One girl at school. Two down for naps. Laundry in the dryer. Kitchen floor swept. Counters wiped. Dishes in the dishwasher. Windows open. Breeze blowing in. My Bible, journal, can of Coke with a straw… Six years ago, I would have totally taken an afternoon like this for granted. Now, I think it’s paradise.

Just wanted to take a quick xanga break before I get back to my luscious day. Got the girls new shoes and water bottles at Target this morning. Livi got her hair cut last night–her first time at a salon. I could just eat her.

She is beyond thrilled to be in school. I am so excited for her. Other than a few twinges of sadness, I am just tickled at this new stage of her life. I am a mom of a school-age child. Eek. But it’s awesome. I’m happy to be 30 (almost 31). I’m happy to be done having babies. I’m happy, joyful, thankful that God has blessed me so greatly–and even grateful that He mixes in lots of little trials each day to make the blessings POP–to make them that much sweeter.

Tonight is Livi’s first soccer game, and Gabe (the soccer Dad) is out of town. Eek. I’m a little nervous about hauling everyone there, fighting the lovely rush hour traffic, getting all Livi’s gear on her, entertaining the other 2 during the game, and so on and so forth. It will turn out fine, I’m sure.

Back I go to my lush afternoon!

p.s. Got my back massaged again this morning. All done until it hurts again. Have stretches, a big ball, and I’m good to go. I was kidding about the chiropractor saying I would die by 35, but he did have this serious, doomsday attitude on the phone. I saw right through him–dollar figures flashing in his beady little eyes.

10 thoughts on “ahhhhh…

  1. jbnygaard

    My day went SO much easier today! Thanks for your advise and for praying for me! I started it out right today. I got up out of bed and went for a 30 minute walk with God. And from that point on I knew my day was going to be great! But I’m still waiting for my day that I get to have a coke with a straw! 🙂

  2. biblestorebrowser

    Since we’re homeschooling we won’t have that first-day experience, but the AWANA kick-off felt kind of like dd1’s first day of school in a way. Babies growing up too fast–but that’s what they’re best at. She loved the experience and learned her first verse before bed tonight! Will she remember it in the morning? Probably not.
    Do they do half-day all week K? Just guessing from your and Gabe’s blogs. Do you know if Bftn is all-day everyday K like BL? My mom once had this button from one of her inservices. It said, “Return CHILDHOOD to the children”

  3. rachmckinney

    sounds like an awesome afternoon! and so true about taking those for granted. now, i love those kind of days! glad it’s good. have fun at the soccer game. you must be so proud watching them play

  4. KmHunsberger

    I am so glad Livi is doing so well with school! And I am happy for you that you get nice, quiet afternoons to yourself. Maybe this will prepare you for the hectic night ahead (or maybe not 🙂 )

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