90 years young!

Last Sunday after church we met up with 50 or so of our favorite relatives for a Surprise 90th Birthday Party for my Grandma Joan (pronounced Jo-Anne) Yoder at the nursing home where she lives.

We did the same thing for her 89th, so she might not have been surprised. If she wasn’t, she faked it good. And last time, the nurses brought the wrong woman to the party, so my dad brought Grandma this time (under the guise of taking her to the weekly church service).

My grandma has many, many looks/faces/smiles. The crinkly-eyes is one of my faves. Goodness, I hope I’m as beautiful and awesome as she is when I’m 90.

Six of Grandma’s seven kiddos were able to make it to the party. The handsome dude on the left is my papa. He’s #4 in the offspring line-up.

This is Grandma’s little brother, Russ. She absolutely adores him.

Just about one-third of Grandma’s 35 (+ a few in the womb) great-grandkids were on hand to celebrate her big birthday.

I love them all, but (shhhhh…. don’t tell) these three are my favorites.

This is Betty (on the right). She was Grandma’s Maid of Honor, and she’ll turn 90 this summer. We were so tickled she could be there. Could they be any more adorable?

My cousin Julie made up a Trivia Game about Grandma. She made an adult version and a kids’ version. I practically aced the kids’ version, but they made some dumb 12-and-under rule. I got a lousy 4 out of 12 in the adult version. It’s my goal to learn every possible random fact about my grandma between now and 2.14.12.

The girls and I made cards for Grandma, and she loved them. I wrote about how she was such a godly example to me and how I was thankful that I inherited her love for words and her sense of humor. She got a kick out of the sense of humor part.

If I had my way, I’d get a million more pictures like this one over the next 5, 10, 20 years, but when you’re 10 years shy of 100, there’s no guarantee. And you and I both know there’s no guarantee for anyone ever. Take lots of pictures, friends. You’ll be so glad you did.

A happy, happy 90th birthday to one of the most beautiful, spunky, funny, smart, wonderful women I know! I love you, Grandma!

19 thoughts on “90 years young!

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  2. Gail

    I was about to write “87 kinds of blessed by this post” because 87 is my go-to number to mean lots and lots. But I think it’s more appropriate to say “90 kinds of blessed by this post.” Yep. That’s right. Loved it.

  3. Beth P

    Everything about this post made me smile!!! I remember my Grandmother’s 90th like it was yesterday and would love to have it back just for a little while to savor. She’s walking with Jesus & my Granddaddy in the Heavenly garden of azaleas, iris and daylillies! Thank you for sharing your precious Grandma with us! (The part about them bringing the wrong woman last year cracked me up. Hope she got to stay for cake.)

  4. Kelsie

    This post brought tears to my eyes. Makes me miss my Grandmas that have passed. You’re right about the picture-taking, Marla. Good call.

  5. Rebecca Schilling

    Dear Marla:
    Knowing your grandma has been one of my sweetest blessings…becoming dear friends with her has been a treasure to my heart!
    Having the opportunity to be her “Care Giver” the last (almost) 5 yrs. (before the GreenHills move) was the most wonderful job I’ve had in Elder Care. She and I were great partners, and I can truly say…was an honor and my priveledge. She’s my ‘combo’ friend I’d always tell her…she filled so many different roles with me. My dear friend, big sister, sweet grandma and mentor. I dearly love my “Mrs. Joannie”, and am so thankful for her testimony and legacy that she lives daily. You’re richly blessed to have her….we all have been touched by her precious and Godly life! Love, “Becky-girl”

  6. Jen Hanson

    This was amazing Marla. Grandma looks so beautiful and I love that you can see all of her spunk and joy for life in these photos (even at 90!).

    That photo of her with her maid-of-honor is so neat.

    THANK YOU for sharing!

  7. Sharon K

    OK, I have to admit it. This is SO much my favorite of your posts (so far!)!! This is so precious and dear to my heart, friend. My mom is 86 and you know recently moved to Florida. This really makes me want to go there for a visit! (thanks a lot, haha!) I adore you and your love for life. I want to be like you when I grow up!

  8. Kaye

    How beautiful! Thanks for sharing all of your pictures & memories of this very special occasion.
    Blessings today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  9. Keri

    Oh my…..she is wonderful!!! I love the first pic, I love that she still knows her maid of honor and I LOVE that she is wearing a crown. So perfect, right?? It makes me miss my spunk Grandma.

  10. Kathi

    Oh! This post made me smile! It reminds me of Abraham’s offspring being as numerous as the stars. What a blessing to have all her family there like that; a testiment to her character, I am sure.

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