Having a blast here in the Land Down Under where Chick-Fil-A abounds and the deer and the antelope play. Or something. We’re actually chillin’ in the Palmetto State with my sister Stephanie, her husband Daniel and their little Mia (in utero ’til February).

Our Big Plans include rising and shining with the morning sun, heading back here for the third time and getting up close and personal with these guys. Be still my heart.

This post rocked my world today. Love, love, loved it. Think you will too.

Have an awesome weekend, friends!

6 thoughts on “y'all

  1. Lisa

    I am CRYING!!! Yanci is so BEAUTIFUL!!! We just started sponsoring Babula and what I wouldn’t give to throw my arms around his sweet little self.

    Love the south all up for me. I want to live there. Love you, Marla!

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