a lot on my plate and very little on Gabe’s…

Gabe and I are going to get healthy. And I am pretty excited. Two days ago we began our new healthy lives together. It’s a fun story which I will share soon. Gabe is going to lose a bunch of weight and get his heart healthy and muscles strong, and I’m going to have more energy, quit stuffing my body with junk, and find some muscle tone that has gone AWOL. More on all that later…yea!

I have another radio interview tomorrow (make that today–it’s after midnight). It’s from 6:05-6:35 pm with a secular station near Seattle. If you could just stop for a second and pray for me either now or around 6ish, I would sooooo appreciate it. I want to be a light and point others to Christ. I’m nervous but also looking forward to it.

We’ve got lots going on with getting our house ready to sell, finding a new one, getting healthy, writing and web design, three little girlies… Speaking of, our poor little tiny one has a nasty cold–runny eyes, runny nose, sneezing. It just breaks my heart. Why is it that no one has yet found a cure for the common cold?

Anyway, I promised pics and I have not delivered. Soon?

5 thoughts on “a lot on my plate and very little on Gabe’s…

  1. biblestorebrowser

    DD1 and I just prayed for you and that God would be glorified. We’ll try to remember again at 6:05-ish after dh is home.
    Spring is such a great time to start eating healthy with all the fruits and veggies! Spinach salad, fresh berries, grilled peppers and onions . . . Yum! Looking forward to hearing more about that.

  2. KmHunsberger

    I was at Manda’s on Friday evening and we were talking in her kitchen and I saw your picture on her fridge…I was like how do you know her? I just met her this week on Xanga 🙂 I then proceeded to ask her if she knew you were moving since you mentioned in your xanga that a lot of people were finding out through reading your post. I thought it was such a small world!!! Manda and Nathan are wonderful. She has been such a wonderful friend to me since college.

    Yeah…it is sad what happened to Lisa. I hate to think of it and we miss Reade a lot.

    Your busy life sounds very interesting. I wish the best for you in all of your upcoming endeavors!!!

    Take care!

  3. bethelaine

    hi!  thank you so much for the encouragement!  that was so thoughtful… especially considering that you don’t even know me!  i’m doing my very best to trust God during stephen’s deployment, but some days are much harder than others…

    i have to ask – how do you know jessica?  i think you look very much like jessica’s friend amanda from cedarville, so i’m wondering if you might be amanda’s sister.

    oh, and one more thing – your daughters are adorable!  🙂  have a lovely day!

  4. angntug

    I really think we get our girls in the bed about the same time and sit in front of our computer, blog and submit at the same time. I usually check everyones blogs, blog and re-check “just in case” of anything new….lol!

    Praying about the house, interview, “healthy living” etc…..exciting, huh? Pray for Tug, I think he is going to sign up with the same program tomorrow.  He’s really excited about it. Thought about it for me but I don’t think Tanner would appreciate the shakes twice a day…lol!

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