Green wall at Elder Beerman’s in their furniture section over the weekend and loved it.  Glad you’re enjoying yours!

  4. angntug

    maybe gabe could paint his office area mac blue? you could choose the color of your choice for your side? jk hope Nina is feeling better today. reese still hasn’t eaten much and thankfully my other two haven’t gotten sick. i’ll pray none of you get it. i’m glad you said something about the smaller tree. morgan wants to do the huge tree again and i just can’t do it this year. i want to buy a skinny tree, put it in the corner and have the girls decorate it. simplicity yet “christmas-y” is the goal 🙂

  5. terriwright

    I LOVE to paint. Kirby HATES to paint. Maybe because all I do, mostly, is trim and make messes…….but I go into newly-painted rooms again and again, just to look. Yea for you.

    I do hope your night was quiet. I’m so sorry you missed Thanksgiving with Gabe’s family. I know that’s hard on both of you, as I know it was on his Mom and Dad. But – – – – c’est la vie! (lookie thar, I talked furrin!!)

  6. stephaniedawnbasham

    I’m so happy that you painted your walls!!!! Wall colors change everything about a room. I can’t wait to come see your living room!!!!

    I hope poor little Nina starts feeling better. And that the rest of you don’t start getting sick. I love you!

  7. FlyingCAB

    My bedroom is close to that green (I think they called it spring leaf green) and I LOVE it!  It is so calming and inviting.  LOVE IT!  I hope your girls feel better soon….

  8. mrsnorthern8605

    Oooo, don’t let your husband tell mine, or I will never see him again. He will be over there living in the Apple Memorabilia room! Or he will beg us to do ours the same….I don’t think I could take that. (He had a room that was par 4 green – it was wow!!!) But I do think the granny apple green sounds better, especially considering the lavender of the room! We would love to come and visit again when you all get better!!!

  9. tonialynn59

    Love the colors!  We’re getting ready to paint here too!  Sorry to hear about your sick kids.  Not fun and not at holiday time!  Whenever one of my kids is sick, my stomach is always iffy just thinking about it!

  10. filledeparis

    Sorry to hear about poor little Nina. Hope she is well soon, and that the rest of you stay healthy.Prayed for you justr now. Hooray for Granny Apple Green, Cosmic blue, and Christmas decor!

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