adventure beckons!

Gabe says he’s beginning to see a theme with my Word Sabbath photos: BORING.

“You need to start taking some more exciting pictures,” he told me. “These are all starting to look the same.”

“Are you saying our life isn’t exciting?”

“I didn’t say that. I just said we need to take some more exciting pictures.”

Okay, Mr. Nose-Buried-in-My-iMac, what exactly did you have in mind? In my opinion, you can’t have exciting pics without an exciting life to go along with it. I’m not about to “stage” some excitement just so I can liven up a Sunday blog post every now and again. I snap ’em as I see ’em. If our lives happen to be boring at the moment, then that’s what you’re going to get.

I am ready for a little excitement though. I’m missing the zoos dreadfully. We’re still planning on doing 52 Zoos in 52 Weeks. We’ve just had some setbacks, that’s all. In a perfect world, we’d be in San Diego right now, soaking up sun, enjoying some animals and taking pic after pic of our exciting, EXCITING life! I won’t describe what our life is actually like at the moment–wouldn’t want to bore you. Especially after the horrifically boring Word Sabbath you just endured.

So, let me take a peek at the week ahead and see what thrills we have planned. Pulling out my calendar… Monday–meeting a new friend at noon in the Target parking lot to exchange a book for $6. Tuesday–watching a friend’s two little girls while she volunteers in her older daughter’s classroom. Wednesday–setting boxes of clothing donations on the front porch for the good folks at the Kidney Foundation to pick up. And the rest of the week–well, nothing so far.

I’ll be sure to have my camera at the ready.

I could have taken photos of Gabe and the Kirby Man (vacuum salesman, if you’re so lucky as to be unfamiliar with Kirby) spending two-and-a-half hours together Saturday night. Except that I was hiding in the basement. Cold and starving. On the bright side, I cleaned the whole thing. It looks great. I should lock myself in places more often. Like the bathroom.

I could post pictures of the naps I took both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Or pics of us watching NASCAR. Or a pic of the book I’m reading. Or the killer proposal I’m working on. Killer as in it’s about ready to be the death of me.

Enough already!

This is the end of the line. This is where, starting here and now, I laugh in the face of the fear of adventure! I will be adventurous this week if it’s the last thing I do! And I will take pictures! (And if you have any suggestions for thrilling things I could attempt, please share. Because I’m drawing a big, fat blank here.)

And total side note: if you keep entering give-aways for my books and keep not winning and want to give in and buy some, go ahead and pop on over here. Because signing books and printing mailing labels and cutting them out and taping them on an envelope and running to the post office is sort of adventurous, no? Oh, so no. Well, I enjoy it anyway.

So, ideas please. If you have them. Oh, and they need to be free. And not involve the cold.

Happy Monday, friends! May the last week of February 2009 be your most adventurous yet!

20 thoughts on “adventure beckons!

  1. Jamie Nygaard

    I’m not sure when this post was written, but I SURE hope it was written BEFORE we talked today! I would sure HOPE that seeing me and my new little baby would be the HIGHLIGHT of your week!!!! (ha-ha!)

    BTW….I don’t think the photos of your girls are boring… I LOVE them!

  2. Jenny

    Bathroom mirrors can always use cleaning…I figured since that’s how I felt about mine I imagined yours would be similar since you expressed how much you enjoy cleaning bathrooms! 🙂

  3. gitz

    I died laughing when you said, “I could take a picture of the book I’m reading…”

    I did that on Sunday. Not lying… your life can’t get more boring than mine since I thought it might be something I could blog about!!!! 🙂

  4. Kelly @ Love Well

    I had adventure.

    Last week. Vacation.

    (San Diego, ironically. Be sure to check the Wild Animal Park when you go. It’s run by the Zoo, but it’s 1000 times better, in my opinion. I grew tired of the Zoo, when we lived there. But the WAP never grew old.)

    Now it’s back to laundry and diapers and daily life.

    So I hear you.

  5. Jenny

    I liked the pictures! Here are some ideas I brainstormed for fun-warm-free family activities:
    -shaving cream painting on the bathroom mirror. Cover it up and ‘draw’ pictures with your fingers in the white stuff. Kind of like snow but much warmer – and you’d be forced to clean the mirror afterwards! 😉
    – Put on a play acting out a favorite family picture book
    – Karaoke contest – grab the hair brushes and belt it out!
    – ‘Taviano Diner’ – the girls don aprons and notepads to ‘take orders’ for whatever they’re able to assemble, or whatever is already on the menu for that meal…they deliver beverages and plates
    Hm…the ideas aren’t coming to me as quickly. I need to find some kids to babysit, now I’m ready for some fun! 🙂

  6. Ang

    You know what would be REALLY exciting? Taking pictures on an airplane headed for Portland. I’d show you the time of your life, baby! Or, we could meet in the middle…where would that be? Nebraska? Wyoming? Nothing but excitement in those pics, I guarantee it.

  7. Becky

    Let’s face it outside of Valentine’s Day February is
    D-U-L-L. Sorry no great suggestions other than to find beauty in the mundane. 🙂 Have a great Monday!

  8. Denise

    I happen to love the pictures! I don’t think they are boring at all…it’s your life!

    You make me smile! Let’s try to work out a time to get together, maybe Gabe can use an iMac companion.

  9. Valerie

    We’d rather see your life as honest and what’s going on at the moment than “staged” excitement….. or at least I would. Besides when there are pics of cute kids….you can never go wrong 🙂

    I’m enjoying my last minutes of freedom before class actually starts……

    If anything exciting happens at Target today we can always take pics with my iPhone…..LOL.

  10. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    Maybe it’s because I’m also the mama of little girls, but I hardly find your Word Sabbaths to be boring. (Sorry, Gabe!) What I see in them is a celebration of the blessings God has bestowed on you, all caught with the camera by a mom who is wise enough to know these snuggly, giggly days are fleeting. There will be time enough for bigger adventures outside of our homes when these little ones venture out from beneath the roofs of their upbringing. For the time being, why not soak up the beauty of the quotidian?

    Having said all of that, I find great adventure in asking Dacey to partner with me in the kitchen. I have lots and lots of pictures of her with spoon in hand, flour in hair, and smile on face. It’s an adventure for both of us, and one that never fails to disappoint!

  11. Gail

    The only thing more boring than watching NASCAR would be looking at pictures of you watching NASCAR. Let us not go there.

    I don’t think your Word Sabbath was boring. I like the pics of the kids and the dailyness. Stick your tongue out at Gabe for me.

  12. Kelli

    As far as pictures go, I think that the most exciting ones are the ones that you just randomly take around the house! A lot of people are doing the 365 photo challenge where they take one picture a day that represents their daily life. So keep on taking pictures of your life no matter how boring or exciting! It is the season you are in right now!

  13. Holly V.

    Ummmm…you’re going to a FREE play of Charolette’s Web with me and my kiddos Thursday night remember…..and maybe we’ll eat Chipotle or Pei Wei on the way there….I think that is DARN exciting. (Ohh…and I could take pictures of you doing other exciting things this week if people need proof that you are a cool, fun person!)

  14. Joyce

    I love the pics of your girls. Mine are nearly grown and you’ll be so glad when yours are older that you have these sweet sister pictures.

    Two things-February is not the most exciting month in anyone’s calendar, but thankfully it is the shortest and spring is right around the corner.

    And, naps, in my opinion, are never boring so post away : )

    Happy Monday!

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